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Terrell Owens' Baby Mama


... So I Can Get Paid!

8/28/2012 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827_to_tmzOne of Terrell Owens' baby mamas has her fingers crossed that the recently-fired wide receiver lands a new NFL team STAT ... all so she can keep getting paid.

TMZ broke the story ... T.O's fourth baby mama -- a woman named Melanie Paige Smith -- filed papers earlier this month to BLOCK T.O.'s request to lower his massive child support payments.

In the docs, Smith's reasoning was largely based on the fact that T.O. had recently inked a deal with the Seattle Seahawks, for close to a $1,000,000 ... and could afford to continue shelling out for his kid.

But as of Sunday that's no longer the case -- Terrell revealed via Twitter that he was axed by the NFL team and is currently a free agent.  Translation -- no more paycheck.

Now Smith's attorney -- Randall Kessler -- tells TMZ ... T.O.'s career snag won't affect his client's request to keep the dough coming -- at least for now. Instead she has her "fingers crossed that another team picks him up."
Don't hold your breath.

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he will end up in the CFL

784 days ago


All that woman is worried about is money. She needs to get a F'in job. Common sense would dictate that you should be financially stable before bringing another human being into this world. Don't depend on others, in her case golddig, thinking that it will last forever. When it doesn't people like her want to cry foul. He's obviously a rolling stone and she probably knew that when she got knocked up. Unfortunately, money makes this world go round. People of all ages need to be fed, have some type of shelter and clothes on their back. She knew this and so did he. Instead she saw T.O. as her meal ticket. She can see T.O. can't get any gigs so she's just going to sit on her a$$ with her fingers crossed? At this point she might as well uncross her fingers and fill out a job application. If she had any get up and go about her, she'd go out and work instead of waiting on him. I'm not saying he's not responsible which he is, but obviously she won't be getting much out of him at this point. All this time she's spending whatever money she has on her attorney, she could be using taking care of her baby. People like her, T.O. and anyone who messes around like this deserves what they get.

784 days ago

Purple Label    

RicRoc5- Rudeblackdude isn't Black this is a common internet trick that some racist use to cause chaos. The welfare remark should've been your first tip off. I did like your comment about Panda Express even though that lame azz mark ain't gotta job

784 days ago


just as Tiffany implied I'm stunned that some one able to get paid $5098 in one month on the computer. have you seen this web link NuttyRich.c 0 m

783 days ago


I really don't fell sorry for this **** or any other athletes or celebrity there's a little thing called CONDOMS they work all these gold digging hookah's need to go work

783 days ago


This babymom needs a reality check, and be like the normal women of this world. My child support equals out to 210 a month, and the support office says my child's expenses are split 40 ( him) 60 (me). Don't get me wrong if he can afford more then he should pay it, but there is no reason a child needs over 1,000 a month! Unless some of that is supporting her! What happened to all the independent ladies?

783 days ago


or maybe juuuuust maybe she could uncross her fingers long enough to land a secretary JOB.

783 days ago


Who's worse this woman or her attorney?

783 days ago


Too bad he screwed it up when he was with the Cowboys. Had he stayed he would be in so much better shape and would have been able to afford
4 different baby mama's...not thinking with his brain...

783 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I guess from all those years of you being such a good team player caught up to you. You had and still have talent but because of your attitude it don't matter. You see kids, being an A hole your entire career will catch up to you sooner or later. T.O, you could have been one of the greats. You're your own worst enemy. What a pitty
Phishie from Philly

783 days ago


He can't afford to pay that kind of money. No wonder he's broke. The amount these women get is bs. For one they should get their own jobs and pay for their own places to live.

783 days ago


I get that she had this child just for the expected support, but if she couldn't afford to take care of a child alone, she shouldn't have had one. T.O could drop dead tomorrow, and with his financial situation, there will be next to no money for these women. What will they do then?

783 days ago


Does this baby mama not realize that CHILD support is based on the NEEDS of the CHILD and not how much the father is worth. If she wants to live the rich lifestyle she should have made sure she married a rich guy instead of just allowing herself to get knocked-up by a pro football player who was making good money at the time.

783 days ago


@KIMONA, I'm willing to bet money this woman doesn't even have a first job. She's expecting child support to support her, as well.

783 days ago



783 days ago
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