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Harvey Weinstein

Sheryl Crow's Stalker

Threatened to Shoot Me

8/14/2012 10:30 AM PDT UPDATED: 8/14/2012 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3:10 PM PT
-- Victory for Sheryl Crow and Harvey Weinstein ... the judge just granted their restraining order requests against Phil Sparks -- requiring Sparks to stay 300 yards away from both of them for the next 3 years.

Harvey Weinstein
claims the delusional homeless man who threatened to attack Sheryl Crow has ALSO threatened to "shoot" him ... and now he fears for his life ... this according to docs obtained by TMZ.

Weinstein -- arguably the most powerful man in Hollywood -- obtained a temporary restraining order against Phil Sparks ... a homeless man who believes Weinstein and Crow teamed up to ruin his life.

In the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Weinstein claims he's never met Sparks ... but says the man believes he and Sheryl "robbed" him, blacklisted him from Hollywood, spied on him and tried to cover up the murder of publicist Ronni Chasen.

Of course, Weinstein claims the allegations are categorically false ... but says Sparks is so hell-bent on revenge, he called up the Screen Actors Guild in July and threatened to "just shoot" him and Crow.

Weinstein says he believes Sparks has been tracking him ... and is "aware of some of my personal activities that I did not publicize" ... including shopping trips with his wife and daughter.

In the docs, Weinstein says he hired a private investigator to assess Sparks and is convinced he's a serious threat.

Weinstein told the judge, "Unless the court issues the restraining order against Mr. Sparks ... I am greatly concerned that Mr. Sparks may physically harm me, my family members, close friends, agents, and representatives."

We broke the story, Crow filed similar papers, claiming Sparks threatened to shoot her for participating in the alleged conspiracy to ruin him. She also denied the allegations.

Just like in Crow's case, the judge believes there is a real danger to Harvey's safety ... and issued a temporary restraining order against Sparks.

A judge will decide whether or not to make both restraining orders permanent at a hearing scheduled for later today.


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Is Sparks didn't have a problem before - he has one now - trust me.

799 days ago

Jay W.     

Can't you (TMZ) get a photo of this homeless guy Phil Sparks ?

799 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Man Up Harvey

799 days ago

furious cupcakes    

The future price of celebrity is going to be a very dangerous. I don't know why anyone would strive to be out in the public eye. You will have total exposure, no privacy, no rights and every mentally ill person has you on their radar. It's not too bad now, but in the future, you will be putting yourself in serious risk putting yourself out there. I'm surprised celebrity folk even go to premiers and stand out in public with no fear..... it's not the paparrazi they should be worried about, it's the crazies who are plotting to "get you" in their own personal space. Remeber JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther, John Lennon, Ronald Reagan, etc...

799 days ago


Fifteen years ago, this dude puts an ad in the L.A. Times (personals) insisting the CIA was after him -

-Had tried to poison him.

-He was in Los Angeles to desperately alert Fox-11 to do an investigative report on the CIA trying to eliminate him.

Had driven cross-country - his eye in the rear view mirror the entire way.

...I call him up - (left his cell number) instantly sense he's made the entire scenario up in his own mind.

-The interesting thing being?

-These people truly believe that THEIR particular scenario is absolutely 100 percent right-on.

-He was like, wait, hold on, someone's coming !!- oh my God this is no doubt them !! - if you hear a gun shot call FOX immediately you HAVE TO HELP ME !!!! -

-He was gasping for air as the maid knocked.

-This isn't just terrifying for Harvey and Cheryl - and believe me these people can and will do harm.

It's terrifying for themselves - the individual - in this case, Sparks.

-where their mind(s) just CANNOT be convinced it's a complete fabrication.

Any therapist will tell you -

That "loss of insight" follows a break-down.

Occurs simultaneously -

Therapists just CANNOT convince patients -

...that there's been a psychotic break.

-No matter how compelling the data is.

We know about 6 or 7 percent of what the brain's actual capability - probably a lot less.

I've known crazy people, being amongst, was arguably raised by two of them:

You just CANNOT get them off of their trip -

And you risk HARM by attempting to do.

In that they're sure YOU'RE then "in on it."


Plotting against them.

Even reading stories about stalkers - scares me.

799 days ago


O/T but... this man is an absolute PIG. How his wife stays with him is a mystery. This man promised Blake Lively magazine covers, A-list status and A-list boyfriends and basically is her pimp, in exchange for what exactly Mr. Weinstein?

799 days ago


last of it:

I once watched in horror -

At 3 a.m. or so -

In our modest kitchen overlooking our modest dining room.

As my father carried on a running conversation -

With six or seven childhood friends he THOUGHT were in the room -

An actual conversation.

Him answering questions, asking questions, responding to questions, laughing at the jokes, etc.

You just don't know or understand the terror.

And me, I was ten, maybe eleven.

Had to SLEEP around the guy!

It most-closely resembles the Jack Nicholsen scene in the Stephen King classic.

When dead people come to life -

Hand Nicholsen like towels and in the bathroom.

Encourage Jack and to kill wife-and-son - as this is the way of their particular World.

799 days ago


from the looks of that pictures, someone beat them to it...

799 days ago


Why do we allow dangerous crazies to stay outside a mental ward? All the people on his radar must suffer and fear for their lives, rather than lock this guy up?

799 days ago


Yuck! I wonder why you filthy pedophile!

799 days ago


Sounds like someone who's been hanging around the "UNDER BELLY" of society way too long!!! I suspect that he's NOT WORKING ALONE and SOMEONE IS USING HIM TO DO THEIR "DIRTY WORK"!!!

799 days ago


Hate to say it, but kinda funny. Someone else is being stalked but they threaten you ;P

799 days ago


A piece of paper means nothing

799 days ago


Wow, that guy in the picture is fat! I guess Michelle O was right. No more fries for him!

799 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I think Sparks is the CEO of the Star Wackers

799 days ago
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