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'American Idol' Is Gonna Have to PAY ME!

8/18/2012 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0818_diddy_vudeoIf you thought "American Idol" forked over big bucks to land Mariah Carey ... they're going to have to back up a bank truck to Diddy's front door to get him to sign on for next season.

Diddy is the latest superstar rumored to be joining the show since the departure of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

We spotted Diddy at JFK yesterday and while he professed his love for "Idol," he gave a very telling answer when asked how much it would cost to get him to sign on the line which is dotted.

Your move, Nigel.


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Sin D    

This show don't get it... They need YOUNGER judges ro pull in an audience...

794 days ago


Diddy!?! no thank you!!!

794 days ago


Shouldn't he at least have the ability to make good music before he can qualify to judge others' musical talents?

794 days ago


Can I pay to not have him on the show? He's obnoxious and his ego will ruin the essence of the show.

794 days ago


These Arrogant Buzzards don't deserve the kind of money they pull in!! Who the hell was the one that made them think they were so worthy!!!

794 days ago

Supr Dav     

I will never watch that show again. They, to quote my Dad, could screw up a wet dream.

794 days ago


No, Diddy, NO, don't sink to this level. OMG NO Pleae Diddy, don't do it. You don't need THIS!

794 days ago


TMZ asked diddy how much and he didn't answer. Doesn't mean they're gonna need a "Bank truck". Not a big fan of diddy, but since he has experience in signing talent he's more qualified to be a judge then some of the ppl they've had in the past.

794 days ago


I'm sick of greedy celebrities who want like billions of dollars for doing stuff. You're not that great. Seriously. And in my opinion, I think American Idol should just end already.

794 days ago


Diddy is not relevant anymore this is worse than looking at Cee-Lo every week..... No bueno

794 days ago


Diddy would be good But Pariah was not a good choice While ou are at it Dump Randy "dog'

794 days ago

Ratings Needed    

The amount of $ these people are getting to 'judge' on AI is ridiculous! P Diddy Puff the magic dragon is the last straw, for me, if he becomes a judge. Does he actually sing or just recite stupid poems?The last 2 year was more than enough w/creepy ST & self indulgent JL on Idol! The show shouldn't be about the judges, it should be about the singers.

794 days ago


They already loaded one broken car on this trainwreck (Mariah) why not load another? Maybe if they staff the show with total dumbasses it will go under in one season and won't be as painful in the long term?

794 days ago


Diddy is an egotistical creep. He created "Making the Band" and had 2 groups of singers, and the both bands BOMBED OUT. Ya, it shows how truly talented he is....ugh. Besides he had that moron Aubrey O'day on his show, and we all know how she turned out. He also sucks as a performer. HIS EGO IS WAAAAY TOO BIG< and i DON"T KNOW WHY>>>>>ewww

794 days ago


One word:


Maybe AI thinks Snoop's too "Long Beach" for the show -

Won't (or hasn't been) approved by the advertisers.

Cuz that's how this works (I started in advertising and on Madison Avenue).

They GO to Madison Avenue and they say, um, How would you feel about Snoop?!

In other words - the wrong people to make such a decision.

"White Corporate America."

Who sneers at me - (and I'm white) - let alone someone like Snoop.

If I'M not white-enough for Madison Avenue (I was fired and let NYC for L.A.)?

How can Snoop be?

So, okay, now they want someone light-skinned.

"What about a black person that DRESSES like White America?"

Can come OFF Corporate?!

Nigel's a brilliant dude - I mean they wouldn't listen last year to my take on the re-tool but hey.

I say SHOVE Snoop down their throats -

THEN watch the ratings soar to what they once were -

But it's a gutsy call -

They can play it safe - and lose.

Or go for broke - and hit a grand slam:


794 days ago
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