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Kris/Kim Divorce

Serves Kanye West

In Nordstrom Box

8/15/2012 9:44 AM PDT UPDATED: 8/15/2012 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0815_kris_humphries_kim_kardashian_getty_articleKris Humphries' lawyer engineered a sneak attack by trying to serve a subpoena on Kanye West by putting it in a Nordstrom box and sending it to Kim Kardashian's house. 

Kim's lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, told the judge in the divorce case about the ploy during a hearing that is still going on. 

Wasser groused to the judge ... Kim has already racked up $250,000 in attorney's fees, yet it's unclear exactly what Kris wants out of this.

Wasser said she's heard the reports that Kris and his lawyers want to put reality TV on trial, and there seems to be evidence to back that up. Wasser noted that Kris has served Kris Jenner with a subpoena and NBC Universal and Bunim/Murray, which produces the Kardashian reality shows.

Wasser said she's perplexed as to why Kris Humphries thinks the marriage was a fraud -- because he went in eyes wide open.

Kris Humphries' lawyer, Marshall Waller told the court he wants to prove the marriage was a fraud, which Kim wanted solely to benefit her reality show. He says he wants to be armed with information about the show before taking Kim's deposition.

Kim's lawyer, Laura Wasser followed up by asking why it's so important for Kris to get an annulment. Waller did not answer. Wasser then said she intends to get Kris to pay every penny of Kim's attorney's fees.

On her way out of court, Wasser said, "We're just moving forward. My client just wants to be divorced."

Neither Kim nor Kris was in court today.

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Celeb Gossip Maven    

It would seem that if the marriage was real and if Kim really did love Kris at all, she would have ACTUALLY TRIED to make it work. If he ever did mean anything to her, I think she would have treated him with more respect and courtesy. Except no, she likes to parade around with her new “love of her life/ future baby daddy” boyfriend and mock her still husband. It is such a cop out for her to say Kris is using her for money and fame. I do not believe that this is the kind of fame he wants, plus he has his own money….which he earns by actually working. Besides money does not seem like as big a deal to him as it does to her.

In the end she got what she wanted, at the expense of someone who might have actually cared about her. Yes Kris participated in all of the media, but it is what she wanted. It has been proven time and again that Kim is a compulsive narcissistic liar. The whole thing would go away if she would just grant him the ONE THING he wants, the annulment. For something so easy, why would it be so hard? Kim has her incentive to get out quick because she wants to be married to Kanye like now. For her to admit the truth would just conclude to everyone that she and her family are FRAUDS. There is nothing real or genuine about her and her life is nothing but a lie.

No one respects her. She is lucky she is sheltered in Hollywood, because she would never make it out in the real world.

800 days ago


Ugghh Just hurry it up! These two have been separated longer than married. Kris was not a popular name before the union, he is simply trying to keep is name in the press. People are ragging on Kim but look at ALL he is profited from being with her. Really and who truly benefited again? HA!

800 days ago


Here's what I'm thinking: Kris just wants $7 million dollars from the moneys made off of the wedding (for which Kim received something like $18 million. Well, Kim doesn't want to share what should be community property (since it came from their wedding and was not money earned by Kim before the two got hitched). She should just give him the money and some Non-Disclosure stuff to sign, and call it a day. She'll be single and hopefully this season of idiocy known as The Kardashian Shows can end the season with this year's wedding of Kim & Kanye.

800 days ago


What a gentleman he is!! Give me a break! Cut it off, move on, and just get a life. There is ZERO reason for him to drag this on other than the fact that he's an immature little boy. Grow Up!

800 days ago


Nobody has figured out by just watching the karsashian show that every single thing they do is staged for the show? Look at this current season with the momma acting like she's having an affair. C'mon people!

800 days ago


I don't really give a damn, BUT for Humphries to claim that he didn't know what he was getting into is ridiculous. Anybody who gets involved with the Kardashian's better know that there is a chance they will wind up apart of their television show. He is just making a fool of himself claiming anything else. Both Humphries and Kim were whoring for the camera and that's that. Nobody in the real world has a camera following them around unless that camera is looking for drama.

800 days ago


Kris, stop bitching....I at least hope he got to tag her ass...everyone else has...

800 days ago


I know Kim K. has a really big butt, but her face and boobs and silky soft skin and sweet voice can seduce the strongest man....

800 days ago


Someone needs to pull those Daddy long legs off her eyes! How ridiculous !

800 days ago

Hey Now    

A Nordstrom's box, aka the land shark method of process serving.

800 days ago


Please... All Chris wants is to keep this going as long as possible because he knows once the divorce is done his mug won't be on tmz, or anywhere else in the media and his career in TV is over. Milking it for aaaalllll he can.

800 days ago


harvey, how did you say Chris was a "media whore'? Really? What does that make Kim & fam.? At least he has a talent, a REAL job? They don't do ANYTHING. i don't know if you've read the boards around the web, but most people are on Chris's side and hope he takes her to the cleaners and exposes the family. Why isn't he entitled to half of the profits of the wedding?
I have no idea why you would defend this trash.

800 days ago

river rat    

Those spiders on her eyes are very distracting and look silly as hell.

800 days ago


Kris Jenner is the head Gorgon!

800 days ago

South Beach    

Go Laura! Hump is going to get crucified in court if this goes to trial. What a dummie.

800 days ago
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