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Kris Humphries


In Kim K Divorce

8/15/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814_kris_humphries_kim_kardashian_articleLawyers for Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian will square off in court today and -- in technical legal terms -- we're told the judge will force Kris to either s**t or get off the pot.

Lawyers for both sides must tell the judge what they have done to either settle the case or prepare for trial.  As TMZ has previously reported ... Kris has refused to settle, even though he signed what we're told is an iron-clad prenup that gives him zilch in the 72-day marriage.

What makes things puzzling ... even though Kris won't settle, he hasn't prepared for trial. In fact, we know Kris' lawyers have not even taken Kim's deposition ... this, despite the fact the judge said all depos must be in the can by today's hearing.

As we previously reported, Kris' lawyers have said they want to put reality TV on trial, but it's unclear what their end game is because Kris has no damages. He made hundreds of thousands of bucks off "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" as well as the wedding special, and he signed a $24 million basketball contract -- and the notoriety that made him a celeb didn't hurt the negotiations.

Short story ... it's almost certain the judge will not screw around with the case by prolonging it. If Kris doesn't want to walk away with a clean divorce, the judge will almost certainly set the case for trial -- whether Kris and his legal team are prepared or not.

We're not so cynical to believe Kris is dragging things out because he likes the publicity.


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Actually this guy has a valid point... he was suckered by the money grubbing Kardashian's into this shame of a marriage... Kim knew she wanted out days before, but when through with it anyway. All Kris wants is for it to be annulled ... he doesn't want money, or a Divorce on his "history" ... but if Kim agrees to an Anullment, she basically admits it was fraud. It's not about money. For him anyway. People don't seem to understand that... seems to me he's pretty smart for not letting these people bend him over... I think he's handled himself great.

801 days ago


Kim K is another Robin Givens . I feel for Humphries as I felt for Tyson

801 days ago

South Beach    

Hump hasn't even done his disposition..Judge is not going to think he's funny, he's holding things up..Appearing to be uncooperative is not the impression you want to leave with your judge.

Look, he's made a ton of money from several sources his NBA contact aside..If I was KK I'd direct my lawyers to sue him for my attorneys fees for stringing this thing out..

Guy is a PUTZ.

801 days ago

BB not bb    

No matter what happens now, at least she doesn't have to live with this creep any more and keep trying to love him until it turned her against love itself. He can only bark from a distance now.

801 days ago


Go get her Kris!

801 days ago

lisa ray    

Its sad chris should let it rest! Its over dude.

801 days ago

lisa ray    

This guy is still in love with her. Thats why hes" trying to aggavate her. Its over face it Kris.

801 days ago

amy fisher    

so i heard that the ass fat she had put in her face went to her brain and she cannot think straight. oh my god. i heard that she has a new product comming out,its made with the essence of kim,,its called, KISS MY ASS face cream. kim took her ass fat and put it in the cream, she said she was inspired by fight club with brad pit.NOW, it only costs 120.oo and is limited to the first 1million people.sp hurry hurry, its smells like lemons and dissolves right into the skin.

801 days ago


Kris you need to move on with your life know one knew anything about you until you started dating Kim. She has now made you famous why don't you just dissapear and continue with your NBA career. Honestly i understand why she picked you sometimes we make mistakes in our lives. I sure made some bad choices!!!!!!!!

801 days ago


Anyone who follows this not talent disgusting family is lacking something! I wish that the media would stop giving them any publicity and ban them from future advertising! The only one with half a brain is the mother as she knows how to promote nobodies to the brain dead youngsters! I felt sorry for Humphries as he was sucked into the crap, and that is all that it is, crap! The only way to stop them is not to give them attention and if you know someone who follows them, make them stop! Without the media they will fade away like the nothings that they are!!!!!!

801 days ago


Kris Humphries SUCKS at basketball

800 days ago


Kim run for president hahaha thats to funny and no not all of America love her. She is an embarrasment to all women.

800 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

What a bunch of MORONS......the ONLY media/fame WHORE in this situation is Kim KarTRASHian and her lame ass family. TMZ & E! are the two sites trying to make KHump look like he is in it for fame. He got the contact with the Nets because of his skills, not because of some fake skank who likes to be pissed on.

800 days ago


And you know what I would think the mother who killed her precious little one; Cayle Anthony would be the most hated woman in America....not someone who made a sex tape! Wow what we get in an uproar about boggles the mind!

799 days ago


Kris is a prick! He needs to fully move on with his life! He's holding onto this divorce for reasonings to only be construed as publicity seeking! Its over, its been over and its time to move on? Why is he contesting and dragging this out? No he won't get any money he signed a prenup...idiots! he also received payment for appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardsashians and the wedding, so what claims to he have against the show? If he had legimate causes to go after Kim or E, he would sue them in a cvil case not a divorce case! He obivously has moved on enought to establish intimate relationships since the separation, so why won't he amicably sign the divorce papers and move on with his professional career and personal life? If TMZ won't say it, I will because it keeps him revelent in the news!

799 days ago
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