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'America's Got Talent' Star

Yarmulke Store Honors

'Jewish Justin Bieber'

9/9/2012 3:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orthodox Jewish teen Edon Pinchot just hit the mother lode ... even though he's been booted from "America's Got Talent," he's getting a bunch of free stuff!

If you didn't catch it ... 14-year-old Edon -- who wore Yarmulkes for his singing performances -- was brutally eliminated in the semi-final round.

But it's not all bad news ... The owner of Cool Kippahs -- a NJ Yarmulke store -- tells us he's a huge fan of the "Jewish Justin Bieber" ... and it doesn't hurt that Edon was already a customer.  The store owner is impressed that Edon proudly sports the Jewish head piece, so he's sending the kid 3 or 4 of them ... gratis!

Now all Edon has to worry about is the significant mother issues.


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This story has to be made up.. I've never heard of a jew giving something away for nothing... must've been a hidden charge somewhere....

737 days ago


All three judges were Jewish and he still couldn't win, not a million dollar act, unless they allow rock throwing....

737 days ago


I saw thing guy sing twice. I thought he was good the first time, but only okay the second time. I probably missed some performances. I don't think he is good enough to take the top prize, but that doesn't mean he is bad. Why do I feel like the voice of reason? He is 14. He is good now. His voice is changing. He will probably be better as he gets older and I hope he sticks with it. I am not Jewish, but don't care that he is. I think it's good that he thinks highly enough of his faith to put it on display, even though he probably knew that some people wouldn't vote for him because of it. He wins in my book for staying true to himself and his faith which most people wouldn't due in a similar situation. I don't know why anybody compared him to Justin Bieber. I would enjoy listening to Edon sing, and do not enjoy anything Justin has released. I know he gained popularity with young people because he started as kid, but he really isn't very talented. He just has a good promotion team that is making money from him. I tried to see if he would get better, but when he started grabbing his crotch after he sung every other word, it turned me off and made me sick. Somehow, I think Edon won't get into that kind of performance. I certainly hope not ! Keep working on your goals Edon! You are coming into your own and are doing very well so far !!!!

737 days ago


AHHHHHHH !!!! I share my opinions sometimes. This is a gossip site, so I don't usually react strongly unless someone bullies, berates or abuses someone else that doesn't deserve it any way.
This TMZ article didn't really bother me, but I have become more bothered as I read more comments that people posted to it. So many of them are bigoted and hateful. They certainly display the writer's lack of intelligence in many cases. I am a Christian and support this kid because he has talent. I don't care that he is Jewish. I think it's good that his faith is so strong that he displays it for everyone to see. We might believe some different things, but in the end, our beliefs aren't that different. I hope nobody that bashed him based on his religion claims to be Christian, because if you did (and I suspect some did) you have no grasp on your own religion at all. I don't even share the same religion, but I'm proud of him for his dedication to his. All I can say is KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IN YOUR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFE !
GOD is good and you will be rewarded for your good works. You might have some obstacles to overcome, but you can do it. I had no idea that so many people still had such religious intolerance in this day and age. I guess many people have forgotten the principles that our country was founded on. (I hope the bad comments came from people outside of the US, even though that doesn't make it much better).

737 days ago

Amazing. I'll vote for he, he so great. Hope he will go to the FInal.

735 days ago


I'm absolutely disgusted with all the comments about how "awful" he was, or about him being Jewish. He is AMAZING and it doesn't matter what religion he has. People these days are rude. I love Edon with all my heart, and he WILL be famous some day, so all you haters can just go away.

730 days ago
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