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Held in Contempt For

Canceling Ex's Saks Card

8/20/2012 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

just got bitch-slapped in court -- a judge has ordered him to REOPEN his ex-wife's Saks Fifth Avenue credit card in his name ... after the singer closed the account last year.

The closed Saks card was just one of Tameka Raymond's many grievances in her ongoing custody fight against Usher -- and now, the court has taken her side ... holding the singer in contempt for pulling the plug on her fancy charge account.

Tameka claims she needs the account to do her job as a stylist.

As for the other grievances -- Tameka said Usher owed her cash for the nanny bill ... and continually failed to keep her in the loop about where and when he traveled with the kids.

The court agreed ... and awarded Tameka $1,300 for the nanny.

The judge has yet to determine the ex-couple's custody and support issues.


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furious cupcakes    

If you have a job as a "stylist" then you can pay for your own Saks card you weirdo.

795 days ago

Chun LI    

This b*tch is UNBELIEVABLE!!! She just buried her kid and she's worrying about money and credit cards. "I told you not to marry this golddigger!!"(in Usher's mother's voice)

795 days ago


No one needs a ****ing Saks card. Our legal system is ****ed.

795 days ago


I'm sorry but where the hell does this chick get off taking him to court because he cancelled a credit card that was in his name? If she's so damn upset about it, how about she take her happy ass down to Sak's and get her very own card. Oh wait, because then she'd have to pay the bill! Usher doesn't owe her a damn line of credit. Get a flippin' job like the rest of the world.

795 days ago


as a stylist, ur clients pay for your clothes woman no you... unless of course the clothes are for you. judge pities her right now bc she just buried her kid....

795 days ago


Wow..she is getting what she wants I guess when you are accustom to that life style he can't take it all away just because they are divorcing. Best of luck to them both.

795 days ago


Owning a Saks card is not putting food on her table, SO HOW IS IT A NECESSARY EXPENSE? Ridiculous. When my parents divorced, my mom struggled with a 300 dollar limit on her VISA...and she used that to buy food and gas. This judge is insane. I guess that is society in the 21st century, where even appointed judges support materialism. I hope kharma bites this bitch in the ass, and rips the flesh off.

795 days ago


If I was famous I would never marry and have any kids. All these people want is money. They have a child or two because they know it's a bigger pay check. Makes me sick, court should of told her to pay the nanny herself and to support her own stylist career which we all know is bs. She lives off her ex old man, who's she trying to fool. She isn't nothing but a low life loser.

795 days ago

Nicki G    

This is straight BS!! WTF does a Saks card have to do with Usher and their kids. He has to pay for that? WTH is child support for. I can see a sympathy verdict coming next. Unbelivable

795 days ago


This woman is effing nuts. The pity for her son will wear off and people will once again see her for who she really is.

795 days ago


The frustrating part IS THAT THE CARD IS IN HIS NAME!!!!!! Once again, the courts are a huge failure...I can only imagine if the tables flipped and it was HER card, the judge would have screwed him over just the same.

795 days ago


Dude you wear a touque on your head. Slip a touque on your dingdong and don't have kids. Its not worth it.

795 days ago


Stop trying to mooch off your ex-husband because you say it's for your job. Your divorced now meaning it's done between the both of you.

795 days ago


This is why I have a hard time defending a woman in a divorce, the guys ALWAYS get dikked over. Hey Tameka, How did you do your "stylist" job BEFORE you married someone rich? Why is it HIS obligation to pay for your "career"? Do you pay for his? Oh I see, only the man should pay the other.... and that's because... why exactly?

795 days ago


wow, this ugly evil b*t*h just won't quit! she has made this mans life a living hell. she doesn't care about him or any of her kids it's all about the money and keeping her name is the news. that nobody, nothing a88 B*T*H should fall dead where she stands.

795 days ago
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