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Camille Grammer

Scores $30 Mil

In Divorce

9/6/2012 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_camille_grammer_composite_2Camille Grammer will get roughly $30 million in her divorce from Kelsey Grammer -- and if we can say ... she deserves it.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Camille and Kelsey are "very close" to inking a property settlement agreement.  We're told the total value of the assets in the marriage is around $60 million.  We say "around" because a big chunk is the 3 homes they own which are now on the market.  They're estimating when everything is sold the pot will be around $60 mil.

Sources tell us Camille will get a straight 50% of the assets.  Here's why she deserves it.  We're told when the couple married, Kelsey was broke.  Pretty shocking, considering he had earned "Cheers" and "Frasier" money.  But bad decisions and a drug problem nearly sent Kelsey to the poor house.

We're told Camille righted the ship and managed the money to where they now have tens of millions to split.

That's a lot of tossed salad and scrambled eggs.


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785 days ago


I can't stand her but it's wrong what he did to her, too. I like him as an actor but he was a louse. Sounds like he did truly ship her off to do her show so he could be free in NYC to shop around for a new bimbo. Then again, he helped set her up with the show that has also made her a lot of money and she wouldn't have had if she hadn't been married to him in the first place. Sounds like a fair settlement. And I had no idea she was that good of a business woman, so also kudos to her for that.

785 days ago


She should get all that was made by her smart money investing and managing and leave him with what there was when she married him. He was washed up and addicted to drugs and drinking and wrecked his car infront of the house intoxicated. Camille earned what shes getting and then some. He sould be thanking her for not going after more. Something tells me the stewardess he married this time around does not have the finacial savy Camille has.

785 days ago


She should buy some turtle neck outfits as her neck looks like an 80- year old woman. She also should stop the botox on her lips as she looks like a fish.

785 days ago


TMZ how much did Kelsey pay for you to use Camille's unflattering picture? You guys and your passive aggressive behaviors are hilarious and transparent. Women haters perhaps?
Kelsey is a cheating lying misogynist who deserves all he doesn't prediction is Kate will be the most formidable of all when they eventually divorce.
Best to you Camille, you certainly showed an immense amount of dignity. Be happy now.

785 days ago


Wow, that neck is disturbing ugly. How old is she again

785 days ago


Look at that hand and neck, isnt she in her 40's?

Why does she look to be in her 60's? I know she suffer from IBS and thus rarely eat because she will just **** her pants, but come on? she look dehydrated to the bone. Its disgusting. However, I will admit, her tits (...even though they are fake) looks decent.

I watched her porn movie, she looked decent in her 20's. Lets be honest, even her porn shots in playboy was fine. So I dont wanna attack her too much, her porn past was great.

785 days ago


Now maybe she will buy some lessons on how to act with class and not like another high maintenance Hollywood Bimbo.

785 days ago


Good for her she deserved it all. He won't have the other 30 million long, bet his new wife is not as savvy with the money.

785 days ago


I have been wondering why lately every time I turn on the television, Kelsey was in an interview doing the "poor Kelsey" routine about his marriage to her. He thought he would get sympathy, and I guess more money. He really played the martyr. I'm happy for Camille. But that picture....

785 days ago

Spicy mag    

According to the photo, she's gets paid in $100s , a few $5s and some $1 bills.

785 days ago


Good for her! She was married to the looser for a number of years...She help build that life and deserves the 50%!! Maybe more!! Mu suggestion for his new wife is to watch out! Once a cheat always a cheat! He did it once, twice?? each time it gets easier! Ask my ex!

785 days ago


She's not a gold digger... She managed and picked up the pieces when he was not able. GIRL POWER

785 days ago


Man, that's one UGLY chick....

785 days ago


I think he should've gotten the amount he had when they married and she should've gotten the rest for doing all the work in her marriage and putting up with that adulterous s***bag.

785 days ago
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