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Levi Johnston Wants


Fury Over Palin TV Show

8/6/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803_levi_johnston_tmzLevi Johnston believes Bristol Palin is a TERRIBLE PARENT -- and the proof is in her reality show ... in which she lets their son Tripp run wild, talk back, curse, and show no respect to his elders ... so he's decided to take action ... and seek full custody.

In case you're like most of the country, and haven't been watching Bristol's new reality show "Life's a Tripp" -- she and Levi's son has been a little ball of trouble ... and in one recent episode, even called his aunt Willow the f-word.

080312_bristol_launch_v2During the same episode, Bristol admits, "I'm doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp."

Now, Levi's had enough -- telling TMZ, he's been watching the show and is "disgusted" by his son's language and behavior. Levi says his son is on a "downward spiral" and getting "no real parenting."

Levi tells us, Tripp "deserves a better family" than what Bristol and the rest of the Palins are providing -- adding, "I love my son more than anything ... and I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is raised the right way."

To ensure that happens, Levi dropped by the courthouse in Wasilla, Alaska this week to pick up all the necessary paperwork to obtain full custody of Tripp -- and he plans to file it ASAP.

Calls to Bristol were not returned.


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Who's Birston Palin and why does she have a show?

810 days ago


Most kids have said a cuss word or two around that age. And he is in his terrible two's so behavior is warranted. Perhaps if his father would be in his life more he would be the way his father wants him to be. Being a single parent is hard and he can only blame himself for not being there. And you can't take what you see on a reality tv show as actually happenings! It's all faked!

810 days ago


How old is Bristol now? Twenty? Twenty-one? I forget. She's doing better than many girls her age. She bought and sold a very nice house in Arizona. She built her own house in Alaska, shown on the show, where she has moved with her son, by themselves. When Gino, the boyfriend, tried to get her to go into some real estate business with him, with her footing the bills and him providing some labor, she declined. She said she was not going to be his sugar mama. And at the time, she was professing to be in love with him. She kept a sound head and didn't do something stupid. She told him when they could go into a business on equal footing, she'd consider it. I wonder what this upcoming appearance of Dancing with the Stars all-stars show will pay her? Wonder what this tv show pays her? Sure, she got this opportunities because of her parents, her mother being in the spotlight, but she has turned it into something positive for herself and her son. And from the comments here, very few people think Levi will be supporting this boy in a sound manner. You all should have figured out that Bristol is doing all these things to provide a home and future for her son. She pays for him, and is doing so just fine. You don't have to approve of her. Maybe some of you aren't so great. I'll never defend bad language, because I hate coarseness, but it's hard to even watch tv or a movie these days without being inundated by filthy language. It's so frequent that it's become mainstream, regrettably. Young parents are usually weak on discipline. They get better with age and experience. Levi wouldn't be any better at that, and probably worse.

810 days ago


I agree that Bristol is a bad mother, but Levi still doesn't stand a chance in getting custody.

810 days ago


If the court system took away every child that said a cuss word from their parent, MOST parents would not have custody of their children. So Levi wants to teach his son to behave like him. LOL He wants him to ignore making child support payments, have sex without protection,pose for Playgirl, sell stories about his mother & her family,make a mockery of the Wasilla mayor's office by announcing he is running for Mayor to sell his own reality show, dragging lowlife Kathy Griffin & her cameras to the Palin's front door & all over Wasilla? Kathy just said on her reality show that Wasilla is a **** hole. I guess he wants Tripp to talk like Kathy Griffin. Does Levi prefer that Tripp be around his convicted felon mother and his sister that posed for Playboy who also sells stories about all the Palin's. Why did Levi and his long time attorney and manager part ways??

810 days ago


Levi has been telling the truth about that horrible Palin family since the start, he might have covered up some of the Palins facts to protect them but listen to what he has said. Sarah was going after the money, she did, he tried to work it out with Bristol, she got the money from magazines, where was Levi's?

810 days ago


Levi has been telling the truth about that horrible Palin family since the start, he might have covered up some of the Palins facts to protect them but listen to what he has said. Sarah was going after the money, she did, he tried to work it out with Bristol, she got the money from magazines, where was Levi's?

810 days ago


Not that Levi would do a whole lot better, but he is right that she's been a horrible mother.
She's more concerned with saying in the spotlight so she can avoid getting a real job than she is about her son.

810 days ago



810 days ago


TMZ, who wrote this article? "her and Levi's son"? Bad grammar !!

810 days ago


The gold-digger only wants full custody so he can get child support for himself to live off of. That is so obvious.

810 days ago


oh now he wants to be a daddy? Sorry Levi but you are no better than her.. **** your worse... you were that kids only hope and you were to busy elsewhere and now that your broke and behind in support you want that child..

Well it doesn't work like that and the court will not be stupid with this lame move and calling the press to tell them so they can get pics.. talk about fail.

Reality is Tripp is not that much different than all the other kids in pre-school... he is not a military officer he is what 3 years old..

810 days ago


The best evidence Levi has is Bristol's Reality Show. She stoopidly (yes, that's a deliberate typo!) put it all out there for the world to see. (ROLL THE VIDEOTAPE!)

It is NOT in the Child's Best Interests to stay in a home with a mother jetting-off here, there and everywhere. Levi would have had a better chance seeing Tripp while passing through airport security checkpoints, baggage claim or Customs Border Crossings.

He's never, ever had a stable home life. He has a mouth worthy of a sailor. AT THREE YEARS OLD! He is physically aggressive. He still takes a pacifier. Clearly, he is simply an accessory in his mother's calamitous life. (ROLL TAPE!)

It's clear Bristol has attempted to alienate Tripp from his father: from having him / allowing him to call Gino (or whoever she has in her life at that moment - Ben Barber? Kyle Massey? - whoever she's practicing 'abstinence' with at any time...) call him "daddy" - or when she sets Tripp up for crushing disappointment via a 'visitation' she 'set-up' that she KNOWS Levi has no knowledge of (ROLL TAPE!!). THAT. Is. Child. Abuse.

This child has TWO nannies - really? Bristol is going here, there and everywhere. She bought a house in Arizona, one in Wasilla, had a Condominium in Anchorage, lived with the Massey brothers and now is "supposedly" staying in her parents "basement apartment" - the child has not had any sort or kind of normal, stable routine home life.

Clearly, Bristol has withheld visitation and (attempts) to harass Levi via cell phone (ROLL TAPE!); a new wrinkle for Bristol however: a friend of Levi's sister has Levi's OLD cell phone number - showing Bristol's calls and texts at all hours of the day and night. Oops!

810 days ago


Poor kid ... born to two idiots.

810 days ago


Good for him!! NO child should act like that!

810 days ago
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