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Nate Dogg

Family Battles

Over Dead Rapper's Estate

9/3/2012 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nate Dogg
's kids are 100% against having their grandmother or their stepmother in charge of their late father's estate ... so says Dogg's daughter.

As TMZ first reported, when the rapper died in 2011, he didn't leave a will to divvy up his assets ... so his wife Latoya Calvin took charge. His kids didn't agree and asked the court to nominate an attorney named Alex Borden instead -- but no cigar.

Latoya filed new legal docs this week, requesting Nate's mother, Ruth Holmes, also be named as co-administrator of his estate ... a move that does not sit well with Nate's children.

Dogg's daughter, Aundrane Hale, tells TMZ her grandmother is only involved in the filing for the money, saying, "Ruth doesn't have my best interest or the interest of my brothers and sisters."

Aundrane says that if Latoya and grannie Ruth are the head honchos, they won't give the kids one single penny. She says Latoya "didn't even show up to Nate's funeral" and says that Ruth "was never a grandmother" and has withheld money in the past.

Latoya's lawyer tells TMZ, "The interests of the beneficiaries in the estate are set by law. Latoya has nominated Nate's mother, Ruth, to serve as co-Administrator because that was Nate's desire. Ruth is not a beneficiary and will receive nothing except 1/2 the Administrator's fee."

The lawyer adds, "Latoya's goal is to maximize the distributable estate for ALL beneficiaries. Hopefully, resources will not be wasted on infighting among the beneficiaries."

 A judge has yet to rule.


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This is exactly why I will leave everything to the cats.

780 days ago



780 days ago


Nate Dogg wasn't a rapper.. he was a singer. Nice work, TMZ.

780 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

maybe Warren G can regulate

780 days ago


Nate Dogg's dead? Wow, there's earth-****tering news I missed.

780 days ago


That was a very stupid move on his part. One would think he would be smart to do so.

780 days ago


Sell off everything and divide it equally X ways. Let an impartial lawyer handle the divvying.

780 days ago


Dividing it equally seems to be fair and the easiest route.

:sniffles: I still miss Nate. He had the coolest SINGING voice. Good ol' TMZ once again sees a black person in music and calls them a rapper.

780 days ago

Madam Obvious    

Auncrane???? Seriously??? That is one weirdass name.

780 days ago


A judge would never sign off on a settlement that doesn't include a significant portion for the kids.

780 days ago


"Oh sweet Jesus my baby is dead...did you get the silverware, not the cheap stuff, but the high quality stuff in the lower drawer? Good...Oh lord have mercy on my the Uhaul around back? Good...whadaya mean full? I told you to get the big one! Oh God whatever am I gonna do without my child! there at least room for the big screen 3d for my bedroom? I don't care if you have to ride on the roof...I'm watching BeT on hi-def tonight!...Oh lordy take care of my sweet baby!"

780 days ago


ha ha funny people

780 days ago


Isn't this the same guy that that those same family members were begging for money for his funeral? If he has money in the "estate" IT SHOULD GO TO WHOEVER CONTRIBUTED TO HIS FUNERAL. Greedy aholes.
Don't you realize by fighting over your dead father's money you look like the biggest ahole on the planet?

780 days ago


Although he did not exactly leave mega millions, he was incredibly selfish, stupid, and ignorant not leaving a proper will knowing darn well his liter of kids & all their mommas will make the lawyers rich with their stupid greedy fighting.

780 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

So f'ing what? Who cares about this POS or his POS family

780 days ago
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