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Katherine Jackson

Won't Press Charges

Against Her Children

8/6/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0805_katherine_jackson_tmzKatherine Jackson has no plans to press charges against her own children over her recent "trip" to Arizona ... a lawyer for the Jackson family matriarch tells TMZ. 

As TMZ first reported, Jackson's declaration following the Arizona spa ordeal -- which came as part of her bid to obtain co-guardianship over Prince, Paris, and Blanket -- seemed to suggest she was tricked into going and had no idea MJ's kids were worried about her. As part of the declaration, Jackson said, "At the time, I trusted the people I was with to be honest with me."

But Katherine's attorney, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ she has "absolutely" no plans to press charges over the incident, telling us, "This chapter of chaos is closed and we are supportive of family unity in spite of recent events and arguably poor decisions."

For now.


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Jay W.     

Senility is a big bummer.

772 days ago


The stress of a trial just wouldn't be worth it for a woman her age / health. Deal with it in the family.

772 days ago

TMZ Superfan    

Of course she's not going to. MOST mothers would never call the cops on their kids unless they've murdered someone or molested a child. And even then, some parents protect their kids.

772 days ago


stop wasting our time with their bullsh*t.

772 days ago


She has the funds coming to her again, that's all that matters to her but now those "children of hers" won't be able to get their hands on it since TJ will also oversee the funds, Now they really need to get a JOB, aka Randy and Jermaine (take care of your own debts) Rebbie you and your husband need to get jobs and get out of your daughters house,

772 days ago


Sad.. It's all about the benjamins.. This seems to be about Michaels estate, and even if the estate was mismanaged or was crooked, why do they care other than the fact he left them out and now they are on their own. Whether the estate is crooked or not, it does not make a difference, Michael wanted them to have none of it, and he must have had a good reason why.. Maybe now we are seeing why.. Sad family, I hope his kids get through it intact, learn to become their own people, find their own success's and write some good books someday.. and I hope TJ can provide some wisdom and peace in their lives, cuz no one else seems to be interested in it..

772 days ago


Did anyone ever believe she would? Katherine Jackson is like a puppet & is following the script for damage control to undo recent fiasco cause by her children. She's never made decisions on her own, either Joe Jackson or her children have pulled the strings. The family doesn't want Katherine to lose guardianship of Michael's chidlren because she will lose the money allowed for their care. They are panicking of how to get control of MJ's estate before Katherine dies. Otherwise why would those a-holes be pulling all this crap.

Katherine needs a conservatorship asap. She can't even get her stories straight.

772 days ago


She should! Just because you it be so entertaining to watch her blame the kids for freaking out when their guardian disappeared... Shame on you Katherine for ever consider pressing charges against the kids that you are accountable for!

772 days ago


I don't think anyone thought she would press charges against her kids but she is so darn spineless that they will just walk all over her again. I honestly think the kids are better off in someone else's care, be it TJ or someone court appointed. They could still see their grandmother of course but Katherine is in no position to make decisions on their behalf. She can't even control HER kids, let alone her grandkids,.

772 days ago



772 days ago


I don't trust Katherine anymore or any of the Jackson Family. I only care about MJ and his kids.

772 days ago


she should get a restraining order for her own protection and for the protection of the children she has guardianship for. she's going to continue to trust people that have lied to her basically abducted her and kept her prisnor what the hell. how does it make any sense for her to have any legal guardianship when she is using such poor judgement. if any non rich celebrity person left their children without telling them where they were going or checking on them to see how they were doing for days and weeks you would not have custody

772 days ago


They have been trying to contest his will and estate for over 3 years with no luck at all. MJ's estate is complying with Jacksons wishes.

Their BS that this has nothing to do with money is just that BS. Katherine gets a monthly allowence and never had a say in Michaels estate. Again, it's Michael Jacksons estate not the Jacksons estate.

Get over it and get jobs and stop sponging off your dead brother and using your mom and his kids.

772 days ago


It is absolutely about money. He who controls the estate gets 10% and decides how intellectual property is used. He has the power to advance monies to KJ in addition to the monthly allowences. They also have a say over who gets to reside in the properties owned by the estate. This is big financial motivation if you owe $500,000 in child support and you are used to having all your kids live in KJ's home and be supported by MJ's money. It is big financial motivation when you stand to be green lighted to sell arbitrary crap in MJ's name for profit and make money off his catalogue. I haven't seen anywhere that this is about the kids based on their advesarial actions toward them ( lying to them, blocking them from contact, ambushing them, filming them while smirking at them, and allowing them to witness a physical brawl -which would not have occurred unless someone was trying to physically make those kids comply). These idiots reached a new low when they "suggested" that KJ needed a break from these "terrible" kids, that Prince is lying and he carried KJ's bags as she left on her vacation telling her to "rest up" , that TJ is now an evil character trying to steal the money, that the executors have arbitrarily block them from "their own home", that Trent is trying to "isolate" KJ and it goes on. This evil is against their own family and anyone who stands in their way is being attacked...including Michael Jackson's children. It is sad and the authorities should press these charges, not KJ.

772 days ago





772 days ago
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