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Britney Spears

'Medical Issue'

Is Behind Conservatorship

8/23/2012 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0823_britney_spears_article_tmzThere's a reason Britney Spears' conservatorship has lasted 4 1/2 years with no end in sight -- it's because she has a serious medical issue that prevents her from making consistently sound decisions ... TMZ has learned.

Documents were filed Tuesday in the conservatorship case, urgently asking the judge to seal certain records.  In the papers, lawyers for the conservators called the records "highly sensitive," adding "irreparable harm and immediate danger" would befall Britney if the documents weren't sealed.

Multiple sources with firsthand knowledge tell TMZ ... the records are medical documents outlining Britney's condition and treatment. 

We're told the singer has a disorder affecting her personality that can affect her state of mind.  We're told she is doing "extremely well" but needs the safety net of a conservatorship.

Sources tell us there is no plan to end the conservatorship, and the judge is completely down with it.

FYI ... there are 2 components of the conservatorship -- the personal and the business.  The personal conservatorship allows Jamie Spears and Jason Trawick to make life decisions for her.  The business conservatorship involves managing Britney's career and fortune.  As for the business side, we're told it will probably go on indefinitely because it has been incredibly successful.


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probably bipolar, based on how she was acting a few years ago

791 days ago

Flying Blind    

is that like when i was hunting change in my sofa to eat. Then took my credit card and bought a new set of Roland Drums. i had fun, so i'm sure she is.

791 days ago


Britneys Conservstorship has become nothing but a big joke now.If she has such bad mental problems how is it that she was able to release an album,go on a Concert Tout and be a Judge on XFactorAnyone who beleives this crap must have serious Mental problems of their own.There is only one reason no one involved wants it to end.all the easy money they would loose,this includes her DadWould not be Surprised if the Judge was in on the whole matter.Britneys Attorney needs to Request a new Judge.Britney is as sane as anybody

791 days ago


This explains a lot about her behavior prior to the public melt down. This also explains why she lost custody of her children to kevin. So for the rest of her life she has to be monitored. Her parents were smart to get a conservator for her money. I think Marilyn Monroe may have had this issue but it went untreated so has Mariah Carey but she is taking medication to control the crazy.

791 days ago


Baby doll. Let them manage it. I just hope you study something to strengthen your mind. Our disease can be managed.

791 days ago


I wonder why Brit's reps are keeping her illness under wraps its as though they are ashamed of her mental illness. I wonder if she has something like schizoaffective disorder which is actually schizophrenia with bipolar.

I understand that it is no ones but Brits business but she could help so many people if she were to come forwards with her battle with mental illness. I hope one day she is well enough and her handlers let her do so.

791 days ago


I always find it interesting that people jump right into mocking this woman. She's done nothing but work her entire life, and what have you done with yours? It might interest you to know that persons with develomental disorders, seizure disorders, and psycho-social disorders, come in all shapes and sizes. Including pretty, talented, and sweet. One thing she has never done is to sit on her butt, talking about others. She was too busy working. That's all she knows... work work work, and that's when she feels at her best. So maybe some support and less criticism for one of the hardest working Americans in the last 2 decades.

791 days ago


its cuz she is losing her hair. it makes her very unsecure...

791 days ago

furious cupcakes    

Well, considering she was bouncing around Hollywood wearing a pink wig and talking in an english accent for a lil bit, I would say she is most likely schizcophrenic. You would not be under legal conservatorship for four 1/2 years for Bi-Polar disorder.

791 days ago


TMZ you are not about anything good, caring or harmless. You push the envelope to far, until you have so many people guessing so many things.....we have no right to know if even this piece of crap you may call journalism could embarrass her or inflict damage. This is why Mental Health stays hidden, because no funding and the irresponsible people who do not really care to understand what it is about. So all you mean people believe what you will, I will hope she is left alone, out of your guessing games or your drama.But I will hope someone with money will do what Elton John has done for Aids, or Susan K and Breast Cancer , MS and Jerry Lewis... yep, I pray everyday , many times that someone will care as much as they do about these other diseases.

791 days ago


But she's allowed to make decisions affecting people's future careers?

791 days ago


"medical issue that prevents her from making consistently sound decisions..." just some bullsh1t they paid a doctor to say to cover her ass. Of course the Californian Celebrity Court is going to seal any record, kiss ass, do whatever they're told.

791 days ago

Sam Karr    

"a disorder affecting her personality that can affect her state of mind" ... Yeah, she's a woman.

791 days ago

Old William    

"and the judge is completely down with it."

What on Earth does that mean, in English????


791 days ago


Uhh..... DUH!

791 days ago
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