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Britney Spears

How Cool is a

Lifetime Conservatorship?

8/24/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

082412_spearsOur photog had a chance to fire off one question to Britney Spears as she strolled through The Grove Friday -- so of course we wanted to know if she was "cool" with having a conservator for the rest of her life.

Britney and her fiance-conservator Jason Trawick were leaving Planet Dailies restaurant at the time and Brit's reaction is priceless ... as is the way our photog tried to butter her up before asking the question.

TMZ broke the story Thursday ... the reason the conservatorship has lasted 4 1/2 years -- with no end in sight -- is because she has a medical condition that affects her decision-making process.


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What a stupid question! Leave it to TMZ

792 days ago


crazy people like to smile for no reason..
and with that much money she would spend it insanely on barbie dolls she would talk to and tear the heads off..
or buying bridges or swamp land

792 days ago


Some should ask the TMZ camera guy if he's cool with making $20 a day for the rest of his life, This has been the highlight of his life, its all down hill from here. Loser.

792 days ago


Britney is making millions of dollars of year while dealing with a mental health issue, while the TMZ guy makes $20 a day living in his moms basement.

792 days ago


It is none of our business why she has a conservator ship. She is ill; that's all we need to know. Do you want everyone to know all your health problems?

792 days ago


Is there a particular pile of slime TMZ goes looking for when they want to hire staff?

792 days ago


There is a hypocrisy in there somewhere. Poor girl is not well enough to manage her affairs but she is well enough to sing and dance and provide for a whole stable of fools. She is either mentally unwell which means that leading a stressful life in front of cameras and judgmental people is detrimental to her stability and that she also needs constant micro management to make it through the day. You can see the vacant stares and the imbalance in every look. It's sad that her family needs to milk her like a cow and it's sad that she has been hired to judge a show because the breakdown is just a cliff hanger away.

792 days ago


so fcuking rude!

tmz you remain to be TRASHY and CLASSLESS!

792 days ago


So she has a "medical condition" that prevents her from decisions yet she was hired to do a show where she has to decide whether people can sing or not? They must think people are real morons to buy that load of crap.

792 days ago


I' am telling you guys, she's losing her hair, not in image that sells in Hollywood, unfortunaly. This is way she is goin crazy, she is very insecure. She really needs to get sum good wigs like Kim Z.

792 days ago


I think it's ****ing stupid and I think if she can't make her own decisions then she should NOT being a judge or be a singer or performer anymore. Something doesn't sound right about all of this.

792 days ago


So, TMZ, shall I ask Harvey and his staff. Should your beloved Kim Pissontrashian be diagnosed with the same "MEDICAL CONDITION" will you be slobbering all over yourself to make her to be the poor, poor girl suffering from a disorder? Will you play the violin while feeding us how devastating this is to her, and her family? Will you get daily updates from the MOMAGER crying hysterically at every turn because he daughter is NOT perfect?
F U, HARVEY, you are the lowest of low s.c.u.m.bags. It's your responsiblity to make sure reporting is as true as possible and to instill some fcuking MORALITY into your staff and not TREAD out of certain boundaries. The way these posts of Brit are put up it makes you sound BOASTFUL, look what we're PRIVY TOO!, Brit has THIS.
Leave the gal alone, she's doing the best she can, and guess what, she's still working for a living. To those bitching that she's judging on Xfactor, you seem to forget something....even if what she says isn't right or sounds weird, there are three other judges and the PUBLIC is the deciding factor, not the judges. Where was everyone when Paula Abdul was sounding either DRUNK, or Drugged up on her show?
Fact is, she's trying to lead a regular life. Enjoy her career, her fiancee, her children. All you are doing is making her out to be some "MENTAL CASE". How about you guys get a backbone you spineless, uncaring, coldhearted, LEECHES and stick to reporting gossip, not invading everyone's privacy for you to gloat over.

792 days ago


Some of you need to educate yourselves. Her 'medical' problem is MENTAL ILLNESS. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Yes, you can have mental problems and have a somewhat normal life, IF you stay on your medication and IF you don't have a lot of stress and IF you don't have a hell of a lot of responsibility. It all depends on what kind of mental illness you have. Spears doesn't have custody of her kids, there's a valid reason for that. If you want to see the old Spears running wild being taken advantage of by her old manager Lufti and the other sleazy guy she use to date, if you want to see her out of control and cutting her hair off again, and end up broke, leave her to 'manager' her own life. At least her father is looking out for her own good. Yes, he gets paid, that's a FULL time job. He worked before becoming ONE of her conservators and didn't live off Spears. I"m sure he'd love to have his daughter able to manage her own affairs. The reason she looks to be able to do things on her own is because she has a slew of people behind the scenes taking care of everything. You get to see the ready, set, go made up Spears.

792 days ago


You nasty Irish Koont! Did TMZ hire you just cuz of the accent?

792 days ago

She's baaaack    

For her? Cooler than cool. If not for the conservatorship she would think she'd fine, quit taking her meds and on with the pink wig, toddler hostaging, umbrella car beating, etc. and I'm sure a suicide eventually. She's a sick pup and it won't go away, it's forever. Convservatorship is the only thing that will keep her alive.

792 days ago
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