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Cops Called at Kiss-In Event

8/3/2012 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Drama at the Chick-fil-A same sex "Kiss-In" event in Hollywood ... TMZ has learned the chicken joint called police today claiming the MEDIA was harassing its employees.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the Chick-fil-A staff wasn't bothered by the pro-gay marriage event taking place inside the restaurant, but felt the media was being too aggressive in trying to get commentary from Chick-fil-A employees.

Cops responded to the scene, but by the time officers arrived ... both sides had already reached some sort of truce.

In other words, they kissed and made up.


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I feel bad for the famous people who speak out against gay marriage and get called names, bullied, lose jobs, and protested. It's funny if you protest anything to do with gay people you are called a bigot and a closet homosexual but if you protest someone who's agains gay marriage your are a hero and it's fine. It's sad that some people can't say what they feel because of fear and that goes for both sides. I'm not religious at all but I can see how some people do think it's wrong. Now LGBT is going to be up Cathy's ass no pun intended.

811 days ago


****ing ***s go back to work and stop harassing people!!!

811 days ago


Of course the staff doesn't care about the same sex protesters...just because they work there doesn't mean they share the same thoughts as Cathy's. God forbid anyone have an opinion against certain issues and are people really surprised at Cathy's opinion, coming from a Christian-based business & that happens to be closed on Sundays? Come on, people, get over it!

811 days ago


So...........It was the press that was pushy. Reading the comments one would think it was the gays.
Illustrates the spin of those who are bigoted. Maybe they are just comprehension ignorant?

811 days ago


Personally, I could care less about this issue. To me, what homosexuals do is between them and God. only God will be the judge of what's right and wrong in the end... however... what does get me is how homosexuals villainize anyone who opposes Gay marriage for whatever reason (usually stemming from religious beliefs.) Its like, They can flaunt themselves however the want no matter who they offend, but God help anyone who states an opposing point of view because it will offend them. How can you demand equality and respect when there is a double standard and lack of respect for those who don't agree with you? As for the kiss in thing... It's sick. I don't care if you're gay, straight or alien... I don't want to see ANYONE making out... especially if there are kids around.

811 days ago


I was at a local Chick-fil-a today and actually got into a debate with a protester. He tried to tell me that one of the reasons that they were protesting was because the non-profit part sends me money to some program called "kill the gays" and that one of his friends was murdered because of this program. Yeah right. Then he admitted to me that one reason they want gay marriage legal is so they can get the tax breaks that married couples get. I explained to him that all this is doing is making money money for the establishment. and he didn't say anything. Then he said that he was going to eat lunch at the business that he was protesting in front of.

811 days ago


I've eaten there once. I won't again, not just because of this but because the food sucked.

811 days ago

stan de man     

this is a blatant attack by the liberal left at our freedom of speech, religious freedoms and personal freedoms..they want to tell you what to drive,what to eat,what size soda you can buy,where you can drive & how far, eat broccoli while they eat steak and ice cream, what ya can and cannot say..if they dont like what you are doing they attack you in the press and physically..if you work hard ,are a christian and straight you are in trouble..if the gays want to get married in a civil ceremony ok by me but dont be so intolerant to others..go chick-fil-a the majority are with you...

811 days ago


Gays are the most intolerant people I know, even though they are the first ones to scream intolerance when someone disagrees with them. Get over yourself. Quit putting your sexuality out there, you don't see heterosexuals doing that. I don't walk around saying I am a heterosexual female, but a gay woman will say she is a "lesbian woman." You look stupid so stop. You make me sick, not because of your lifestyle, but for your "in your face" attitudes. You're gay, we get it, but who gives a crap.

811 days ago


This is so blown out of proportions I am just sick of hearing about chick fil a I havent even been there myself I don't care much about gay marriage or opposers, but you can't expect people to not be displeased with gay marriage I mean it's new and people will adjust activists really need to step off otherwise they are gonna make a bad name for themselves

811 days ago


Hmm... No article about how someone vandalized a chick-fil-a. Also no story about how cops had to be called because gay people were harassing employees at the chain. Funny TMZ. If this were to happen to Glaad you would have written an article.

811 days ago


This is really disgusting. The gay protesters where I live have just graffitied the back side of a Chic-fil-A. That does nothing to help their cause. I have a few gay friends and they can't understand this kind of behavior. They said it made them all look bad when someone does something like this for all to see, especially since the country is watching and making their decisions on bad apples like these.

811 days ago


Completely tired of the nasty behavior of some gays like the one who got in the face of the drive thru window worker in Tuscon today. You want tolerance and acceptance? Behave like adults.

811 days ago


I had no idea TMZ had such a readership of intolerant homophobes. But all the "likes" on some of these comments say otherwise. I'm straight and have never had a gay person shove their "agenda" on me. And what a horrible agenda, right? Treat us equally. How dare they lol. Is West Virginia the only state commenting today?

811 days ago


Sheesh it's getting to be that no one can say their opinion. GO CHIC-FIL-A!!!! You reached record profits this week. LOVE YOUR STANCE!!!!

811 days ago
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