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Evelyn Lozada


Needs Professional Help

8/14/2012 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814_evelyn_lozada_chad_johnson_tmzEvelyn Lozada has a few words for Chad Johnson after his arrest for allegedly head-butting her -- first, stop blaming me ... and second, get help for your problems, now.

Evelyn tells TMZ, “I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me." As TMZ first reported ... Chad told police that it was Evelyn who actually head-butted him during their blowout argument Saturday night.

Chad was arrested and booked for domestic battery.

Evelyn also says ... "It is my sincere hope that he seeks the help he needs to overcome his troubles. Domestic violence is not okay and hopefully my taking a stand will help encourage other women to break their silence as well."

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Monique Frazier    

Evelyn hope you read this . No one seems to be buying your sad story. Here I was thinking I was the only one.

764 days ago


yeah, Evelyn says that 'domestic violence is not ok'.. but I guess beating the sh!t out of chicks on a reality show is, cause you're not related? hypocrite

764 days ago

Teal Listen    

Dear Evelyn,

I hope you know in your heart that you did the right thing by going to the courts to file for a divorce. I also hope that you realize that you saw red flags long before this moment. You let Chad get the "Cookie" and he didn't have to do anything. He didn't have to show you respect or nothing. Your eyes got big and you wanted to be a wife of "some" athlete ---anybody---and I'm afraid that's what you got. I suggest you read Steve Harvey's book. Act Like a Lady/Think Like a Man and also seek counseling before you date again. I said, seek counseling before you date again. You young lady as attractive as you are have some anger issues and maybe who knows (I'm not a doctor) bipolar issues going on. It's not uncommon for people to have mood swings. You need to see a qualified doctor and get to the bottom of your issues. Chad on the other hand; it's a shame he lost his job. But, he said, "I don't give a f*** about my job." The NFL heard him loud and clear. Evelyn, don't be embarrassed or hold your head down. Keep your head up, seek help and let the next man find you. Do not give away anything until you see that he deserves you. A very good (male) friend of mine told me years ago. "To find the right person -- you have to be the right person." In other words don't expect people to give more than you're willing to give yourself. Meaning, a sweet kind giving person. Not giving away sex. Don't expect a man to not be a cheater and work on his problem, when you have anger problems (and violence) and you don't work on your problems. Marriage is more than that as you can see. So what if it was 40 days. Who cares. You can walk out with your dignity. We don't know what happened that night. We shouldn't know. That's between a husband and wife. But, when it crosses the line into physical violence --- that's the bottom. You have to respond by taking a bold stand. Maybe a few less hopes and dreams--for now. But, It'll be OK in the morning. Trust in god. The right man god has for you. His is waiting for you to get your head on right. Take care and you're in my prayers.


764 days ago


I knew he needed help from the moment I heard that he said "I do."

Who would marry someone like EL? YUK!!

He's an idiot for ever thinking that he could get along with her. OMG, I know his heart was broken cause Cheryl Burke wasn't interested, but why set himself up for failure?

EL may be an 8 in looks ok, but she is a 0 in personality. Can't a millionaire baller do better than that?

764 days ago


Did anyone not see this coming? Evelyn is completly unfiltered, and this combustion was 41 days overdue. The only suprise is that this couple got married in the first place. Now that their show has been cancelled, they may want to try celeb rehab with Dr. Drew. Let's ask her co-workers which one has her back. I bet Shawnee is taking and keeping a low profile. And, what does Tami have to say? Yeah, we all saw this one coming down the track. Hope you both get help. Start by examining your motives. This is Shame-Fame at its best!

764 days ago


the only suprise here, is that this couple got married in the first place. They are both insecure fame ___, and this should make them both reflect on the fact that money can't buy happiness!

764 days ago


OMG!!! The pot calling the kettle black!! She has the nerve to tell someone else they need professional help?? She should be in the room right next door, because she definitely needs professional help. Something along the lines of anger management. I believe this woman would drive any man nuts! Men of the world, just take this as a warning, do not get involved with a woman who behaves the way this one does. I guess she can't be disappointed in herself, because she's already scraping the ground with her ghetto mentality and behavior.

764 days ago


Evil-lyn is done swimming with this Dolphin. No VH-1 show, no football career, no 10 caret diamond, no money. Yep, her job is done.... On to the next.

764 days ago


Has everyone forgotten that Evelyn is an "ABUSER AND A BULLY'??? There is no justification for her hitting and verbally abusers others because they were WOMEN!!! No one has ever taken a stand against her and I always wondered what was the double standard about? She and Tammy should have been charged on numerous occasions for assault and even battery!!! I will never condoning domestic violence. Considering her track record i REFUSE to make her a martyr and poster child for "ABUSED WOMEN" when she is equally as guilty as any of those men who abused women. Everyone is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY and until a trial is held or more evidence surfaces, I refuse to extend blame to either party but I will not encourage Evelyn's "poor me" attitude right now. She was very happy when her assistant slapped Jennifer and was even upset when Jennifer "took a stand" so my advice to Evelyn is "please put out GOOD KARMA from now on and work on YOURSELF before advising others to do so!!!!

764 days ago



Evelyn you need help! You told the cops you wanted to have a discussion about finding a receipt for the condoms?!!! Are you kidding me? do you see the way she getts annoyed with this guy on BBW?? Hardly ever discusses anything is always sassy find it really hard to believe that she calmly went up to Chad and was like hey, I found a receipt with condoms are you cheating on me? Heck no that chick was yelling screaming crying yea you cheating on me?!! oh yea? watch what im gonna do to you! Im gonna let everyone know Imma take all your money Im gonna ruin your career! Watch.. and Chad goes "I DONT CARE! I DONT CARE! DO IT! I DONT CARE ABOUT MY CAREER!

764 days ago


Now the Paps will go to the Bro in laws funeral to get a look at that knot on her forehead. The aftershot.

764 days ago


Yeah, and Evelyn needs professional help too! She has anger issues AND gold diggin' issues!

764 days ago

April Lewis    

Evelyn you are right Chad needs help but so do you!! Take your own advice because anyone who jumps across tables, cussing all the time, threatening people and has a daughter who I'm sure along with her friends sees your actions!! YOU MOST DEFINITELY NEED HELP, SEEK THERAPY NOW!!!

764 days ago

Rosalind Lawrence     

He needs professional help ,SO U DON'T ?

764 days ago


To cover Evelyn Lozado in the manner that ALL of the articles I have seen regarding this subject shows the lack of credibility by today's Journalist! How can you NOT write about the Violent nature of this lady? All you have to do is Youtube fighting and Basketball wives and she will be involved 90% of the time. Throwing bottles and just threatening people in general when she is not actually fighting. If she is not fighting...she lets you know...she is ready to fight.

Johnson is a FOOL but never was a guy who was in trouble with the law. There is no coincidence to him being in trouble with the law.When he married her - I HAD NO MORE RESPECT FOR HIM. I thought - at least he had common sense. But marrying her...he got what he deserved. It was going to be something that set her off!

He SHOULD NOT have had those condoms!!!! And she was rightfully upset...and proceeded to framed him like only a REAL Hood Rat can do!!! And the fact that ZERO Journalists have not profiled her behavior is very reflective of them just wanting to write a story. They don't want the truth....just a story. Chad Johnson is a FOOL...but he has some credibility.(do your research)

But Evelyn Lozado....her lack of credibility because of her violent behavior and nature should make Johnson innocent, whether it is the truth or not. He has more credibility! If you know the facts about each person...who are you going to believe? NOT HER!!!!!!!!!!!less

764 days ago
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