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Rhonda Aikman

Played 'Troy Aikman' Card

in Effort to Get Out of Arrest

8/31/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rhonda Aikman tried to GUILT police officers into letting her off the hook during her drunk in public arrest by throwing around the name of her famous ex-husband ... and TMZ has the shameless footage.

It all went down when Rhonda was sitting in the back of the Murphy PD cop car ... after she was busted for allegedly being wasted in a high school parking lot.

As the camera in the squad car rolled, Rhonda begged for her freedom ... at one point telling the officer, "Do you know what this is gonna do to him? Troy?”

The officer replied, "I have no idea. You can have him call me.”

Rhonda continued, “If you do this, it’ll be on the TV and it’ll hurt … it’s gonna hurt Troy, it’s gonna hurt me, is that what your goal is?"

"Is this really what you want to happen? To Troy? And me, and my kids? Is this what you want to happen? Or can you not just take me home?”

The officer shot down Rhonda's attempt ... and merely explained, "I'm just doing my job."

As we first reported, Rhonda was eventually booked for public intoxication and released a short time later.

Calls to Rhonda and Troy have not been returned.

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furious cupcakes    

You better believe I'm dropping names if I have names to drop if I'm about to get arrested. Who the hell wants to go to jail and deal with that whole mess?

786 days ago


Why is it that drunks and druggies always try to blame others for their rotten, self-degrading behavior??
No wonder why Troy divorced her.

786 days ago


I hope she is ready to seek help now. Nothing like recorded proof that you have a serious problem.

786 days ago


It's lucky for her she didn't get pulled over in Philly, and admitted she used to be married to a Cowboy player. They would have thrown the book at her!

786 days ago


This is not a DUI... It's pretty lame really and it costs the tax payers money for what should have been a call to the local yellowcab.

786 days ago


wow. she's supposed to be parenting children and she's hosed at 9am? guess we all know why troy bailed on this piece of works.

786 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

I didn't catch that? Does she know someone named Troy? LOL. Dumb b1tch, think she's immune because she married someone famous.

786 days ago


Stupid woman, should thought about that before drinking in a school parking lot. She is such an embarrassment.

786 days ago


Stupid woman, should thought about that before drinking in a school parking lot. She is such an embarrassment.

786 days ago


Public intoxication laws are bogus. Unless you're causing a problem, or your life/others lives are at risk, I think it's a complete waste of everyone's time.

786 days ago


The name game card would have worked - if it happened in the '70's. No one gets a free ride, unless you are a Lohan of course !

786 days ago


Pretty sure neither of them have to worry about it...local media seem to squelch anything bad about him. Besides the initial article about her public intoxicaton, there have been NO follow up articles/reports. Unlike the whole Sanders thing where it was literally the leading news story on every channel for nights on end and also front page of the local new website. Aikman's whole divorce thing was also never written about til well after the fact. All of a sudden he started appearing in commericals and had a glam article written about him and THEN the divorce info came out (like a week after the long glam/puff piece article). Local media seems to "know" when to report stuff and when "not to". Any follow up news on her arrest has come from TMZ not the local news people. Guess the local media doesn't want to step on any toes or something.

785 days ago


She needs to be thanking God she was caught in a parking lot and just given a Public Intoxication charge. She had to have driven her two grade school aged children to school that morning. If she had been caught before she dropped her girls off, she would have been facing prison time even for a first offense.

I hope this gives Troy the ammo to get full custody of his daughters.

785 days ago

Ginger Lamb    

As Mrs. Troy Aikman, she probably never had anyone talk to her the way that cop talked to her. With her divorce and drunkeness, looks like she has to deal with more of the crap the real world dishes out. She screwed up her chance to remain in a privileged bubble - oh well.

Maybe the bearding became just too much.

785 days ago


Shame on the Murphy PD and the press. She is probably at the lowest point of her life. We will all be there at one point. The police should have let her call someone to take her home safely. As humans we desire to be compassionate to one another.

785 days ago
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