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Prince Harry

Royal Fam PISSED

at Prince's Handlers

8/23/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Picture of Prince Harry partying naked in Las Vegas.The Royal Family is FURIOUS over the Prince Harry naked photo fiasco ... and the anger isn't  directed solely at Harry -- we're told the family is also pointing the finger at the Prince's minders and personal security team. 

Here's what we know.  The night of the naked Vegas hotel party, Harry was hanging with two male friends ... after some boozing, the group decided to bring a bunch of chicks they had just met back to Harry's VIP suite at Encore.

That's when Harry's people dropped the ball.

When the girls entered the room,  we're told the ladies were NOT asked to surrender their phones ...  an epic failure considering Harry's well-documented wild side.

As the party fired up, several girls began to snap pics on their cell-phones ... and one of Harry's minders lackadaisically told the women, "awww, come on .. no photos."

Sources who were there tell TMZ ...  the minders were asleep at the wheel, enjoying the party more than protecting the Prince from himself.

After more boozing, the clothes came off ... and more photos were taken, in plain view of the handlers, yet Harry's people did nothing. 

TMZ spoke with several people in the Las Vegas VIP scene who tell us they see situations like this every day and it could have been easily contained, but as one source put it, "Harry's team acted like a bunch of amateurs."


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TMZ is a douche for posting these pics. Every grown up knows that what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas. The person who took these pics is nobodies friend. I want to know their name and see their face so we all know what s*** looks like.

769 days ago


Oh Pahleese! He's a young, single guy who'll never be the King of England. Let him have fun. The real concern is if these people would be capable of actually protecting him if the situation turns deadly.

769 days ago


He is an young adult, who cares except the media, let him live a life of freedom, its better to be real than fake and phony like a lot of people so give it a rest, he was born having to live his life under a microscrope he didn't choose it, so leave him alone and let him have fun now and then, no crime was committed except in the medias eyes

769 days ago


This is not in any newspapers in my country (in Europe) - or on any news sites - simply because noone here cares! And those that do just laugh and say "Good for him!" Why is this such a big thing in US?! Let the guy enjoy himself - after all, it was behind locked doors.

769 days ago


They should be pissed at the "friend" that was in the room taking the pics and then sending them to the internet. Give the kid a break... he was just having fun which we're all entitled to. Again, I would be super pissed at my so called friend for leaking the pictures.

769 days ago


He had better watch it, the Royal Family might start treating him as a red-headed step-brother.......oh wait.........

769 days ago


They sound more like babysitters to me. I think a grown ass man should be able to take accountability for his actions instead of putting the blame on his mansitters.

769 days ago

Mary Reed    

Why did TMZ put Harrys Pics online

769 days ago


He looks better with his clothes on.
By the way the security of the British royals cost the taxpayer close to a 100 million pounds p.a.

769 days ago


At least we know he isn't good at billiards.

769 days ago


Royals can behave like anyone else. I don't see the big deal. They are rulers, not monks. Reminds me of a line from that Mel Brooks movie, History of the World part 1, "It's good to be the King".

769 days ago


If he were a musician or an actor, it wouldn't be a big deal. It's being overplayed because he's royalty, but, since he's the younger, single, never gonna be King royalty, let him have some fun. The question is, can these "handlers" protect him in a real crisis?

769 days ago


I read that tmz paid 10,000 pounds sterling for these photos. That is way too little.

769 days ago

Nick Savage    

This has already been recreated in LEGO. Well done TMZ :D

769 days ago

Nick Savage    

This has already been recreated in LEGO. Well done TMZ :D

769 days ago
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