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Kris Humphries' Ex

We Never Dated ...

He Didn't Buy My Silence

8/20/2012 12:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries'
ex-girlfriend says Kris was just a friend whom she never even texted ... and she denies Kris paid her off to keep her quiet ... TMZ has learned.

Informed sources tell TMZ ... Myla Sinanaj -- who was deposed by Kim Kardashian's lawyer today in New York City -- testified she didn't date Kris, she was never pregnant and she never got any money from him.  As for whether she had sex with Kris, Myla's lawyer instructed her not to answer the question.

Myla also said she never considered filing a lawsuit against Kris for telling the FBI she tried to extort him.  Tell that one to Myla's former lawyer, Joe Tacopina, who drafted a 26-page defamation lawsuit on her behalf.

Myla insisted she was not paid off.  By the way, we're told she no longer works at the New York hotel where she had been employed.

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Bisch is all over the map backtracking. I guess since her 15 minutes of fame didn't equal money from anyone she's gotta make herself look good. TMZ got it right for once, she mostly certainly did hire a lawyer for a defamation lawsuit. I'm wondering how that FBI investigation is going though!

757 days ago


She is such a LIAR. I am completely disgusted by her.

757 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Boy this woman is 12 kinds of crazy. Kris sure can pick em.

757 days ago


Kris Jenner must have given Harvey a Dirty Sanchez today.

757 days ago


Not sure what to believe about this woman. The one thing I do know is the Kartrashian PR machine certainly ran over her.

757 days ago


Did she quit the Hotel, or did they fire her because according to TMZ Kris's Pr team called and said she was servicing customers, isn't that right straight from the Kraptashians, I mean TMZ fountain of truth?

757 days ago


When you said "paid her off" do you mean the same way that the Kardashians paid TMZ off to constantly write favorably fabricated and exaggerated stories about Kris Humphries to help salvage Kim's tarnished image? Enough with the lies TMZ, your Kardashian ass kissing is nauseating.

757 days ago


This woman seems insane. Make her go away. Kris, make this woman and this whole story about your divorce go away--please. It happens. Meet a great person, get married, be happy. Move on.

757 days ago

Pudding Tang    

She was almost impregnated by way of sexting.

757 days ago


Ok let me break this down using the most basic of commone sense for the haters. Myla is a lying b*tch and here is why. They were spotted together for several months, she was at his games sitting with the players wives, she aired all of her dirty laundry on twitter about her relationship with him. The minute that she got called out, Kris treated her like the piece of sh*t that she is and called her out of her name, contacted the FBI and on top of that he tried to get her fired from her job by calling her a call girl pretty much. The job had to investigate the allegations that she was sleeping with men at the hotel. After all of that she started telling everything that he told her, and Kris knew that she had damaging infor so he got back in her face promised her a relationship and she is such a dumb b*tch she fell for it, you cannot say you did not sleep with him because when the pregnancy rumors came out, he immediately stated that he would need a parternity test, why would he need a test if they never slept together? She went on twitter after the pregnancy debacl and stated that they had never slept together. Well why would the attorney advise her not to answer that? if you have not slept with him then you have not!! LIAR, she hired an attorney to sue Kris, you cannot deny that the attorney confirmed it. She dropped the suit because Kris paid her off. This chick is nuts. This girl does not understand who she is messing with, that Kardashian machine will wipe the ground with her, now they have her sworn statements lying and they probably have proof, and she has the nerve to claim that she is going to sue Kim for invasion of privacy? Kim did not invade your privacy honey, the press did, and if you want to sue someone you need to sue Kris for defamation of charecter. I guess you don't have a job, you coud not get Kris to pay you, now you want to go after Kim? Girl Bye!! you are a joke and a fraud and you may very well end up in jail for purgery. The attorney is just as dumb as she is posting pics on twitter and discussing the case on twitter. What a joke!! Anyone who believes this hooker is insane or is a straight up Kim K hater who just revels in bullsh*t about her.

757 days ago


I think they are all insane and wasting WAY to much time on this. Get it over with and move on....life is to short!

757 days ago


i bet the dumbphries money train stops once the divorce is finalized, and he no longer needs dipsh!t to keep her lips zipped. money certainly doesn't make ppl classy, now does it?

757 days ago


lying under oath is interesting. this girl is such a train wreck. she has no room bashing kim k...at least kim makes her own money, and i don't recall any time that kim faked a pregnancy for fame...nor do i recall kim ever pretending to date someone if she didnt...only to pretend that she didn't - when all of the evidence suggests otherwise. why would dumbphries get all bunged up about little miss stupid coming forward at all? the boy literally flipped his lid, and went on damage control duty 24/7. shrug. aaaaall of it smells like sh!t - whatever u idiots are trying to pull is backfiring. i'm sure of that. a judge is going to look at those two morons over his/her glasses and tell them both to get a life...and then congratulate kim on finally being done w this trash.

757 days ago


Nothing that girl says is the truth. She wouldn't know the truth if it jumped out of her mouth and bit her.

757 days ago


Aww!!!....Enough please.

757 days ago
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