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Ryan Lochte

Parents Swimming in Debt, Facing Foreclosure

8/4/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

US Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte might have to parlay his newfound fame into a quick payday to help out the folks ... because TMZ has learned, his parents are allegedly buried in debt ... and could lose their home. 

According to a lawsuit filed in Volusia County, FL ... CitiMortgage claims Steven and Ileane Lochte took out a mortgage loan for $258,000 back in 2007 and they were to pay $1,609.58/month.

But according to the bank, the Lochtes stopped making payments in February 2011 -- and now owe $242,239 (plus interest) on the home. The bank is suing to foreclose on the house in order to get its money back.

But there's a lot on the line -- according to the lawsuit, if the sale of the Lochtes' home doesn't satisfy the couple's entire debt ... the bank wants the Lochtes to pay the difference.

Mrs. Lochte filed a motion to dismiss the case last month, but a judge has yet to rule.

Attempts to reach the Lochtes were unsuccessful.


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Shame on you TMZ and Harvey, way to knock a guy and his family while on the world platform. You've stooped to Enquirer level. Hey Harvey, are you debt free? Don't kick his parents when they're down. Their financial situation is none of business! Why don't you celebrate the athlete during his shinning moment!

778 days ago


Is that a white range rover in the driveway?

778 days ago


Really kind of getting sick of people not paying their mortgages. Have fun living in a tent city.

778 days ago


Great going on those $25,000 grills.

778 days ago

Big Headed Tom    

I love your site and visit it 4 or 5 times a day. I am impressed by the amount of breaking news you are responsible for ahead of network stations. I am, however, disappointed in this. Why would you publish something like this? It tarnishes this kids two weeks in the spotlight and although he may get endorsements after this, he's not rolling in the dough yet. I mean seriously, why would you report on his FAMILIES personal situation. It's not like this is Michael and Dina Lohan. I'm really disappointed that you decided to run this story.

778 days ago


May bee you should sell your snazzy grills to help your folks out you big ahole , i mean seriously your a white swimmer. do not bye grills bye ky jelly your gayer than me and im gay. wtf is going on in this world get a fing grip you moron !

778 days ago


Is this why he pees in the pool - can't afford running water?

778 days ago


Maybe Ryan can use some of his endorcement millons to pay off his parents mortgage, since they have been paying the heavy price for his training all these years. Those coaches and facilities don't come cheap.

778 days ago



778 days ago


Why is this news? This was on our local Denver news sites too. Slow day I guess.... let's see Foreclosure in Florida = NOT NEWS. I suppose this accomplished athelete's family deserves the embarassment of their personal financials being aired on national media venues. Nevermind the parents who are facing foreclosure because of their poor financial decisions and disregard for their children's livelihoods. This is REAL news - go get em TMZ!

778 days ago


Keeping up with the Joneses comes with a price.

778 days ago


I can't believe that you would report this. This guy is representing the USA in the Olympics. Why couldn't you at least wait for the Olympics to be over and for him to be back home.

778 days ago

Pound Sand    

I find this disgusting that TMZ would post this information. TMZ is nothing but a bunch of immature, bitter and jealous little boys. Just because this is public information does not mean it is something you should post. Then saying the family could not be reached for comments. How appauling TMZ! Really? Hey you disgusting little boys, they are in London supporing their son who is representing our country. Pull your heads out of your a$$es!

778 days ago


Something new every day isn't it, media? The invasive snooping and stories about them are way past the point of excessive. Make fun of their dumb comments or whatever, but their personal lives seem off-limits as these are private matters, not your usual Kim Kardashian-type attention wh*ring. Learn the difference, TMZ. Please.

778 days ago


Can always sell an Olympic medal, rumor has it they're very expensive to make ;)

778 days ago
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