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Chad Johnson


In Desperate Attempt to Save Job

8/15/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Johnson
lied to his coach's face this week in an effort to keep from being cut from the Miami Dolphins ... but it didn't work ... and Chad's humiliating termination was all caught on tape.

Johnson's ill-fated meeting with Coach Joe Philbin was captured by the crew at "Hard Knocks" ... a weekly HBO documentary series following the Dolphins which aired last night.

"Hard Knocks" cameras followed Johnson on the day after he was arrested for domestic battery ... when he met with Philbin at the Miami offices ... and tried to talk the Coach out of firing his ass.

During the very short meeting, Johnson told Philbin ... "Coach, I've never been in trouble before ... ever."

He lied.

As TMZ previously reported, Johnson was convicted of domestic violence back in 2000 ... after slapping his then-girlfriend during an argument. Apparently, the arrest slipped his mind.

But even if Chad would have been honest with his coach, it's highly unlikely he could've saved his job ... Philbin made it clear the organization didn't want to take a risk on an aging player with very little upside and a TON of risk.

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p.s. to previous

1. Has anyone looked into Evelyn Lozada's background and does she have a history of agenda and motive-driven behavior, cuz I don't know her.

2. This camera set-up and scene is the height of Sadism.

-Shoot a guy that doesn't know he's about to be fired, make a buck off of him - have him squirm and crawl to keep his job?

-and (Dolphins/T.V. Show) and come off like a real Human Rights Organization.

They should all be ashamed of themselves.

At best it's disgusting.

Why not just purchase footage of the Junior Seau suicide?

Shotgun opening-up the dude's heart?

What's the diff?

799 days ago


Agree with previous poster on this one re: TMZ caption:


Like "And on top of EVERYTHING ELSE, the dude's a dang liar!"

Try being on the receiving end of Chad Johnson's week - cuz I have been -

Trust me that it wasn't and isn't pleasant.

Look to all Chad Johnson has accomplished - and this is a significant and amazing human being.

But, you know, when the jobs become a bit scarcer - when the money SEEMS to be drying up - there they all go!

He's 34, give me a break, I was just as quick at 34 as I was at twenty - plus I had tons of experience.

799 days ago


That was fun to watch him squirm and to see him not be in power or control.

799 days ago


he did it to himself by having a horrible temper and marrying a wh0re with no home training or morals

799 days ago


He's a woman beater. She's a gold digging, baller baby's mama. I'm just shocked she didn't stick it out longer to get knocked up so she could secure 18 years of income. When classless people get together, is anyone shocked this is the result?

799 days ago


Next year Philbin will be sitting at your local coffee shop eating two jelly donuts and getting a refill on his large coffee.

Playing Pinochle and down the park.

Philbin's a complete jerk in this.

Not even a factor -

The OWNER'S pulled the plug - sent the dialogue and script down to Philbin.

"Make all of the appropriate gestures, you know, sell it..."

Philbin's greasing himself on this one - this only works for me on a comedy level.

"How to be the biggest jerk on the planet."

@ Chad ignore all of this - come to the Cross and it'll all be straightened out - screw all of 'em.

My respect for the Miami Dolphins organization just took a big hit.

Maybe a change of ownership will help them
start winning -

Scape-goating someone that appears to be down is easy - everyone's on that right now.

Handling it professionally - checking the facts out - not rushing to judgment, etc. -

Having respect for professional football players.

Instead of treatin' em like a pack of damn negroes.

799 days ago


How fast they fall! The brutha can't keep his hands to himself and his head was sooo inflated along with his ego but I wonder how it is now? These guys never learn that when u have this golden opportunity u need to appreciate all the things that come with the fame and money but they never do and they always loose it such a dumb ass

799 days ago


Doesn't matter. Bottom line is he's still cut and off the team. He's much more of a liability than an asset. That simple. This is a business.

799 days ago


Chad is an "a...hole" but so are the Dolphins for allowing the viewing of something very personal to be viewed by all. God damn, this is the lowest. Dolphins ****ting on their players again.

799 days ago


Glad to see that The Dolphins are not keeping his sorry butt! He needs anger management and a class about liars, he is definitely a liar!

799 days ago


There are hundreds of Hollywood movies that show women slapping men in the face...and the script always makes it "justified" to imply that the man "deserved" it.....something he said, something he implied, or simply asking her out at a bar.
There are hundreds of TV shows, including modern day sitcoms, showing women slapping men in the face...followed by a laugh-track....to remind the viewing audience that female violence against men is "funny"...and the script always tries to justify the violence.
So when we read that a man slapped a woman's face...should we care?
Or...should we laugh?

799 days ago

Shakia Williams    

Get over it, that happened 12 YEARS ago!!! I wouldn't remember that either!!! Poor Chad! His life is falling apart for all of us to witness! I feel so bad for him because the consequences seem too harsh!!! At the end of the day what is Evelyn losing? Nothing! Evelyn should be apologizing too! She took part in how bad that situation escalated! Evelyn knew how Chad was and she acted like she accepted his lifestyle just to get that ring! She still took vows to ride with him until death! SMH! She didn't even try to repair this. No counseling no nothing. I'm not feeling her AT ALL! Marriage is a joke to her! I knew that she would divorce him after he got dropped! That man career is over! What happened to for better or worse, until death do you part? No counseling no nothing! That's not love! I knew that rela wasn't real! I'm not condoning what he did but this isn't just your average relationship, they were married! Because of that level of commitment there is more work that should have been done on both ends to fix what was broken. Ya'll went through one ordeal and it was strong enough to break ya'll up after being married for only 6 weeks!? SMH! She signed a prenup, so she's out because he got dropped from the team and their show got cancelled and they don't have any kids! The money is aboout to dry up basically! She was in it for that ring and the money! This is about to boost her career! She's going to be the new Rhianna! The new face of domestic violence! She don't need him now! I bet she's still talking s**t! Why does the gold diggers that sleep their way around continue to get the breaks! Atleast she won't be bragging for a while and taking pictures of clothes and shoes because there is so much more to life then that. I hope that she learned a serious lesson about karma, and why its important to stop bullying people because it comes back through the people you care about! If Chad does get another contract he's going to get a serious pay cut! And who will give an alleged woman beater an endorsement deal? No company is going to attach their name to this man. SMH! He have done a bad thing to her but now his whole life is falling apart and its messed up because this is where for better or worse comes in to play. That wifely support is not there! Marriage is such a joke to people now! They both made a terrible decision chosing each other for the wrong reasons and it shows. They both wanted fame more then building a solid loving relationship and it shows.

799 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

Man - That's tough to watch. But dude has definite anger issues - Cost him his marriage and his job. Needs therapy.
How can you get married 6 weeks ago and be caught cheating already? Chad is too stupid and has no impulse control.

799 days ago


The headline for this is so wrong! TMZ stop trying to make a fabricated story out of what isn't there in the first place. He was talking about his time in the NFL.. hasn't he gotten punished enough?? even without concrete facts, and where is the clip of the coach asking for his side of the story that he had given the police before they cut him?

799 days ago


that was incredibly painful to watch. Looked like he wanted to ball his eyes out. he did not see that coming.

799 days ago
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