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You Can Date Me ...

If You PAY Me

8/5/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0804_nadya_suleman_whatsyourpriceGoing once, going twice, SOLD ... is what some lucky bidder will hear if they win a date with Octomom ... because the mother of 14 has officially put herself up for auction to earn some cold, hard cash.

Octo -- in a last ditch effort to earn more money before she gets kicked out of her La Habra home -- has created an online dating profile for a site called What' ... a website where users can PAY other users to go out with them.

In her profile, Octo says she has 14 kids, loves to work out and loves to laugh ... and she's starting the bidding at a cool $500.

This is the latest in a slew of ploys to earn more green off her Octo fame. If you recall she also signed up for a website where she can beg her fans for money ... but so far she's only raked in a mere $2,509.

... which is $2,509 too much.


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call me octo. 561-247-5399.

716 days ago


The whole question is ignorant... UFC is not a sport!!! It's a promotion... like WBA WBO etc. It's legitimized through the state athletic comission... The sport is MIXED MARTIAL ARTS... Stop confusing UFC with MMA. ...UFC IS MMA BUT MMA IS NOT UFC

716 days ago


OMG!!! I cannot stop thinking about her kids!!! First, she had them , let me say it this way (because those children are scarred for life already) Okay, she gets a quack Doctor to impregnate her twice when she had no viable income to love, raise and take proper care of the children, so as for "getting pregnant" both herself and the Doctor(s) are to blame , in my opinion, I also thought you needed to pass a psych exam?
Next, she has hustled her body through one thing after another, stripping, porn, masturbating and naked pics. GET A CLUE NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU !! Dressed or undressed.
And now a date? date me for 500 bucks? Please make it stop, take the children into Foster Care, splitting them up is better than this life.... and now they are older and unfortunately people want babies, or they can just make it with what they have.
I hope teens see what happens to innocent children, put a condom on or just think about her picture begging for someone to pay her for a date. TMZ you should address your story to Children Services. I have no problem with her kids being clean and fed even if she walks the street to do it, at this point the damage has been done.
And many may not like this but all these big company's making too much money off of me should donate some food and clothing for the children, she cannot get her ass in kids clothes, I hope the Doctor or Doctors who did this sleep well. They had an obligation to make sure a person could support the children they "created"

716 days ago


All reality stars should see this and that this could happen to them when their 15 minutes ends unless they use this time to plan a real future.

716 days ago


This is prostitution. She had finally found her true calling. What's next, blow jobs and hand jobs outside of bars? She is a true slut.

716 days ago


I don't know whether to laugh or cry, every time I think this loser can sink no lower, she does it again...and again...and again....what is the next step, bestiality???

716 days ago



716 days ago

the sea    

Sounds like pandering, which is what Heidi Fleiss went to jail for. I guess if the website pays taxes on its profits that makes it okay.

716 days ago


Great, just what the media needs to get out to all the lurking Paedophiles on net. Spend 500 bucks, they tell her they want a nice date in the home, he convinces her to go for a spa day and he'll stay and babysit. Dear God, I hope the authorities are watching her should someone step up and make an offer. I cringe whenever I think of those poor children.

716 days ago


A fool and his money are soon parted.

716 days ago


who would want to date this SLUT.

716 days ago


can we do a money raiser for tmz so they can stop posting on this horrible ugly-ass wannabe

716 days ago


Here is a chance to vote!
1.) Is there any men out there that would take on 14 kids?
1. Are you crazy?
2. Are you out of your mind?
3 Hell NO!
4. I will, I just looove kids.
2.) Would you date a woman that has a coin slot on her stomach, reminding you to pay?
1. Hell No!
2. Would slugs work?
3. Yeah if it's tight and I can use it and get my money worth.
4. Only If you can put in a coin and pull her arm and out pops more money.
3.) Would you want to be in a Porn with Octomom?`
1. Hell no!
2. What are you crazy?
3. Only if I get top billing and Octo ends up on the editing room floor.
4. Oh yes! I just Looove porn.

716 days ago

Donna Cowgill    

she is nothing but a dirty whore

716 days ago


Profession - Media Personality ?!?!

THIS is what she meant by "working her a$$ off to put her children through private 'Christian' schools?!?

She's an insult to pretty much every class of people she associates herself with.

And to whomever bids on this, all I gotta say, there's another sucker born every day.

716 days ago
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