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I Wasn't Saying

Heidi Klum Cheated!

9/2/2012 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Seal said he wished Heidi Klum "at least waited until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help" ... he didn't mean to say he thought she cheated on him while they were together ... this according to Seal's rep.  You confused?  Keep reading, but you may not buy it.

TMZ posted the video yesterday (see above) of Seal talking about Heidi's relationship with her bodyguard. He said Heidi lacked class and pretty plainly claimed Heidi's cheating broke up the marriage.

But Seal's rep now says that's not what he meant, telling TMZ, "Seal would like to clarify that he was not implying his wife was cheating while they were together, but he was merely pointing out that their separation and divorce are not yet final and they are indeed still legally married."

Yes, we're perplexed too. The words "waited until we separated" are pretty straightforward.


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That ugly pos should keep his mouth shut. He should not be allowed to have kids.

719 days ago


There is a thing called "legal separation". You can't just move out of your house with your spouse and say your separated and ready to divorce. You have to file a separation form with the courts. He's being technical because he's mad.

719 days ago


That's right, he didn't really say she was cheating. He insinuated for a second that she may have been doing this before they "seperated", but that he's not surprised she found someone else and he's glad it's a famiiliar face... for the children of course.

I wish you people at TMZ could quit trying to turn up the drama by making something out to be something it's not. I watched this video just to see what all the hype was about, and I was glad I did, because you guys at TMZ were painting Seal out to be some jealous monster. Yes, I can tell that his feelings are hurt and that he's a bit smug, but he's not some wild animal running around screaming about how Heidi was banging the help while they were together. With the way you guys write things I'm beginning to wonder if you aren't hiring the people from Yahoo to write for you.

719 days ago


Cowardly to deny what he so very evidently did say.

719 days ago


All the racists and feminist, and FEMINIST sexists are coming out of the wood work with this story.. All in defense of the white angel Heidi Klum. It's a little scary.

719 days ago


Hahahaha, Seal said what he said and it was recorded so that backpedalling makes him look like a weasel.

719 days ago


Dude needs to shut up and move on with his life,i'm a black man and he's starting to piss me off now.

719 days ago

South Beach    

Public backlash, cue the "Olympic backstroke".

719 days ago


She is a Freak......So what is new, Dude you know your wife was being done by others all along, I guess you have to come out and cleanup for the kids... But No secrets there! A Freak with plenty of money that' s all...

719 days ago


OMG Big surprise, Seal is already backtracking his comments about his soon to be ex-wife. Maybe he realizes if he doesn't shut up, he won't get as much in the divorce settlement!

719 days ago

Lisa G    

Back peddle much? I couldn't believe he said that stuff in the first video. Even if it's true, which is none of my business, he should not have said anything at all about the subject. They have kids who have to deal with this stuff too. I'm glad Heidi is moving on.

719 days ago


I can't understand the sheer stupidity of what TMZ feeds the public. Not that I am a Seal fan or anything but you guys obviously asked him a question that would elicit that sort of response.

What is so perplexing? I watched the interview and knew that Seal was only answering a question that was based on what was asked. Seal implied if the rumors are indeed true, Heidi SHOULD AT LEAST WAIT til the divorce is done. Not once did he say that his wife cheated/has cheated. The worst thing is that you all actually buy TMZ's very biased reports. It's like them reporting someone punched a paparrazi in the face but they don't actually say that their photographers were being insulting, etc. People should smarten up.

719 days ago


Seal possibly meant to say....she could have waited until we were "divorced" not separated. TMZ is a like a praying mantis when it comes to jumping all over an opportunity. They are the s*** of the American gutter. Not a single conscience between them. Eventually, someone will pay a visit to their offices and teach them a lesson in humanity.

719 days ago


Hmmm, "The Help"???

719 days ago


"I wasn't saying Heidi Klum cheated"...Too late!

719 days ago
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