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Salma Hayek

Expert Witness in Halle

Berry Custody Fight

8/16/2012 8:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry has an ace up her sleeve in her child custody war ... her good friend Salma Hayek ... and Halle believes her sexy friend could help her convince a judge that moving to France is necessary for her and Nahla.

TMZ has learned ... Halle's lawyers just filed a declaration from Salma ... in which the actress says she knows firsthand that France is a much safer place for a celebrity because of tougher paparazzi laws. 

In the declaration, Salma -- who's married to a French billionaire -- tells the court ... she spends a ton of time in France with her young daughter Valentina ... and doesn't have to deal with the kind of paparazzi crushes she gets when she's in the United States.

As we previously reported, Halle wants to move across the pond with her daughter and fiance to escape the constant paparazzi attention and recent intruders at her L.A. home.

Case in point -- Salma and Halle went to dinner together in Hollywood last night ... and walked right into a paparazzi flash storm as they exited the restaurant.

12:50 PM PT -- Court update: they're still doing opening statements. The judge just broke for lunch.

10:00 AM PT
-- It's on. Halle just arrived at court. Gabriel is there too.


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Halle = Witch. Hire a body guard while in L.A. Why should daughter have to move out of country because of mother's choosen public profession? Answer: to keep her away from the hated father.

806 days ago


Since Halle Berry is quite obviously "FOOTING ALL THE BILLS", I don't see why the court wouldn't honor her request. Under the cir***stances, Gabriel Aubry should be more than willing to meet her "half-way" on this issue. She trying to raise their daughter in a more relaxed, cosmopolitan culture without being constantly bombarded by the paps. His cause would be much better served by trying to get along with Halle Berry rather than fighting her just because his OWN CAREER AS A MODEL IS IN THE TOILET not to mention his "MAIN PROFESSION" as a piece of "GOLD DIGGING" eye candy is all but "OVER"!!!

806 days ago


Salma Hayek is in a totally different wealth situation as far as paps/security is concerned. She is married to a multi-billionaire and there is always the concern for kidnapping, etc. with their lifestyle. They roll in armored cars, private aircraft, etc. Halle is not in that category and Salma would not be either if it wasn't for her husband.

806 days ago


why would any man get involved with a women who obviously can not handle relationships. she's very very needy.

806 days ago


I'm not saying Gabriel regrets having his daughter but he probably regrets having her with Halle.

806 days ago

Carol L    

I recently asked a relative of mine who works with Halle quite often whether Halle was extemely unlucky with her choice of men or if she's just nuts. My relative said...BOTH. The more I hear about her the more I thinks it's just nuts.

806 days ago


I can understand wanting to protect your child, but my question is why she didn't move when she was still with the father of Nahla. The paparazzi were just as aggressive then. It makes me think she is just being spiteful.

806 days ago


Stricter paparazzi laws in France??? Hmmm...that must have been AFTER Princess Di and her boyfriend crashed in FRANCE after trying to flee the papsrazzi. And Halle seems to go through men like toilet paper...great example for little Nahla

806 days ago


Odd how every other celebrity can raise their kids here just fine yet Halle needs to go to Paris to do it.

806 days ago


omg i am so tired of this women .. always trying something ..

806 days ago


How about women minding their own business and not meddling in other people's marriages and affecting the outcome of whether a father gets to be around his own children?

806 days ago


HALLE BERRY IS AN INSANE LYING BITCH! First and foremost, until this custody battle with Gabriel, you hardly heard about her in the press because SHE HAD NOTHING GOING ON! I think that outburst she had at her daughter's school was staged. I think she orchestrated it and is probably paying this photographer secretly to be follow her agressively so she can use it against Gabriel as ammunition in court. I work for an entertainment firm where our Public Relations Dept. tip the paprazzi as to where their cluents are (with their client's knoweledge) just so they get press. I think Halle was doing the same **** so she had enough evidence to prove her case in court. IT'S ****ING SHAMEFUL what she's doing and I think this is all a set up so she can take her daughter away from her father. SHE'S A LYING CRAZY ASS BITCH!!!!

806 days ago


you know what? i just lost any kind of...tolerance for Salma Hayek. i liked her in from dusk til dawn. i haven't like halle berry at all since this case came out. and that loser monkey boyfriend of hers that acts like he's the natural father for Gabe's daughter. i hope and pray that Gabe is able to keep custody here in America.

806 days ago


Good riddance - get her arrogant a** out of here.

806 days ago


Hayek lives a life of luxury with top notch security paid for by her husband. She does not have to be bothered by the little people and Princess Diana is proof of how safe France is. As for her being the new BFF of Berry, that is a farce and she supported her husbands denial/refusal to pay for security for his other young child.
She is just as disgusting as Halle for thinking it is acceptable to treat the kids as object d'$$$$$$

806 days ago
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