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There's NO BEEF

With Kim Kardashian

9/8/2012 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian and Beyonce don't hate each other's guts -- despite reports -- in fact, they're BFFs.

There was lots of speculation this week following a story in which Bey allegedly confronted Kim at Jay-Z's recent Made in America event in Philadelphia -- asking Kim to stop posing for the cameras because she was stealing Jay-Z's spotlight.

Director Ron Howard was at the event too -- and according to reports, Kim approached Ron to cast her in one of his films ... another detail that allegedly pissed off Beyonce.

But sources close to Beyonce's camp tell us, there was no confrontation whatsoever -- in fact, when Kanye performed with Jay-Z at the event ... we're told Beyonce and Kim watched their men together backstage, laughing and hugging the whole time.

As one source put it, "They love each other -- they talk fashion, family, Beyonce's baby all the time."

As for the Ron Howard thing -- we're told Kim never uttered a word to him the entire day.


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ha ha! Kim Kardashian booked a nightclub gig in Charlotte and fewer than 50 people showed up. WAY TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST CULTURE TRASH, AMERICA!

741 days ago


I find it hard to believe that a woman in the south of France with her family has time to comment on this story or even cared to have a source to comment on this story.

741 days ago


Then Beyonce really IS the idiot I thought she was all along..........

741 days ago


"Sources close to Beyonces camp"... Meaning they're not even IN her camp, lol. Even then, if this incident were true Beyonce wouldn't admit to it anyhow. She's too classy to air her drama. The difference between the Carter's and the Kardashians is that the Carter's don't use their personal drama as a means for attention and fame, their talent is what makes them famous. And that's a million times more than you can say for Kim's dysfunctional, albeit rich, family.

741 days ago

Scott Levy    

Of course they're friends. Kim and Beyonce are equally phony. And both are pretty much talentless.

741 days ago


why is this story only on

when Kim Kardashian's appearance at Charlotte, North Carolina's new Club Hush drew less than 50 people on a night


Read more:

741 days ago


Kind of a HUSH or is KIM KARDASHIAN’s “stardom” on the wane?

That was the question when Kim Kardashian's appearance at Charlotte, North Carolina's new Club Hush drew less than 50 people on a night most TV viewers were focused on the DNC, a rerun of Doctor Who and the MTV Video Music Awards, reported.

Kim, 31, flanked by fellow reality “celebs” Jonathan Cjeban, Rachel Roy and a pal, made the promo app -- dubbed as THE after-party for the DNC, also in Charlotte.

Staring out at the blank empty void of an existential nothingness, Kim tweeted, "It's that kinda night!"

After two hours, KK left the un-happening altogether.

Eyewitnesses said the house band's pithy comment "This place IS empty" irked Kim, as a chunk of her income derives from such appearances.

That’s sloooow business.



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741 days ago


i cant help but feel like this story is fabricated. I wont say they have beef, but they're not best friends either. Thu the kim/bey photo op NEVER happens. Even when they ywere all at the bet awards...they say on opposite ends, and bey barely even acknowledge the girl. STOP REACCHING./

741 days ago


Kim wish she could be miss B. why is she famous?for sucking a dick. Let me start sucking some. Lol Miss B is in a class by herself. Hanging out with Kim could damage her repretation. Kick the fake want to be to the crub

741 days ago


What ever the truth is we will not know. But one thing is for sure Beyonce has never claim Kim to be her best or one of her best friends. All the family, fashion and baby talk is a wash. I am sure Kim's and Beyonce's PR tried to clean up some of the negative comments made about Kim only for business purposes. But there is no love lost here only busibess.

741 days ago


Damn, Beyonce looking old as hell lmao!!! And that where red lipstick is not benefitting her in no way. Hang it up and take care of your paid surrogate baby. We all know jay's little soilders dryer up years ago, along with your eggs lol.

741 days ago


Does Kris Jenner call in every morning to have TMZ refute any negative gossip the Kardashian Klan gets? It's ridiculous how one-sided these articles are, when the majority of the media has been reporting the opposite of what TMZ's "sources" have said. I hope the Kardashians are paying you well to publish these stories.

741 days ago

Arcadia Rink    

Besties? When HELL Freezes Over!

741 days ago


first off harvey kim leaked this story to ya'll too many media outlets are reporting this rumor. if its a rumor there's some truth to it, thats why kim ass releasing a statement. she don't want to look like ****. i'm so thankful that their time is alomst up. thank god for here comes honey boo boo, thats my new fave. never cared for the kartrashians and their hoe like ways. harvey tell kim to stop leaking stories to tmz. let her know we seen her type before she's not original. beyonce cussed her ass out and now she wanna leak stroies to smooth it over. we already know the truth kim... fake ass she got kanye taking all kinds of advantage of her thirsty ass.#imdone

741 days ago


I swear Kim has TMZ on the payroll...

741 days ago
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