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JetBlue to Passengers

Here's $50 for Babysitting

Puddle of Mudd

9/6/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Passengers on board the JetBlue flight that made an emergency landing in Texas this week -- because the singer for Puddle of Mudd allegedly threw a boozy mid-flight temper tantrum -- are receiving a paltry $50 apology from the airline, TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, a JetBlue flight bound for L.A. made an emergency landing in Austin, TX Tuesday after Wes Scantlin allegedly got in a heated drunken argument with a flight attendant.

The plane was grounded in Austin for more than an hour as a result -- but a rep for JetBlue tells us, the passengers were compensated for their time ... with a $50 JetBlue credit.

According to the rep, if any customer experiences an onboard ground delay between 1 and 2 hours ... he or she is entitled to a $50 JetBlue voucher.

And as everyone knows, $50 is good for a trip to nowhere.

So we gotta ask ...



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Phishie from Philly    

They should make Puddle boy pay for it.
Phishie from Philly

741 days ago


Why don´t you grow up, you spoiled rock star ****! Get a life and get yourself cleaned up! Idiot!

741 days ago


Not sure how it's JetBlue's fault at all this guy was an ass. Most airlines would say it was beyond their control and move on.

741 days ago


I think a $50 apology for someone else's actions is pretty generous. If a client on that flight feels otherwise, they need to go after Wes Scantlin's wallet for more.

741 days ago


Damn I thought that was Triple H after a 3 day bender.

741 days ago


50 bucks for their valuable time? I'd tell the airline to keep it and never fly with them again. You get lousy service at a restaurant due to their bad policies...Do you go back for more?

741 days ago

Roy Del Ray    

More like Puddle of Dumb. Crappy band with a Dooshy singer. When are these celebs going to learn how to behave on planes.

741 days ago

Silly TMZ    

Why do these airlines allow their staff to serve someone alcohol until they cause such a fuss that have to make an emergency landing? Alcohol makes people stupid. Anyone serving booze to the public has a responsibility and where I live, a legal obligation, to not serve someone until they are wasted. As I bartender, I am liable for what a drunk I serve does. So Jet Blue should be shelling out money to all the people their staff inconvenienced by serving this idiot to the point of retardation. It's sad grown adults can't be responsible and take care of themselves if they are going to drink but everyone is a moron when they drink too much.

741 days ago


JetBlue doesn't have to give anybody anything. You have $50 more than when you left.

741 days ago


So some idiot with issues decides to get stupid on a plane and its the airline that TMZ is going after? how do this make sence. Shouldnt your SHOW be getting on the singer for causing this.. I would be happy to get anything from jetblue because im sure the singer wont be giving anything to the pax onboard.

741 days ago


Its not the airline's fault he's a douche. They didnt have to give anyone anything I thought it was cool of them.

741 days ago


Hey $50 is better than nothing. JetBlue could have apologized verbally and left it at that. Wes, the drunk, should be sued by JetBlue for their financial loss due to plane fuel, overtime for their personnel and the backed up flight schedule for that aircrafts next boarding.

741 days ago

Latch Johnson    

Wes should pay it

741 days ago


How is it that it's the airline's fault this ass had to be a douche aboard one of their plane's?? Ungrateful bastards ought to take the 50.00 and be damned happy to do so. You wanna be pissed off, be pissed off the douche, not the airline he flew with.

741 days ago


Why should the airline compensate anybody? Its not their fault this guy did what he did.

741 days ago
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