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Clint Eastwood

Reality Show Did NOT

Set Up Obama Schtick

8/31/2012 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Eastwood
was NOT put up to his painful Barack Obama schtick last night by the producers of his family's reality show -- in fact, sources close to the legend tell TMZ, Clint "acts that way all the time at home."

There's been a lot of speculation -- Clint's bit was so awful ... there's no way it wasn't a setup for reality TV ... but we're told it really wasn't. The whole thing was Clint's idea, and even his family had no clue what he planned to do on stage.

According to sources, Clint's family's reality show "Mrs. Eastwood & Company" has not officially been picked up for a 2nd season and they're not currently in production -- so there's no way producers could have had a hand in last night's trainwreck.  

We’re told Clint's family believes his speech was widely misunderstood -- Clint just has a dry sense of humor that people don't understand.



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I thought he was brilliant!

727 days ago


What does one's political affiliation have to do with the fact that a great actor made a fool of himself on natiional TV, and the GOP let him? Every speech is vetted, so please stop saying they didn't have a clue what he was going to say or do. Every single word of every single speech is read and must be approved by both the campaign and the GOP convention personnel. Come on; they didn't know! Yeah, and they didn't know about all of the lies Ryan included in his BS riddled speech Wednsday night right? The GOP is obviously allergic to the truth. They'll all breakout in hives if they get too close to telling the truth! Now fact check that!!

727 days ago


The whole lot of you disrespectful democrats should be ashamed of yourselves for critiquing an 82 year old living legend... I thought he was well spoken and very honest about the sad shape our country is in. Wake up people!!!!! Romney Ryan 2012

727 days ago

Tony C    

What makes it great is that it played to folk older then 55 so that anyone making fun of Clint looks like an insentive tool. Way to go Clint! And Eastwooding is now a thing!

727 days ago


Tsk tsk Harvey...shame on you. Clint can run circles around you Harvey, you know that!! 2012

727 days ago


Actually, Mr. Eastwood was rather brilliant! He made VERY valid points, and used his dry sense of humor to make them.
The point of the empty chair is that the answers would and are the same had Obama actually been sitting there! NOTHING but an evasive BS joke, or blame the last administration “BUSH or the Republicans in office now!
He also noted that the government is employed by us, the American citizens, the government works for us! NOT the way Obama wants it, he wants to outsource every major business in this country and let this country die. He HATES this country and does not believe this is and always will be a ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!
Obama, you said if you couldn’t do it in four years, you would not run a second term….for the love of this country, you know the same one that your wife is so damned ashamed of …. PLEASE DON'T!!!!

727 days ago


y'all are such obama homers it's hilarious. can't even take ya 1/2 seriously.

727 days ago


Clint was great and on the money last night. As I was enjoying his speech, I wondered how the liberal media was going to react to his scathing commentary-it's pretty obvious by all the headlines today that they have lined up against him-hilarious, truth hurts! Watch it for yourselft people and draw your own conclusions.

727 days ago


Clint was hilarious and right on the money. Since it was ad lib, it certainly had a few stalled moments but he nailed Obama pretty good. Thanks Clint!

727 days ago


clint eastwood is 82. he's won 4 oscars and is one of the best directors and actors of our time. the fact that he spoke at the RNC is why everyone is so quick to say he sucked. if he had written the same speech for president obama you all would have loved it. that's a fact. whatever your political preference leave dirty harry alone....he's dope

727 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I honestly had no idea it was on TV already.

727 days ago

Mr Money N Bank    

All I got from that speech was:

Adabbadabba... I twaught... I stwaw... a putty cat...

727 days ago


Are you kidding me? Of course the liberal media has to slam Clint Eastwood's speech. If he gave the same speech but was doing it for Obama he would have been applauded and compiment. Such BS from the media as always. Clint's talk was very humorous and my family and friends thought he did an amazing job. And we are INDEPENDENTS. Congrats, Mr. Eastwood, on a very well-written and well-delivered speech!

727 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

> This is why you didn't see Phyllis Diller on stage for years, it's why Glen Campbell just finished his very last tour, it why Peter OToole and Bob Hoskins will not be on state any more.
> Some people here are saying the negatives are because it was at the Republican Convention. That's just bull, it's just the opposite - it's because we want to remember them as they were, not as they are. Sure Eastwood did that commercial during the Superbowl, but it was in a controlled situation. It wasn't him up on a stage in front of thousands in person and millions on the TV - not to mention in perpetuity on YouTube.
> This wasn't Clint Eastwood, as Dirty Harry or as the Man with No Name, or any other role, it was Clint Eastwood Old man doing a dog and pony show for the Republicans. They should be ashamed of themselves, they embarrassed a legend to get people to watch.

727 days ago


This shouldn't have never happened. He made an ass of himself.

727 days ago
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