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Britney Spears

'Medical Issue'

Is Behind Conservatorship

8/23/2012 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0823_britney_spears_article_tmzThere's a reason Britney Spears' conservatorship has lasted 4 1/2 years with no end in sight -- it's because she has a serious medical issue that prevents her from making consistently sound decisions ... TMZ has learned.

Documents were filed Tuesday in the conservatorship case, urgently asking the judge to seal certain records.  In the papers, lawyers for the conservators called the records "highly sensitive," adding "irreparable harm and immediate danger" would befall Britney if the documents weren't sealed.

Multiple sources with firsthand knowledge tell TMZ ... the records are medical documents outlining Britney's condition and treatment. 

We're told the singer has a disorder affecting her personality that can affect her state of mind.  We're told she is doing "extremely well" but needs the safety net of a conservatorship.

Sources tell us there is no plan to end the conservatorship, and the judge is completely down with it.

FYI ... there are 2 components of the conservatorship -- the personal and the business.  The personal conservatorship allows Jamie Spears and Jason Trawick to make life decisions for her.  The business conservatorship involves managing Britney's career and fortune.  As for the business side, we're told it will probably go on indefinitely because it has been incredibly successful.


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What's the big deal to seal the docs, ASAP? "Personality disorder"! The world has already seen B.S. act in a way to be taken to the "hospital;" and, we know she could have a relapse. So, what's to seal that the world doesn't already know about?

758 days ago


How many drugs addicts do you know that break out into British accents? A lot more was going on with Britney than drugs during the whole Sam Lufti era. I don't know what the British accent business was about but since she's been taken care of by doctors, she seems better but will probably always need to be looked after. I don't think this is about money - the roller coaster she was on before almost cost her everything.

758 days ago


SHE DOESN'T HAVE 28 ,. Okay..

758 days ago


I'm not really a fan of Brit but I remember seeing a picture of her while she was pregnant with her second child on the day when she tripped and almost fell while holding her baby. The picture was of her sitting in a cafe or restaurant crying like a baby and appearing to have a complete meltdown. It broke my heart because you could see the pain and all anyone wanted to do was get pictures to sell. I think she suffered from post-natal depression after her first child and then it's manifested itself into something else as mentioned like bi-polar disorder. I hope she has the right guidance and help from the right people and not just money grabbers.

758 days ago


I'm thinking it might be schizophrenia.

A) I know two people who are bipolar and they are both on medication and managing their lives without needing conservatorships. If she still needs one after all of this time, then she either has REALLY severe bipolar disorder or there's something else going on.

B) Her team seems extremely freaked out by the possibility of the full nature of her condition going public. I cannot see her team being so freaked out about a bipolar diagnosis being leaked to the public. Plenty of celebrities who are bipolar have gone public (Catherine Zeta-Jones most recently). They think Britney's diagnosis is going to ruin her career. Remembering the craziness around when she had her meltdown and got placed in a 5150 hold, that only happens when they think that someone is going to harm others or themselves. I guess that happens when people are bipolar too. But, I still think it's schizophrenia. So sad.

758 days ago


"Medical Issue" = MK ULTRA programming

758 days ago


I thought it was rumored awhile back that the reason she had her massive breakdown in the first place was b/c of finding out she had HIV?

758 days ago


Yes. It's called being a Monarch.

758 days ago


This news is as earthshaking as "the sky is blue". Obviously she has a disorder affecting her ability to make decisions- we saw that in action before her meltdown and that's why the conservatorship was instated in the first place. Although medication has done wonders for her, she would have fought to end the conservatiship if she really felt she was at no risk of relapse. That's the bummer of the so-called "mental" illnesses - although they're just physical disorders centered in the brain, they affect behavior and judgment. Medication can sometimes bring things back into better balance, and fortunately that seems to be true in her case.

758 days ago


Her state of mind might have something to do with allowing her to be dressed up like a school girl lolita. It was a pedo magnet. Shame on the parents.

758 days ago


I agree with you Kimmy. I think she suffers from schizophrenia. She definitely wouldn't be the first person in the music business to suffuer from schizophrenia:

Brian Wilson -- singer with the Beach Boys
Donny Hathaway --70's soul singer & songwriter
Olympia Sylvers -- 70's singer with pop group "The Sylvers"

758 days ago


Medical condition=bat**** crazy

758 days ago


So she can't make consistently sound decisions...Simon must be really glad that she's a mentor and judge on XFactor.

758 days ago


I want my own bipolar slave, where do I apply?

758 days ago


Bi-polarism would explain the insanity with the quickie marriage etc. When they are "Up" they run around and spend money and do crazy things. When they are "Down" they are depressed and despondent. With her money, I would definitely have a conservatorship in place with a diagnosis like that. Good for her.

758 days ago
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