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Britney Spears

Cuts Deal in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

9/11/2012 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has struck a settlement with the former bodyguard who claimed the pop star was a genital-flashing sexual harasser during his time with the singer ... TMZ has learned.

According to court documents, Britney and Fernando Flores agreed to end their 2-year legal war ... which started when Flores filed a lawsuit claiming she was a naked menace to work for.

In his suit, Flores had alleged Britney would intentionally drop her cigarette lighter in Fernando's presence and then bend over to pick it up ... and "thereby exposed her uncovered genitals."

Flores also claimed Spears abused her children.

Spears adamantly denies all of the allegations -- but sources tell TMZ she coughed up a modest financial settlement just to make the case go away. We're told the settlement was amicable ... but the money didn't even cover all of Flores' legal costs.

Of course, Spears is still under a conservatorship so the settlement will have to be approved by a probate court before it becomes a done deal ... but that's just a formality and shouldn't stop the deal from going through.


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I'd let Britney flash me her puss anytime and I wouldn't sue.

718 days ago


So the fact that she's coughed up as little cash as possible to get rid of the case already gives us a hint.
She DOES have a burdened conscience.
And to all of you that say they would PAY through their noses to get harrased by Britney Spears.. turn the tables for a while. Your own child is being sexually harrased by his employer (lettuce say, a woman employee by a male employer) would you also shrugg it off? Would you tell her : "Now come on, girl, this guy is so friggin hot, he is just irresistible, don't be such a sissy, give it a shot!?" Stop being jerks, will ya?! I don't hate on Britney, but she shouldn't be constantly above the law, just because she's a celebrity. She should face the concequences of her misdeeds. She reportedly left the X Factor stage because of a panic attack. Dunno if it's true or not, but lettuce say it WAS the case.. - well,.. how does it feel, Britney? That's exactly what Fernando has been struggling with, bc of your antics. Get a grip!
Fernando, I keep my fingers crossed for you.
The justice will win - sooner or later.

718 days ago

Harlin's Garage    

Chick just looks smelly and gross... I mean, I work on cars all day I've got an excuse, but I would never run to the Thunder Box barefoot...Nasty, Nasty, Nasty little girl........

718 days ago


the old drop the lighter routine eh?

718 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

paid him off because it was true.

718 days ago


...i find it disgusting that there are people who would prey on Britney and try and take advantage of her because she is wealthy and was clearly not in her right mind at the time. Its disgusting!

718 days ago



718 days ago


She can bend over to pick her lighter up in front of me anytime!!!

718 days ago


Sorry, but being an entertainer myself, having dealt with many paid employees to assist or protect and in that position, when dealing with a really public life, when you are not "on stage" you have got to be able to be yourself. There is a lot of energy that comes with this business and sorry but this dude has no business being in that position. He can't handle the job and I hope she wasn't out much time or $. It's clear to see what he was after. He might try another profession. He's not cut out for a job like that.

718 days ago


You have to keep in mind, Britney is sheltered, always have been sheltered her whole entire life. So whoever is the male figure that's around, will do. And Britney has liwe self esteem, behibd all that mobey and fame, she is not happy, so she need men attention at all times. And I can imagine she takes rejection hard. A guy not wanting her is absurd to her, that's why she was going hard doing silly stuff to get the bodyguard to break and it didn't happened. This is the same Britney that has a...s e x dungeon in her house with all sorts of freaky toys. Britney just easn't his cup of tea, do what.

718 days ago


So tired of these stupid lawsuits,, I hope this dude rots in hell

718 days ago


The guy is crazy. Britney spears is hot especially after all the weight she dropped with Extractor Drops.

718 days ago


The bodyguard has to be GAY.If he was telling the truth why did he settle for next to nothing.If Britney ever bend over and showed me her Vagina I'd be on my knees in a instant licking and savoring how good it taste.

718 days ago


I can't go for abuse of the kids, and I'm not convinced that happened. The State was all over this and I like to believe that if there was any truth at all to it the kids would be gone. Now onto the genitalia flashing and other games. She is hot with what I consider a hot body. I think most men would have been on her like white on rice, so I'm not buying that one either. Sounds like he's never been with a strong sexy woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. He got scared and ran away like a little school girl.

718 days ago

Jeff Becker    

I would like to apologize for Flores lawsuit to Britney and all hot wommen all over the world. {Please continue bending over in anyway that you want without your panties or bra's on. The real men in America would most appreciate this.

718 days ago
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