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Kelly Clarkson & The Fray

Throw Down $$$ to

Help Injured Stagehand

8/8/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

See, celebrities DO care ... especially Kelly Clarkson and The Fray -- who went into their own pockets to help cover medical bills for a stagehand who suffered a stroke while working on their tour.

It all went down in Phoenix, AZ on August 1 ... while setting up for the "Stronger" / "Scars & Stories" tour ... a 57-year-old stagehand suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and was rushed to the hospital. We're told the man had been offered health insurance through his job, but didn't sign up for it.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... following the incident, a promoter for the concert series approached the music superstars to sign a "get well" card ... but Clarkson and The Fray took it one step further. 

We're told both headliners -- along with other people involved in the production -- grabbed all the cash they had on hand and donated it to help pay for the stagehand's hospital bills. By the time they were done -- they collected $2,200.

Even better ... a fund is now being set up for the family of the stroke victim -- who is still in the ICU.


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"Here, we're offering you health insurance."

"No, thanks."


809 days ago


I feel bad for the guy, but why should I give money to someone that had access to health insurance but couldn't be bothered to fill out some forms? There are too many other people in need in this world from cir***stances beyond their control.

809 days ago


It's great that they are doing this. But, $2,200 is not going to cover the medical bill. It's over 2 grand a day.

809 days ago


Leave it to the younger generation to show a bit of class. Sadly, they too will be sucked into the star studded cack pit needed to be a "real" star in the "entertainment" "Industry." When I exit this planet, the last bit of graffiti I'll leave is to express my regret that money and fame caused us to get so far outside ourselves that we hardly resembled real people. $2,200 will cover the first five band-aids, and a few hours of life support power.

809 days ago


TMZ, YOU'RE A LIAR!!!! $2,200 DIDN'T COME FROM KELLY AND THAT OTHER MALE SINGER! It came from ALL of the people in their tour who donated some money. So how much did Kelly and the other musician give? $50.00 each? I know it's not their obligation to help the poor guy but you blown this news out of proportion. And I thought the two donated some huge amount like in the 5 digits!!!! Garbage news (again TMZ!) but I wish that poor guy speedy recovery and still it was nice of Kelly and the other male musician to throw some few dollars to make up the $2,200.

809 days ago


Prime example of why we all need healthcare coverage,every other civilized country provides it. Yet here we pay enough in taxes and are all just one catastrophic illness away from financial ruin.

809 days ago


Don't really understand why a charity fund is being setup for a person who decided not to enroll in companies insurance plan. On plus side if idiots donate to the guy at least I won't be paying for someones stupidity.

809 days ago

Dawn Graham    

Please remember that neither of these singers are obligated to pay anyone's medical bills. In this day and age when so many don't care what happens to others I think this is great that they cared enough to collected money to help. And who is to say they didn't set up the fund for the family.

809 days ago



809 days ago


$2200 won't even pay for the toilet paper

809 days ago


# 1 all of you dont know a damn thing about any of this, he didnt just not choose to pay 4 his health insurance because he didnt want to but because he was paying 4 it for yrs he worked at this company for almost 18 yrs and had insurance all the way up til about 1 yr ago he never ever used it not 1 time did he go 2 the hospital or have any kind of health issues but because of this messed up economy and his pay checks were barely paying his bills he was left with no choice but to eliminate it he felt he paid all those yrs and never ever needed it u would think all the yrs he was paying 4 it would of went towards this but we all know it dont work like that he paid almost 200 $s a month 4 what that money basically was givin 2 the insurance company , 200 $s a month is alot of money when you dont have it 2 spare. so all u know it alls or assume rs before you post comments or remarks about something or someone you know nothing about find out the facts. ED AND SANDY r really good people and all these comments that imply that its his fault im sure all of your paychecks are 10 times the size of his BUT I GUARANTEE HE WORKED 10 TIMES HARDER WAS 10 TIMES MORE RELIABLE AND IN THE 10 YRS IVE KNOWN HIM NEVER ONCE DID HE CALL IN SICK OR WAS HE LATE TO HIS JOB . he had alot of love and dedicated his life into his job. reading all these comments really breaks my heart how can u judge when u only get a tad of truth u didnt know him nor did u know his situation. ed is a very proud man he would never of expected anyone 2 pay 4 his health care matter of fact if he had it his way he would of refused the health care simply because he would of not wanted to b kept alive like this. he is in a coma right now just so all u self centered know it alls know what his condition is at this time . And 1 last thing this family didnt ask 4 a hand out eds wife never asked 4 anyone to do any of this all of this was done by the good nature and kind hearts of the people he worked with including his bosses.

808 days ago

Mick Treadwell    

I was reading some of the comments on the TMZ posting of our friend Ed's unfortunate situation. Sadly, some of them were not so caring and friendly. I understand that insurance is a personal choice and not being able to afford insurance is very unfortunate for anyone, but that’s not the point of the wonderful gesture the KC/Fray tour made. Perhaps we did not put enough emphases on the fact that this awful event has completely changed Ed's and his wife's lives forever and no amount of money can fix that. However, a little support would help keep the roof over their heads for a while (I’m sure the $2,000 from KC/Fray will help to pay their rent next month. Your donation will help pay their utilities and even help put food on the table until they can get in control of their situation. We all work hard to do just that every day of our lives until we can't work any more and Ed can't do that now. Sincerely, Mick.

808 days ago


isnt that the whole purpose of insurance..the unxpected ? I have car insurance but hope i dont crash.i have life insurance and dont want to die.hell i even have that insurance that the duck on tv sells. it's not cheap. i would like to spend more of this money on other things and have fun with it. hope i never need to use any of this insurance but because i have a wife, kids, and a mortgage i'm making sure i do all i can to take care of things if something ever happens. not knocking the guy personally... but i dont want any loose ends that my family will struggle with financially later. the loss of a persons whole being is bad enough

807 days ago
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