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Wayne Brady

BOOED for Trig Palin

Joke at Roseanne Roast

8/13/2012 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

081312_brady_roastFile this under "Things You Didn't Expect to Hear Today" -- Wayne Brady is under fire for a RACY joke he made at the "Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne" .... WAYNE BRADY!!!

So what subject was so touchy that the crowd actually booed?? Brady made a joke featuring Sarah Palin's son Trig ... who suffers from Down Syndrome.

Now for the joke ... which Brady made while addressing Jeff Ross:

"Now the thing is Jeff ... these are all jokes, and I really like you. I really, really like you. But a lot of people hate you, especially Sarah Palin because you remind her of what Trig is going to look like when he’s 40."

After some boos, Brady shot back, "Oh, now you boo me? F*ck y’all. I don’t want to hear that. These people say all of this sh*t about me, and you boo me because of Trig?”


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As a mother of child with Down syndrome you people have no idea how ignorant people sound when they make fun of special needs people/children. I continue to be very tolorable of our society because they just do not understand. Some things should be off limits (out of respect). I never thought I would be a part of the special needs community but I am. My child was born this way and she will have many struggles along the way but she continues to work hard. I have friends who's children were perfectly normal and a freak accident made them not so "normal". Does this mean they should be made fun of? Absolutely not! Bless all of you who speak out against these help me to know that there are many people that will NOT laugh at my beautiful daughter later just for being a little slower than the rest. For those that find these jokes funny...I pray that God keeps you free from the special needs community. It has not been built on ridicule. Shame on you Wayne Brady...I am no longer a fan.

801 days ago


Sorry I didn't know poor Wayne was that hard up?

801 days ago

chas devlin    

joke was actually pretty funny. for the record, jeff ross made a similar joke toward adam corolla (you look like pete sampras with downs syndrome) - so this hardly any more offensive.

801 days ago

chas devlin    

joke was actually pretty funny. for the record, jeff ross made a similar joke toward adam corolla (you look like pete sampras with downs syndrome) - so this hardly any more offensive.

801 days ago


Disgusting. When you have to make fun of a special needs child to try to get a laugh, it's time to get out of the business. The guy clearly doesn't have any true comic talent.

801 days ago


OH my F*cking goodness!! I have a special needs kid and I thought the joke was funny. C'mon Sarah Palin is dumb. Get over yourselves people. Carlos Menica always make jokes about people (even kids) with DS.

801 days ago


Why is this considered a "racy" joke?

801 days ago


"who suffers from Down Syndrome. " WRONG Wake up and smell your own criticism TMZ! People With DS do not suffer. Politically incorrect. I do not agree with a what Wayn Brady said either, but many people need to figure it out.

801 days ago


I too am a mother of a beautiful daughter with DS, and The first thing TMZ needs to know is people with DS do not Suffer as you wrote about Trig. Second is I'll add him to my hate list along with any other small minded people out there. Just you wait until you love someone with special needs. Then you will see.

801 days ago

Yet again everyone over reacts!! Someone says something about the mentally handicapped and every one is ready to get mad at someone!! Wayne Brady is a good guy, was and still is!!!

801 days ago


God i hope someone responds back to this and explains this for me. Look, i get it, you all got offended. its an offensive joke. i get that. heres what i don't understand: ITS A ****ING ROAST! THEY'RE ALL AWEFUL OFFENSIVE JOKES! If your gonna be mad about the "trig" joke, then i better see you mad at every racist joke they make, every fat joke they make, every abortion joke them make. EVERY GOD DAMN ONE. You can't pick and choose your taboo. south park said it best: It's either ALL FUNNY or NONE OF IT IS. now someone respond back

801 days ago

Roberta Rouse    

Mr. Brady is without feeling and compassion. Why make fun of a beautiful child? That child did no harm to anyone, but there are a lot of foolish people who doesn’t care about hurting him with hateful and harmful words. If someone said that about his child, be wouldn’t think it was so funny. I have lost all respect for this man. I have the utmost respect for Mrs. Palin, because she had her wonderful son. This shows strength and love for her child.

801 days ago


I'll never watch Lets Make a Deal again untill he gets fired
He sucks at it anyway.Like everything else he does
Especially his awful singing

801 days ago


Its a roast. The jokes are meant to be offensive.

801 days ago


It was funny. Known as "Humor". Some people don't have a sense of same.

That's okay...Just don't laugh if you don't think it's funny.

801 days ago
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