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Laird Hamilton

It's Okay

If Lance Armstrong Cheated

8/25/2012 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_laird_hamilton_video_tmzSurfing legend Laird Hamilton thinks it's BS that Lance Armstrong got stripped of his Tour de France titles, but not because he thinks doping is wrong ... but because everyone was doing it.

Hamilton took the unusual position when our our photog bumped into him yesterday in Malibu ... saying he believes that if everyone is cheating in a sport, then it's "still an even playing field, it's still the best guy wins."

Hamilton also said he thinks the public coming down on athletes who are found to be cheating isn't right, saying, "I think it's a little bit of hypocrisy that we think these athletes are sterile people that are eating dry toast and then they're performing at these high levels. Rocket ships need rocket fuel to go to space. Athletes need the fuel they need to do what they need to do and let's be realistic about that."

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency hit Armstrong with a lifetime ban yesterday and stripped him of his seven Tour de France titles after concluding he used performance-enhancing drugs. Armstrong maintains his innocence.

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So every talented athlete are taking performance enhancement drugs? I had no idea

787 days ago


how about the USDA go through EVERY urine sample for those Tours and find out how many did NOT dope? Don't screw the guy just because he won. I am sure those in last place were doping also. They will have to tell the public that those 7 Tours did not exist because all of the riders were doping. Lets see how good that goes in france. Lance would have his yellow jerseys back the next day.

787 days ago


This blonde is soo dumb...but I still think Lance is innocent...test are prove!! People xan lie about anything ...

787 days ago


This blonde is soooo dumb.....

787 days ago


.when lance won his 7 titles as far as i have read or seen about it ...on the podium in 2nd and 3rd place ALL of them have 'doped' and i'm sure the also-rans were doing it too.......sooooo he WAS the best of the best.....you are NEVER gonna stop it...as soon as you ban one kind of 'supplement' another one pops up ...soooo let 'em do it

787 days ago


Maybe Lance quit fighting because of the emotional, financial, physical drain they were putting on him. Maybe he said "Screw them, if they want their darn titles back, let them have them, I've been retired from racing for a long time, I have passed over 500 tests, and they are still coming after me. I know I worked hard to get them, I actually won them, and I made a good living off of them. I'm not going to waste any more millions on lawyers just to defend myself from lawyers that my tax payer dollars are paying for. Screw them, let them have them. And screw the government for who I rode. If evidence of my doping was so evident, why did they continue to let me race??? Screw the hypocrites. This country is going down hill real fast. Screw them."

787 days ago


It is a sad state of affairs, but there are more athletes that cheat than don't. Armstrong was singled out when every professional cyclist ought to be tested.

787 days ago


"Alright Hamilton!"

787 days ago


Then if there are no repercussions for doping athletes I guess everyone should dope on up, and all competitive sports turn into some performance enhanced circle jerk of fakery.

787 days ago


He makes some good points about the fickle public's expectations of athletes.
The way the public goes ape sh-t when they think a male athlete is using something to enhance, is laughable.
Catherine Becker can be despicably inhumane and carve up her husband's body and leave him disabled and in need of lifelong medical attention, and the public makes jokes and laughs at him...while he's still in the hospital.
But a man is suspected of using performance enhancing substances in a sport...and the public wants to strip everything away from him and leave him broke and homeless in a gutter.

787 days ago


I don't blame him a bit for dropping out of this endless harrassment for these no proof allegations. Why continue this? TMZ you have it wrong! Ending this does not admit guilt.

787 days ago


Yep, they were (are) all doing it. USADA needs to spend money and time on upgrading their drug test instead of chasing after athletes from the past.

787 days ago


I never did see actual proof that he did take the drugs - he always passed the tests. Perhaps they are only listening to poor losers who claim they saw him take drugs. That is considered hearsay and should not be evidence in a court of law. Right Harvey? ALso, it is the law of the land that you are innocent until proven guilty. He has never been proven guilty.

787 days ago


How much more HARASSMENT is this man supposed to participate with. Him dropping our of legal defense on no-proof allegations is completely reasonable. It does NOT mean he is guilty of anything.Its been going on for years and time for it to stop.

787 days ago


Laird--you are living proof of what drugs can do to a mind.

787 days ago
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