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Katherine Jackson

Wants Estate to Pay for TP

Not Janet's Mortgage

8/16/2012 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


We have more info on Katherine Jackson's request for the Michael Jackson Estate to pay for expenses related to Janet Jackson's Las Vegas home, and it turns out toilet paper -- NOT mortgages -- is on her mind.

As we previously reported, the Estate filed documents asking the court to allow the Executors to pay Katherine for "expenses relating to .... a residence in Las Vegas."

We're told the residence is Janet Jackson's home.   Fact is ... there's no need to cover any mortgage expenses, because we're told Janet doesn't have a mortgage -- she owns the home outright, but never spends time there.  In fact, we're told she bought the home so Katherine could use it.  And, she has provided various other forms of support for Katherine over the years.  So what we reported initially -- that the Estate would pay part of the mortgage -- isn't the case.

Sources connected to Katherine now tell us, Katherine wants the money because she incurs various expenses when she spends time at Janet's property.  Our sources say the expenses include, food, cable, utilities, Internet, travel and even toilet paper.  

It's unclear why Katherine feels she's entitled to more money for things like food and toilet paper, because what she consumes and uses in Vegas she doesn't in L.A.


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"It's unclear why Katherine feels she's entitled to more money for things like food and toilet paper, because what she consumes and uses in Vegas she doesn't in L.A. " Good point!

If she's pooping in Vegas then she isn't pooping in LA

Wonder if this is really Joe's home in Vegas and he's getting Katherine to pay for everything?

807 days ago


Wow...u all screwed up again.
Maybe you should just leave it alone, this is their own family matter, just let them deal with it.

807 days ago


I believe Janet was trying to get money out of her mother and a lot of it, which is why Janet was all part of the plot to kidnap the mother, get their mother alone and beg her non-stop for money.
Janet and the other Siblings KNOW that they can only get money out of their mother while she's alive. Once their mother is gone, ALL that money goes to MJ's Estate, i.e., the Kids.
So I'd be more inclined to believe that Janet did beg her mother for money under the guise that Janet needed it to pay for her LV Condo, and once the Press got a wiff of it, it was front page news.
I do believe the Jackson Siblings are begging for cash from KJ everyday, and they're stacking that cash for when the well runs dry!

806 days ago




806 days ago


It's obviously a place for Joe and Katherine is supporting him under the table.

806 days ago


I'm more inclined to believe that the MJ Estate did look into Janet's mortgage payments and either found out they were up to date, or found out that Janet doesn't owe any money on the condo. So, to get out of all of this, all Janet had to say was "I didn't ask KJ for anything!" But I think Janet did, and just got caught in a lie by the MJ Estate Lawyers! Plus, I think it was the MJ Estate Lawyers that leaked the story about Janet asking for money to humiliate Janet. These Jackson siblings think they can tell everybody just to "shut up" and everybody will do what they command!

806 days ago


This is what I want to know..... Who is telling TMZ this ****? Is it the Estate Managers?? If so what are they looking for? Proving Katherine is senile, take over the Estate? Who doesn't have TP in their home? I am sure Katherine has enough money in her purse to buy TP. Is there a gold TP that you have to ask executives of the Estate for money to buy? The story goes from money to pay a Mortgage to Toilet Paper??? That is a big ass difference. Maybe. ( and I say this lightly ) just maybe Jermaine and Randy my be right about the Estate Executives

806 days ago





The comment above definitely needs repeating.

7 pages of comments on a non-story......

806 days ago


This family is so dysfunctional maybe debbie roe need to get her kids back this is some bull ****!

806 days ago

Mya Hodge    

This is where Perez Hilton and all the little morning radio wannabe entertainment experts get there news from. I think TMZ needs to stop talking to this flop inside source. This person can't give u guys one true story. Thank God they're not a mob informant. I guess the next scoop they give will be about Janet's secret child she has locked up somewhere. Katherine should go 4 that money. That estate doesn't care about her or those kids. I think Janet knows something and that is why she is the only being attacked. Hope the truth comes out

806 days ago


I'll say it again I DO NOT think Katherine should have any say so over the kids money. They need their own lawyer looking out for their best interests b/c I think the Jackson's (all of them) are out to get the kids money any way they can. As much money she is getting she needs more for toilet paper. Give me a damn break.

806 days ago


Believe me, if their last name was GOLDBERG there would be none of the daily stories hammering the family. I don't care how dysfunctional they are. Those Jews would put the kabosh on that in a second. As it stands the blacks that work at TMZ are all sell-out to their own race. They know what that Jew expects from them and they deliver. They have no idea what the civil rights movement was about. It wasn't the right for them to have the HONOR to sit next to white folks and assassinate their race, perpetuating the stereotypes Jews in the media imprinted on society as them being subordinate, fat, lazy and buffoons from its earliest conception.

806 days ago


I know that people come on this site to trash-talk but I really don't understand the passion, well, resentment people on this site have for the Jacksons--especially since I suspect not too many people who are commenting know any of the Jacksons personally. smh. Anyway, I agree with the people who say that Mrs. Jackson should draw down as much of the 40% of Michael's estate she can while she still has breath in her body, and I hope she lives to reach 102 y.o. or longer. In fact, I wouldn't care if she spent every penny of her share on herself, her children, and grandchildren, and Mr. Jackson on matters great and small. She make it rain all over Las Vegas as far as I'm concerned, on Randy, Jermaine, Joe, Rebbie, Austin, Siggy, complete strangers. Why should I care how she spends what Michael left her so that she could be happy? PPB will still have their 40% of the estate, regardless of how Mrs. Jackson spends her share. And, btw, PPB are no more deserving of Mrs. Jacksons share than Randy or Jermaine, who at least wrote several of the songs that helped to make Michael famous and performed with him back in the day when Michael Jackson was just another black kid with acne who had made it big in Hollywood--before he became the saviour of lonely kids the world over whose childhoods had left them traumatized in ways Michael could not imagine, despite having grown up under Joe Jackson's tutelage. People. Jackson family haters, stop wringing your hands over Mrs. Jackson's inheritance. Give the woman a break. Go pester Paris Hilton or some other heiress burning through her inheritance who, btw, makes Mrs. Jackson look like an amateur dealing with the MJ estate.

806 days ago


Doesn't Joe Jackson live in Vegas now? She's nickel and dining the estate to give it to him, the fact that she has never had the common sense to leave that man is proof enough that she's not fit to care for those kids.

806 days ago


No wonder MJ did everything he could to insulate himself from the whole money sucking family.

806 days ago
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