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Lindsay Lohan

Will NOT Be Prosecuted

For Jewelry Heist

8/28/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:21 PM PT --
A rep for the D.A.'s office tells TMZ ... "The District Attorney's Office received no evidence that any jewelry, including watches, was taken."

"The evidence presented to us ... was valued at $6,400 and included $3,000 in cash, four pairs of sunglasses, an iPod and keys to two cars and a house."

It's now clear ... the initial theft complaint, which included $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses, never made its way to the D.A.'s office.


Lindsay Lohan
will not be prosecuted by the L.A. County District Attorney for stealing more than $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses from a Hollywood Hills home -- TMZ has learned the D.A. just rejected the case.

According to the D.A.'s charge evaluation worksheet, there is insufficient evidence to bring a burglary charge against the actress.

According to the D.A., Lindsay and Sam Magid -- the rich guy who owns the house that was allegedly burglarized -- have had a "longstanding relationship." 

The D.A. claims Sam did not identify Lindsay as a suspect and the "potential eyewitnesses have refused to become involved."

Additionally, none of the suspects were found in possession of the stolen property.

Lindsay's assistant Gavin Doyle will also not face prosecution.


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Of course she wasn't going to be prosecuted. It's California. Doesn't matter how big of a lying coke head thief you are.. if you're even somewhat of a celebrity you're going to get off.
She could probably murder somebody in front of a California police officer and nothing would happen to her.

754 days ago


It is so obvious that she paid off the other witnesses. She is probably having sex with the guy she stole from which is why he recanted. Karma will catch up with her though. I hope she goes to jail for the car accident where she lied to cops since that is a violation of probation. I am so sick of her of getting away with breaking the law a million times. She will probably OD eventually.

754 days ago


I see Lilo going the way of Marilyn, give it time.

754 days ago


There should be a blackout of coverage of her. Serious waste of time.

754 days ago


This was so obvious yesterday but it was hysterical to see the HaTeRs get all excited about a year in Jail.........The Teflon actress

754 days ago


If there was no theft, why did she finger Knight?

754 days ago


Back from the scorching hills of the valley, It was 102 degrees and rising.

754 days ago

Bitch please    

Thats bcus this middle eastern schmuck is a drug dealer himself. Fake business deals. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Yea sure he became rich partying and staying up all nite. LMFAO! He doesnt want to cops all up in his biz. Some people are soooooo stupid.

754 days ago


I told you people before, this was all noise from TMZ, getting y'all riled up for nothing.

Hey TMZ, you should ask for a refund from your sources, they're crap!

Love you Linds.

754 days ago


What bothers me most is that the owner of the mansion changed his story so many times. First he held everyone in the house because things were stolen. Then according to Michael Lohan he recanted. Then he tells a story where Lindsay "hid" his things in the house and was on Ambien so didn't know what she was doing. Now it's what's mine is hers. Guess next time something happens at his house the police won't believe him. I feel sorry for her because no one wants to let her take the consequences of her actions.

754 days ago


Lohan runs the show at the LA City Prosecutors office. She controls the Judges as well. Its frustrating the Police because they fail every time when they try to bust her but they are getting use to the FACT that Lohan pulls the strings. How she does it is anyone guess but the girl has power.

754 days ago


Lindsay instead of getting down on your knees to thank Sam take him to court and sue him for everything for saying whats mine is yours take his house bank accounts stocks everything he owns.

754 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Sam better get out while he can before he becomes a floater.

754 days ago


What the do***ents show is that Lindsay and Gavin were definitely suspects and the cops thought they did it.

754 days ago


at least now we know we she keeps banging up cars, it's cuz she's driving with a horseshoe up her butt!

754 days ago
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