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Paul Ryan's Ex-GF

Served Prison Time

For Wire Fraud

9/1/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0901_paul_ryan_girlfriend_getty_wsjNow we know why Paul Ryan's ex-girlfriend was so tight-lipped yesterday when we asked her about the VP hopeful ... turns out she was indicted by the Feds back in 1999 and spent months in prison for committing wire fraud ... TMZ has learned.

Deneeta D. Pope -- who made headlines recently as Ryan's African-American GF in college -- was indicted by a Grand Jury in November 1999 for allegedly swindling her former employer -- Ernst & Young -- out of $77,000.

Pope pled guilty in 2001 to stealing a lesser amount, but admitted she inflated expense reports, fabricated receipts and turned in phony invoices. She then used a wire transfer to move the money from a bank in Delaware to a different account in Chicago.

Pope created the scam by claiming she attended an educational course for work.  Turns out ... the course didn't even exist.

Pope served 5 months in Federal Prison.

FYI -- Ryan dated Pope approximately 10 years before she was indicted. They met at Miami University of Ohio in the early 90's.


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What's going on with you guys? You're getting more and more like the slime reporters. You're karma is going to be uncomfortable. I may need to stop listening if this keeps up, not that it would matter to you.

747 days ago


Biggest non-story of the day. Thumbs down.

747 days ago


TMZ why are you messing with this woman.. Leave her alone. She is a private citizen. She told you she don't want to talk and now you put all her stuff out in the world, that tabloid(ish) of you. Be better than that!!!

747 days ago


This poor woman was minding her own business and starting a new life until Ryan had to bring her up to seem pro-African American. She asked to be left out of it so let's leave her alone.

747 days ago


I wish he would do something about his GET SOME!!!

747 days ago


Not getting the story here---so what if Ryan's ex college girlfriend is black? So what if she had legal problems after they broke up? What does this have to do with Paul Ryan TODAY? Why don't you report anything about Obama's past? How about his ex girlfriends, college transcripts, friends from college, drug use (he admits to using drugs in HS). Who paid for Obama's college and extensive travel when he had no job in college? What was the country listed on his passport when he traveled? How did he get foreign student aid when in college? Hmm. Just a few ideas for stories for you, TMZ

747 days ago


im pretty sure she lied about her criminal record to get her new job.....hope they see this and fire her black ass back to the street she belong

747 days ago


So what TMZ? This woman wouldn't dish on Ryan, so you run a negitive story about her? This woman paid her debt to society, there is no reason to bring this out in the open like this.

I'm an Obama supporter, but this is tastless to say the least. And to top it off, it doesn't even have a point. This says NOTHING about Ryan. I've known felons too and that doesn't say a darn thing about who I am. You're messing with a private citizens life for no reason. Shame on you.

747 days ago


So in addition to fighting CNN MSNBC CBS ABC NBC, the Romney campaign has to put up with nonsense from probably one of the dirtiest media sites.

747 days ago


So what? Is this supposed to be guilt by association? As an impartial observer, I see this as a low in pseudo journalism. How many people from your past have screwed up? I am not defending the guy, but many in my past have made big mistakes. It has nothing to do with me! Get a life TMZ!

747 days ago

Jay W.     

Thieving B.tch! Reminds me of my ex-wife.

747 days ago


Jesus Christ Harvey TMZ is a friggen JOKE. Knock it off you racist *******. Stop spreading hate you jerks.

747 days ago


Why are you making this woman a celebrity?

747 days ago


So What!?!? He's running for VP not her so back up! I'll never run for anything because I wouldn't make it for whip'n ya'lls azz!

747 days ago


I know you may think this is "hot news" but I hate to burst your bubble - this isn't Watergate and you aren't Woodward or Bernstein.

747 days ago
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