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Barry Bonds

Of Course I Support

Lance Armstrong*

9/4/2012 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for irony ... Barry Bonds -- the poster child for steroid abuse in MLB -- is coming to Lance Armstrong's defense after the cyclist was banned from cycling for doping ... claiming Lance got screwed over ( ... of course).

Bonds -- who was found guilty last year of felony obstruction of justice for lying during a federal investigation into steroid use by MLB players -- was leaving BOA steakhouse last night in Hollywood, when he was asked what he thought of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's ruling on Lance.

Bonds said, "I think if it wasn't for him, U.S. cycling wouldn't even be here. He was the greatest cyclist of all."

The photog asked Bonds if he thought Lance had been the victim of a witch hunt -- Bonds replied, "I don't know what they're doing, all I know is I love him. He's a great athlete."

Moral of the story -- for Bonds, the ends justify the means ... even if the means were dirty.


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No Avatar


LOL @ the *

Well played sirs!

741 days ago


he's a hero only b/c he overcame Cancer. BUT EVERYONE WHO DOES IS A HERO. He/'s a Bad Role model just like Bond. They are cheaters n if they cheat at this they will also cheat in personal area..

741 days ago


If it wasn't for Lance, there would be a lot more FAT people.

740 days ago


Nope. Not ironic at all. I hate it when people who don't know the meaning of ironic asks that question.

740 days ago


he was a hero. but he lived long enough to see himself become a villain.

740 days ago


I find it hilarious and, at the same time, a bit disconcerting, that Barry Bonds was made out to be the villian, while Lance Armstrong is considered a hero. Shows that racial stereotyping is still alive and well in America!

740 days ago



Nice try....but lance is a hero because he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer wich makes him a hero....bonds is a zero because he is all about himself and is a complete jerk to boot. So it is not because he is black and lance is white....

740 days ago

Big D    

I really don't see the big deal about steroids. Yes they do help you build muscle mass, the key word is HELP. But they DON’T make you a better athletic. They DON’T improve your ability to run bases, catch a fly ball, hit the ball, peddle a bicycle, swim, run, or anything else. It’s not a magic ingredients to superstar athletic, some people make it out to be some magic shot you take and wake up the next day big and strong. It doesn't work that way.

740 days ago


OJ innocent
Bonds innocent
Michael Jackson innocent
So says the black folk!

740 days ago


Barry Bonds deserves a hell of a lot more credit than he gets. You want a witch hunt/ Go after the POS that shoved the stuff in him in the first place, his so called best friend and chief hanger on-er Greg Anderson. Greg was always a punk, as far back as grade school and I would know, I went there with both of them. Barry was a really nice kid before Greg started influencing him.

740 days ago


thought that was MC Hammer

740 days ago


Armstrong was available for testing 24/7, in competition or out of it. He was screened more than 500 times in his career without a single positive result.
The samples that they are saying came back positive on a retest are more than a decade old.
The people who are speaking against him are all getting sweetheart deals for their testimony in their own doping cases.
The evidence that the USADA is using against him is the exact same evidence which was considered (and dismissed) by the Feds a while ago.
The US courts agreed that he was unlikely to get a fair hearing before USADA arbitrators, but had no jurisdiction to stop the process.
It doesn't matter who comes out to support him.
Lance Armstrong is the ****ing man.

740 days ago

Stephen Connor    

Obviously a typically biased story. I think reporters should aspire to a bit more objectivity in their reporting. This reporter states that Barry thinks that Lance got "screwed." I read the story carefully and I detected no opinion on that from Mr. Bonds. He said he personally "loved" Lance and deliberately avoided attributing any motivation whatsoever to anyone else: "I don't know what they're doing." (i.e. I'm staying out of it. I'm just a fan.) As far as I'm concerned his comment seems not only perfectly appropriate but probably coached by his publicist.

736 days ago
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