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Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry Could Die

Like Princess Diana

8/21/2012 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
faces the same tragic fate as Princess Diana if she moves to France -- so said Gabriel Aubry's attorney in L.A. court ... TMZ has learned.

As we reported, Halle and Gabriel are embroiled in a court battle over whether Halle should be allowed to move to France with the ex-couple's daughter Nahla. Halle believes the kid will be better protected from aggressive paparazzi in France ... thanks to the country's strict anti-pap laws.

But Gabriel's attorney argued Halle and Nahla would be walking right into the lion's den -- because France is the same country where Princess Diana was killed in a wild paparazzi car chase back in 1997.

Halle's lawyer called several French lawyers -- who testified that French judges will nail any photog who goes after a celeb.

Under French laws, paparazzi can't photograph celebrities who don't want their pictures taken -- even if they're out in public.

Photogs who violate the law can be sued for big bucks, and if they harass the celeb they can be criminally prosecuted.

The trial should last for several weeks.


No Avatar


To the headline: With any luck.

796 days ago


Halle's time would be much better spent allowing her to have a good relationship with her father rather than doing all she can to keep them apart.. i think she is a bit misguided on this matter, in the end her daughter will have issues and she can blame herself.

796 days ago


typical male model being a drama queen

796 days ago


Wish we could adopt their pap laws here to get some of these s*** off the street

796 days ago


hopefully the judge tells her to move to paris....but the kid mstays here.....what a effin c

796 days ago


the kid needs contact with the father. berry is just doing this to be spiteful!

796 days ago


The paps didn't kill Diana, her drunk driver did! That's like saying guns kill people. Not without someone to pull the trigger. And her driver pulled the trigger!

796 days ago


HEY YEAH....GOOD POINT!!!!!!!!!...the euro paps are just as bad.....Halle Berry is just trying to do anything to get her kid all to herself. I think it's wrong to just move across the world with your kid when there is another parent's not like she's a normal person and got a really great job offer with a pay raise and has to move.

796 days ago


I wonder if she realizes, and if it matters to her, that while she's telling her baby daddy that he can't see his kid, she's also telling her kid she can't see her own father????????????????? I doubt she realizes how much she will pay for this in later years. It's pretty unforgivable to alienate your kid from their mother or father. She will find out someday, if she's allowed to do this.

796 days ago


I'm on Gabriel's side in all of this custody business because Halle is a first class nut job who wants to stick it to him and take Nahla far away, but that statement about Diana may be taking it just a bit too far.
That said, she's using her "engagement" to Olivier Martinez as an excuse for the move to France. Heck, if she's that worried about paps in L.A., move to another state...say Oregon or Idaho.

796 days ago


Love how they bring up the strict pap laws. So how about this, American pap shows up, secretly follows Halle and managed a crapload of shots of her out in Paris. Pap then books a flight and high tails it home and sells the pics to the highest bidder. What will France do then, demand the name of the pap, extradict him and charge him? If it's so safe in France, why has she been photographed time and again with Olivier and Nahla making out like they are the All wonderful family unit?
Aubrey's lawyer should get a clue and go look up Halle on net and pull out all the pics that have been taken in France of her. That Pap law wouldn't be so great now would it?

796 days ago

the original bellaluna    

Knowing Halle's histrionic streak, she'll probably try to claim Gabe is making a threat on her life. (It'd be keeping with her theme.)

796 days ago


I think Halle is losing it. I don't ever seek out her movies, I find her ...meh. This sounds to me like she is just being spiteful and wants him out of her life. She's really hurting her career by acting so hateful towards the ex and the paps. Grow up, it's part of being a celeb. You can't have the big bucks without having a (cough) adoring public who wants to see your picture. You can't have it both ways, Hal.

796 days ago


If the Paparazzi laws is the real reason why she wants to move to France, why isn't she moving to Montreal or somewhere in Quebec where we also have similar strict laws against paparazzis? Its right next to the US and her daughter has family here.

796 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Who would want to chase her?

796 days ago
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