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Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hope Solo is LYING ...

I Never Slapped Her

8/17/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is adamant ... he NEVER slapped Hope Solo across the face behind the scenes at "Dancing with the Stars" ... despite allegations she made in her new book.

TMZ has learned ... Maksim was absolutely shocked when he heard about the "completely false" story in Hope's book, "Solo: A Memoir of Hope" ... in which the Team USA soccer star claims Maksim pulled a Rick James while trying to put her head in the correct position for a dancing move.

The two were partners on "DWTS" in 2011.

Sources close to Maksim tell us ... he has no idea why Solo would publish such a false and defamatory statement and doesn't know why she would have such ill will towards him ... especially because they've had dinner several times since the show ended.

In fact, Hope JUST tweeted Maksim right before the Olympics, offering him free seats to one of the Team USA soccer games.

Hope's rep tells TMZ, she stands by what she wrote in her autobiography.

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No Avatar


Let's see. Accused Greg Ryan of physical violence from over 5 years ago. He denies. Accuses this guy of the same. He denies. The only common thread here is that Hope never reported anything, against anyone, and decided to reveal a multitude of allegations IN A BOOK. Gotcha.

796 days ago

Bud Wally    

Russian men are known to treat their women poorly. Not to mention he looks likes Yakov Smirnoff's younger mentally challenged brother.

796 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Maksim Chmerkovskiy went to the same school of dance as Chad Johnson. I'm just sayin
Phishie from Philly

796 days ago


Hope was pretty bad on DWTS and had a really bad attitude about it all. Wouldn't shock me that she lied.

796 days ago

Blue Lake    

So over Maks. He's a bully and the slap was witnessed. Not the first time. He needs to get fired.

796 days ago


I don't like her, but I believe her. He is totally arrogant and chauvinistic. My guess is he only likes the women who swoon all over him, the little delicate flowers. Hope stood up to him and he didn't like it.

796 days ago


I don't believe Hope. That whole season with her on the DWTS she had such a negative attitude and acted like she was better than anyone else. Also if she speaks the truth all the time then why wait and put this in a book. She seemed very happy with Maxs except for the fact she wanted to be in control and did not want to learn. I think she is messed up..maybe from her childhood who knows. Maks has been around alot of women and there has never been a whisper of him doing something like that. I believe Maxs!!! Why would you invite someone to London one minute that supposedly slapped her and then say what she said. Does not make any sense. I think we would have heard by now if Maxs hits women since he interacts with them all the time. There is just something about her that I never liked and I like almost everybody but she just came across as a real.........you know what. I don't trust her...people says she speaks the truth all the time...i don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth. What a hypocrite..she stays in touch with Maxs and complimented him many times on the show but it was the worst season i have watched with her on DWTS.

796 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I don't believe it because if he did hit her father Han would kick his but and if he couldn't his friend Luke would. May the force be with you.
Phishie from Philly

796 days ago


I have never watched the dance show but I know enough about Solo to say she is a f'n ****!!!

796 days ago


I do not believe a word she says. I believe Maks..he has danced with and been around women for a long time and there has never been a whisper of him hitting or slapping anyone. i think Hope has a lot of baggage from her childhood and is a little messed up. People say she speaks the truth all the time...I don't beleive that. the season she was on DWTS was the worst season for me..from the beginning she acted like a .........you know what. She had plenty of attitude and I don't see her putting up with that kind of behavior for anyone. One minute she is hanging with Maks inviting him to the olympics and the next she is writing something so terrible about him...I don't know what her motive is or if she is just messed up. I BELIEVE Maks..not her.

796 days ago


I didn't care for her on DWTS. They were not a good match. She seemed very awkward.

796 days ago


I would believe Maksim over her..Hope Solo seems loony to me. This woman seems like one of those people who want attention . Do Not like her at all

796 days ago


Anyone notice the only former partners that have come to his defense are Kirstie Alley and Erin Andrews, the ones that fawned all over him??? All others are silent..
ABC and Hope have do***ented proof, we will see who is lying

796 days ago


So Low is a bitch. Who cares what she says?

796 days ago


This really does not surprise me at all. He was SO horrible to her and that is only what we saw. Imagine the crap we didnt see.. He is rough with all his partners..

796 days ago
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