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Kanye West

Kim Kardashian's My


8/7/2012 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Must be true love ... Kanye West just announced his new song "Perfect Bitch" is about his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

West debuted the track last weekend at a club in NYC -- and today, he took to Twitter to address rumors the song was written about his new lady ... turns out, it was.

The song has NOT been officially released yet -- but a source told the Daily News, the lyrics are "about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the 'perfect bitch.'"

Rap's got a terrible reputation of being misogynistic -- and using the word "bitch" doesn't help -- but this song seems to have a romantic spin on it ... so we gotta ask ...


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He has always been been low class. He's a joke. All she can get is a loser like him cause real men with class don't want her because she's a disgusting pig. What she did to her husband is awful. To leave a nice man who was real and kept her ass in check she didn't want. But thus idiot who calls woman bitches. That's what she would rather be with. Urg get them off tv. There so bad!!

774 days ago


Those two deserve each other.

774 days ago


I'm sorry- I respect MYSELF too much to be degraded by anyone. But then again we are talking about Kim....
who is open for anyone at any time for any words......

774 days ago


Damn Yeezy, why she gotta be a "Bitch"? If Kim is pleased with these lyrics, then she is crazy too.

774 days ago


Those two so belong together. A jackass and a porn looking over made up Absolute idiots. MB

774 days ago


AND....Kanye is 'perfectly' gay....has a bigger clothing and shoe, err sneaker, budget and she doesnt have to sleep with his incredibly ugly ass.

774 days ago


That's about time.
I bet Kanye is still mad at her because of that Kim Kardashian sex tape.
She doesn't worth him and that's what his song is all about.

774 days ago

Nolan Ross    

Another example of sending without thinking. Once posted, the damage is already done!

774 days ago


Eminem describes her better in “We Made You”: “Damn, I think Kim Kardashian’s a Man. She stomped him just ’cause he asked to put his hands on her Massive Gluteus Maximus again. Squeeze it, then squish it, then pass it to her friends.” :D

774 days ago


How can someone think this is romantic ??!! f i

774 days ago


ROMANCE is a thing of the pazz. All a brother needs is a phatt piece of azz.

Thanks to social media, computers and the video game. Immediately gratification is the thing to blame.

No one wants to wait. A woman is just a plain beast. If she will s*ck your d*ck that's a good thing at least.

People either f*ckin or fightin. There's no in betweens. To call her a b*tch I know exactly what he means.

Black dudes with dat swag can't ever be held down. Try to rule over them and you end up the clown.

Let the dude go and come as he please. That way the d*ck is good enough to get down on your knees.

So he's a dog and she's b*tch. I don't see what's the big deal. If the d*ck is that good you just gotta keep it real.

774 days ago


You really have to wonder about BRUCE JENNER. He is just as big of an opportunist as his wife and evil step daughters. His "playing dumb" act, doesn't fly. Or is he just getting senile?

774 days ago


"... My perfect bitch." After all the shallow relationships Kim's had. At last... perfect love!

773 days ago


Interestingly enough....I never really cared for Kanye or Kim. They seem over rated at every stance. Ok, soooo....they were popping up on every website that I visit (complete with pictures).I they both semed to have some sense of calm intact. After this???? I'm back to not caring for either one of them & now realize there is no hope for true trash... Just a guaranteed pick up day from The Garbage Man!!!!

773 days ago


you only call Kim a "whore" because she has dated men you know of, the only woman in history for being called a whore for sleeping with men she's in a RELATIONSHIP. i think this song will be romantic, i dont believe Kanye used is misogynistically, he's just known for being ignorant with his words. & Kim isnt a golddigger, she has enough money for herself, the amount of endorsments behind her and who sponser her. she's got money for herself. you people sink too deep into the medias lies etc, and make a picture over one that has already been formed. grow up.

771 days ago
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