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Penn State

'Sweet Caroline' BANNED

from Football Sing-a-longs

8/27/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Neil Diamond's classic "Sweet Caroline" will no longer be played at Penn State football games because the lyrics have been deemed inappropriate ... in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

The song ...with the lyrics, "touching me, touching you" ... has been a traditional fan sing-a-long at Penn State football home games, but school officials have decided to cut it from the playlist -- for obvious reasons.

But here's the thing, tons of pro and college teams -- most famously the Boston Red Sox -- use the song ... which Diamond has said was inspired by a photo of a then 11-year old Caroline Kennedy with her pony.

So we gotta ask -- if the song's inappropriate at PSU's Beaver Stadium, is it inappropriate for all sporting events?

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No Avatar


who would want any of their songs played or sung at PSU...its disgusting, and the people that are going to the football games are disgusting rape loving idiots...and anyone wearing ps shirts and jackets are sandusky loving freaks.....PSU is just gross....

786 days ago


I'm sure it will always be jerry sandusky's favorite sing-a-long!

786 days ago


OMG, ban it everywhere. I HATE THAT FREAKING SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Therefore, it shall never be banned, sigh...

786 days ago


"Touching me, Touching you".. I always thought those lyrics we a little off. this puts it on a whole new level. Poor Neil.

786 days ago


and to state that "the lyrics" are inapproriate,,,hahahha....i think a man raping little boys in the showers and then other grown men including the SOB paterno turning their backs and allowing rape to go on for years....is inapproriate....thousands or disgusting people cheering when in fact just feet away little boys were raped...thats inapproriate....

786 days ago


That's silly. Sweet Caroline is just a nice song to sing along with that practically everyone knows. They should have been more vigilant about important wrongs, not trivia.

786 days ago


As a former Penn State alumini, I am beyond fed up and disgusted with Penn State Their over the top measures of continuing to hurt and punish those who had absolutely NOTHING to do with this scandal is just becoming absurd. Enough already. And then they have the nerve to turn around and call me for money! For what? To help pay for exorbitant fines imposed on yet more innocent people? Yet, Sandusky sits in jail collecting a lavish pension. There's been more mudslinging and finger pointing at everyone else except for Sandusky!!! Penn State is digging their own hole and this point. The entire situation was handled poorly with misconduct across the board (pun intended) due to uber-egos and misuse of power.

786 days ago


How about "Sqeeze Box" By the Who

786 days ago


First of all, i never liked Neil Diamond, secondly, the song SUCKS, and thirdly, i heard the Boston Red Sox play this song at the stretch of the 7th inning of every game. I personally think the lyrics are totally ridiculous..."Touching me, Touching you". in today's standards this song just doesnt go anywhere. And he had the nerve to write this song about Caroline Kennedy. UGH.....HATE IT> PERIOD>>>>>I SAY BAN THE STUPID SONG>>>>

786 days ago


Just another sign of the silly politically correct era we live in these days

786 days ago


Oh come on, it's "reaching out", not "reach around".

786 days ago

black or white    

why the hell was neil diamond checking out a pre-teen Caroline Kennedy on a pony?

you know, you invite people over to just talk, you show them pics of your family and they start scoping out your kids. FREAKS MAN!!! they come in all shapes, colors and ages.

786 days ago


I hope they're still singing Pink Floyd to him in jail.

786 days ago


now here comes pc america attacking penn state..people are way to over sensitive these days.the song has nothing to do with being a pedo..i guess fans of penn state shouldnt have sex.because that could bring flash backs of what jerry did to the kids

786 days ago


Ridiculous. It's just a fun song to sing, nothing more. I agree with the guy who said they are getting carried away, punishing innocents who had Nothing to do with Anythikng. Just insane!

786 days ago
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