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Kanye West

In 'Idol' Talks

8/21/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
is negotiating with producers to become an "American Idol" judge ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ, "Idol" honchos reached out to Kanye recently about filling one of the open judging spots ... and Kanye expressed interest.

But that doesn't mean he's on board -- we're told Yeezy is still unsure about accepting the gig.  The way it was put to us ... "He's on the fence," because he's not sure if "A.I." is in his wheelhouse.

And there's another big hang up -- cash.  Informed sources tell TMZ ... "Idol" would "at least match Mariah's salary" -- a cool $18 mil a year.

It looks like Nicki Minaj is either close to signing a deal or has signed one to become a judge, but we're told producers may well add a 4th judge.  As we reported, the frontrunners are Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Enrique Iglesias, but Kanye would clearly trump them all.

Calls to Kanye's camp were not returned.


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Minaj would be an absolute disgrace to all the contestants who would have to listen to her advise! Just remember her "performance" on AI and how pathetic it was and they would have to listen to HER give them advise!!!!!!!!!!!? Her performance was about as good as if she dropped her pants and took a dump on stage!

771 days ago


I couldn't care less who they got to be an idol judge.. AI has been on the air for too long now and its time to end the show. I mean, how many singing shows do we need??? i will not be watching no matter who is on the judging pannel.

771 days ago


Kanye man, do you like fish sticks?

771 days ago


what an awful choice!! this dude cant even sing!! i think if theyre gonna hire an artist, it should be one who actually sings, not raps... any1 who doesnt sing the kinda **** ppl like him push, might as well accept the fact that they wont stand a chance. theres no way he'll vote for sum1 who sings rock or country. if hes gonna be on this show, ill bet money he ends up lookin out for his own. and thats not me bein racist one bit. thats me sayin he better not be if hes gonna be on AI!!!

771 days ago


I don't get it. Did they consider this guy just because he's screwing Kim? Who hasn't.

771 days ago


OH HELL NO!!! who wants to see that douche.. he may get pissed off at how someone sings and in the middle of their singing go up and take the mike and RANT about stupid sh** .....If he and Niki are on it would tank the first night! Dumb and Dumber personified!

771 days ago


If Kanye West becomes a judge on AI, then I will never watch it again. I feel the same way about Nicki.

771 days ago


Memo to American Idol honchos. Pay *&$*((& attention to TMZ comments. Nicki or Kanye will be DEATH KNELLS for A.I.

771 days ago

bill b    


Do you like white people? "fish sticks"?

771 days ago


If they Nicki and Kanye make the show, I will never watch it again!

771 days ago

Wow ...    

Seriously American Idol? You had better just shut production down now, the show will not survive. Nicki and Kanye - will never watch with either one, let alone both. EVER. Nor will my house, I can assure you - American Idol is nearly deleted from the DVR, let alone to tune in for the live show. Make your decision wisely. We want role models, not the likes of Nicki and Kanye.

771 days ago


American Idol is dead. They're basically dropping their pants by going after wussy boy kanye west (who is not a singer & not qualified to judge anyone) and nicki minaj (who's an autotune "singer" and a complete poser). Just pathetic...

771 days ago


There is NO way they're interested in this rude nasty ugly ghetto POS!
I could go on & on, but I don't like thinking about him, he makes my stomach queezy..........

WTF is a YEEZY anyway? Where did that stupid name come from????

771 days ago


I'd think they'd be terrified to put Kanye on a live show, the man can't keep his foot out of his mouth. Nicki ...come on she can't even sing. If not for the weird factor nobody would even know who she is. Keith, Brad and Enrique can at least carry a tune. I might add that they are all really cute so they might bring in the female audience. Nicki and Kanye the two worst possible choices. eww

771 days ago


Harvey, please take your OCD meds...I'm begging you! You get fixated on a topic and we have to hear about it non-stop.

You are obsessed with American Idol and the speculation surrounding possible judges.

771 days ago
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