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Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry Could Die

Like Princess Diana

8/21/2012 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
faces the same tragic fate as Princess Diana if she moves to France -- so said Gabriel Aubry's attorney in L.A. court ... TMZ has learned.

As we reported, Halle and Gabriel are embroiled in a court battle over whether Halle should be allowed to move to France with the ex-couple's daughter Nahla. Halle believes the kid will be better protected from aggressive paparazzi in France ... thanks to the country's strict anti-pap laws.

But Gabriel's attorney argued Halle and Nahla would be walking right into the lion's den -- because France is the same country where Princess Diana was killed in a wild paparazzi car chase back in 1997.

Halle's lawyer called several French lawyers -- who testified that French judges will nail any photog who goes after a celeb.

Under French laws, paparazzi can't photograph celebrities who don't want their pictures taken -- even if they're out in public.

Photogs who violate the law can be sued for big bucks, and if they harass the celeb they can be criminally prosecuted.

The trial should last for several weeks.


No Avatar


HOw pathetic, Gabriel...really, we all know this is for show...trying to bring up Diana and her DRUNK DRIVER that caused the crash...truly sad

791 days ago


She's paying him $20,000 per month in child support for a child that he's not taking care of. He needs to get a job. He looks like an addict.

791 days ago


Gabriel, that is more likely to happen here in America than it is to happen in France.
In America it is legal for paparazzi to stalk and harass celebrities (legally, they don't. But they walk the thin line in that pit of danger...). In France, not so much.

791 days ago


Talk about exaggeration with the headline. Enough is enough with the ridiculous headlines.

791 days ago


This does make me wonder... Why does Gabriel Aubry need $20k/month in child support? People in my area have to survive on $16k/year with multiple children.
This isn't about Nala. This is about Gabriel wanting a paycheck to sit on his ass everyday doing nothing and Hallie Berry not wanting to pay him to be lazy.

791 days ago


Why waste the time and energy on a trail. We all know that the Californian Celebrity Court is going to rule in Halle's favor. The whole court piece is just a ruse for the attorneys to cash in.

791 days ago


Did Gabriel's lawyer check if the pap laws in France changed since 2007? It's been over a decade since Princess Di passed away. I'd assume they're more strict after that horrible crash. Hope he looked into that before using it as a reason in court. Just saying.

790 days ago


They have both been butt cracks about this whole thing, but I draw the line when one parent wants to create a divide between a child and another parent. That's just wrong in ANY country. Halle is reaching and missing with this one. And her with her history with multiple marriages she should count herself lucky the judge doesn't order Nahla to stay crazy Gabe.

790 days ago


That's some crap lawyer... Aubrey, you can do a lot better than this guy.

790 days ago


I'm French and celebrities are in the magazines wether they agree or not!the only difference is that the faces of celebrities 'children cannot be shown if they are under 18.

790 days ago


Really ? I seriously don't think little miss Haley Berry is in the same league as Princess Diana, dont even think of comparing them. That being said I think Haley is a nut job who is extremely manipulative. To bad her two ex husbands aren't coming forward to aide Gabriel somehow. Guess they feel that they already did their time in the Haley Berry insane asylum and don't want to visit it again.

790 days ago


Gabriel's lawyer need to do more research...they are making the case for Halle. Princess Diana's death is why the laws changed in France, to protect celebs from aggressive paps.

790 days ago


The wealthy are moving out of France because of the 75% income tax on the rich, but this bitch will do whatever it takes to keep her daughter away from her father.

790 days ago


Halle is one malicious bitch!! There was a time when she only had good things to say about her baby's daddy!! She does not want her daughter to have a relationship with her dad and this is stupid!! Karma will get Halle for this and hopefully sooner than later!!

790 days ago


His statement has no merit. Many of the laws that protect celebrities in France were drafted after (and because of) Diana's death.

790 days ago
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