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VP Hopeful Paul Ryan

My Workout Routine Is


8/12/2012 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0812_paul_ryan_videoThere should be no doubt that Rep. Paul Ryan is up for the rigors of a presidential campaign ... because the wannabe VP has a crazy workout regimen. 

As TMZ first reported, our sources in DC say Ryan works out at the House gym every morning at 6:00 AM and his routine is "fierce."

When we asked him about his workout routine, the Congressman from Wisconsin named two of the most popular -- and most difficult -- workout plans around.

If the election comes down to a decathlon, the Democrats are in trouble.


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i'm 100% for anyone who isn't blockheads obama/biden but this guy is kind of a tool.

779 days ago

She's baaaack    

His eyes remind me of Charles Applewhite from the Heaven's Gate cult. Remember them? They all drank the Koolaid. Freaky.

779 days ago


He's Patrick Bateman of American Psycho.

779 days ago


Ryan should start cutting the "big government" he's always railing against with the House gym he uses. Members of the public, who pay for the damn thing, aren't allowed in, and Congress refuses to release the costs for operating, or even pictures of the inside, for their taxpayer-subsidized playground.

Either pony up costs and pictures, Ryan, or vote to close the gym down. Wouldn't wanna come off as some "nanny state" hypocrite now, would ya?

779 days ago


the only thing I want to sees from Ryan, isn't his abs he achieved in a government's his partner in crimes tax returns. SS put Ryan through school, and now he is a government employee. And he screams smaller government. Yeah for you and me, but not for him and his.
On another note, I see the week-end b team at TMZ is as body obsessed as the weekday a team.

779 days ago


Eddie Munster. Romneys new ad, Vote for a Morman and a Munster. The poster boys for greed.

779 days ago


Yes, lets focus on what's really important, his body not his politics. Sheesh, Harvey.

779 days ago


Paul Ryan is a danger to the 99% - he is a heartless and evil person. - Not only does he want to destroy social security, he wants to outlaw abortion and the minimum wage. There is nothing interesting or hip about this guy. Please do not give this jerk any space on TMZ

779 days ago


Paul Ryan is a danger to America. Please do not treat him like a celeb...

779 days ago


I see someone previously said Ryan spent hours in his office AFTER HOURS working. Bull crap. He and several of his colleagues actually spend the nights there sleeping b/c they are too cheap to rent an apartment in D.C. He is disrespectful to the President (as are a lot of Republicans) when he talks to him even on t.v. as we saw at one of the President's speeches. The tea party is all about my way or the highway. They want to leave the poor, senior citizens and most of the middle class behind while their buddies making more than $250K are rolling in the dough while paying NO taxes. When you have super rich people saying the wealthy in this country NEED to pay more taxes we as a country are in trouble. Romney wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood, stop all abortions if possible, change social security, welfare and get rid of the new health care plan. Hell yes I will be voting against these two idiots.

779 days ago


Am I the only person who thinks he isn't good looking? He could have a 12 pack and it wouldn't change the fact he isn't good looking. I would alo like to throw it out there that his work out plan has nothing to do with running this country.

779 days ago


Oh yeah, he's qualified to be vice president because he works out? How fricking stupid. IRRELEVANT IS RIGHT.

779 days ago


Does this narcissist give EACH of his children the same amount of attention as he gives his ego?

779 days ago


The democrats ripped Dole and McCain for age and health issues; so now I'm ripping Biden for being old and Obama for being a smoker. I can assure you this team will cut spending; sorry, some of you will have to go to work soon. The gravy train makes its last stop in November.

779 days ago


And so are your policies!!!!!

779 days ago
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