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George Lopez to Ex-Wife

Go Ahead

Take My Retirement Money

9/10/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0907_george_lopez_wife_01George Lopez is still hashing out divorce settlement details with his ex-wife -- over a year after a judge finalized the split -- in fact, the ex-couple JUST decided how to divvy up George's giant retirement stash.

According to new court docs, filed this week in L.A., George and his ex Ann Serrano agreed to split the actor's AFTRA retirement fund down the middle ... but only the portion of the fund representing the contributions George made during their 17-year marriage (from 1993-2010).

It's unclear how much the fund is worth right now -- but Serrano will only get her hands on the percentage from the 17-year period ... even if George continues to deposit money into the account in the future.

As we reported, George and Ann's marriage was officially dissolved last July. George's show on TBS "Lopez Tonight" was canceled a month later.


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Kidney donation aside... a lawyer explained that a marriage is like a business. When a business dissolves, the partners divide the assets. Marriage means the two are as one, and what money and property and possessions are in the marriage belong to both of them, no matter who did the physical work of acquiring that stuff. That's the law, earthly and moral law. So when a marriage breaks up, they each deserve half of everything, unless there are extenuating cir***stances where, by law, one partner is awarded more than the other.

741 days ago


this should've been done and he should've made her a very happy woman after what she gave up for him.

741 days ago


Some of you men act like you think marriage is some slave situation where a man "acquires" a woman, a wife. While they are together, they might both partake of marital resources, but if the man decides he's through with that woman, he can just toss her out, penniless. Why would any woman join her life to a man, make sacrifices or not, to be tossed out penniless as if her life is worthless? Sometimes it seems women take two steps forward and three back, in life and justice.

741 days ago

buzz kill    

You don't get any lower than this POS. "Hey b*tch, give me your f*cking kidney then gen the f*uck out, dumb b*tch"! REALLY? She should have let him die, ungratefull bast*rd.

741 days ago

BB not bb    

You can heal a kidney by improving your diet and taking natural remedies. To even ask someone you love for their own organ or to even except one from them if they insist is wrong. It is not meant to be and it hurts the donor. You need two kidneys in case one goes bad, which in our society, often happens. Our diets and lifestyles are very hard on kidneys.

741 days ago

buzz kill    

Anyone who would ever watch this guy or employ him is as bad as he is. He deserves to be a homeless, pennyless crack addict living is a back alley on the streets of E. LA.

741 days ago


If I was in Ann's shoes, I'd do the same thing. I mean, she gave him her kidney!!! And he had the audacity to mess around with hookers?!?! If my husband gave me a kidney, I'd bee kissing his azz for the rest of my life because he gave me life so I can see my kids grow up, get married, have kids. Like C'mon George!!!

741 days ago


This guy is the WORST...she gave him a kidney and how did he repay her by cheating on her and allowing the pics of him doing so to get on the web..I think he should spend the time he uses putting others down to learn to be a man.

741 days ago


Low. Ri. Dah......drives a little slowah....

741 days ago

BB not bb    

Fried greasy foods such as chalupas and tortillas chips are very rough on the kidneys. You should drink lemon and warm water to flush them out. You should eat bitter greens and eat cranberry juice. There are things you can do besides taking someone else's kidney. Nothing beats your own healthy kidney. The transplants always fail after a while. It is more or less a stunt for surgeons where they make alot of money. The real cure is much easier and simpler.

Think before you give away your heart, soul or organs. Think before you destroy these things in another person.

741 days ago


She gave him a kidney saving his she deserves at least half of his money. Otherwise he would have died and she would have gotten ALL of his money since she was his wife at the time. Pay up you ungrateful jerk!

741 days ago


George is a big-mouth loser who is so bad his show got yanked off the air. His best career move would be to find some bit parts in independent flicks.

741 days ago


Give her back her kidney, you pig!!!!

741 days ago


George Lopez is the lowest s*** of the earth. This woman was with him when he had nothing and orchestrated his career, gave him a beautiful daughter and saved his life by giving him and kidney and he pays her back by sleeping with hookers!!! And it was in the National Enquirer and all over the internet.....He wanted his cake and to eat it too...I hope those shanky ho's we see you in pictures with now stay with you and are an organ match when you drink
ann's kidney into the ground!

741 days ago


I would request my kidney back and ship him off to Mexico

740 days ago
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