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John Mayer

Sued Over

Ponzi Scheme Money

9/9/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer
has just been dragged into a lawsuit over a $100 million Ponzi scheme -- and according to the docs, the singer might be in possession of as much as $465,000 in dirty money.

Here's some background -- a massive Ponzi scheme in Seattle came crumbling down earlier this year when its mastermind, a crook named Darren Berg, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for bilking investors out of more than $100 million through his investment company.

Now, the trustees charged with recovering the lost money are trying to track down where those millions went -- and are suing everyone they can along the way in order to recover it.

According to new legal docs, one of the people who received dirty funds from Berg's Ponzi scheme is John Mayer -- when a booking agency was allegedly paid by Berg's company.

It's unclear why ... or what the connection is between the booking agency and Berg's investment company ... but the musician is now a target in the desperate money grab.

According to the docs, the booking agency Grabow & Associates -- and Mayer by extension -- are in possession of as much as $465,000 from Berg's Ponzi scheme.

Mayer's lawyer tells TMZ, "John Mayer performed at a corporate event in 2008 and was paid for his services.  The opportunity was brought to John through his talent agency, CAA.”

A judge has yet to rule on the case.


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dave P    

The Seattle ponzi scheme ringleader/mastermind Darren Berg paid Mayer to perform for one of his companies (MTR Western - a charter motorcoach operator he owned at the time), in a private event. Darren Berg funded MTR Western with the ponzi scheme money, hosted lavish parties around the country, and paid for Mayer to perform for MTR's clients. That, TMZ, is very clearly what happened.

775 days ago


As much as I would like to see them break one off in Mayer if he wasn't an investor they have no case.

775 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Really, Mayer didn't do anything wrong other than break a lot of women's harts. Besides he's not smart enough to be involved in something like this. Leave him alone.
Phishie fom Philly

775 days ago


I doubt his booking company knew anything about it. They called, hired him, and he played at the event. Big deal...

775 days ago


In prison their gonna sing to you"Your Bodiez Uh Vunderland!" & you will be"Wait'n on the World to change"

774 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

If it ever goes to court all Mayer has to do is bang everybody in the courtroom bang the prosecutor, bang the defense, bang the judge hell even bang the bailiff and the stenographer

774 days ago


Madoff also paid off the high-profile investors in his scheme first -- that's how he got people to keep investing, showing the "investments" really did turn around such big returns. (But it's not the investor's fault, whether it was one who got paid or one who didn't.)

774 days ago


WOULDN'T IT BE BETTER to wait for all the facts and, the judge's decision, before publicly humiliating this man and his reputation? It would take years and years before he is able to restore public confidence. No one should endure such cruelty. Hopefully, he will go after, legally, those who tried to bring him down.

774 days ago


He's got Katy, why should he care!

774 days ago


It's called a clawback lawsuit. If you get paid ANY money that is from an illegal act means they can come after you.

774 days ago

Katie Had Some Big Ass Tittaaays    

MTR Western is a former client. Darren Berg paid my company over $13k for a video that should have cost only $4-$5k due to him making my crew wait around on the clock while he was out getting hair cuts and his cars/planes detailed.

His attempt to "direct" the video via cell phone was a disaster. We even hired an actor for two days at $300/hour and didn't use any of the footage because Darren changed his mind at the last minute. The end product was horrible and I refused to put my name on it.

Our last conversation ended with me hanging up on him after he started screaming like a toddler telling me that I wouldn't amount to anything and that he didn't care because he was rich.

My latest company is 14 months old and is valued at over $2 Million and Darren is in prison proving that success is the best revenge.

The prosecutor in the case contacted me and said that they didn't need my testimony and weren't interested in recovering any of the funds that we were paid to us.

774 days ago


When reached for comment Mayer said he had not hurt anybaaaaaady!!

774 days ago


didn't he say his dcik is part of the KKK?

772 days ago


"Berg" are they all jews? WTF is wrong with those people.

724 days ago

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