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French Magazine Editor

Hints She Has SEX PICS

of Kate and William

9/14/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The editor of the French magazine that ran topless photos of Kate Middleton is suggesting she has SEX PHOTOS of the Royal couple in her possession but has decided not to run them ... yet.

Closer editor Laurence Pieau revealed the bombshell today while defending her decision to publish the topless pics of Kate ... saying "I won't hide the fact that there are more intimate pictures that exist that we haven't published and will not publish. These images are full of joy, not degrading."

She didn't specifically say sex pics ... but she didn't have to. It's pretty clear what she meant.

So why would she even tell the public about the unseen "intimate" photos?

She could be trying to paint herself as a heroic figure who SAVED the Royal fam from further humiliation ... or she just issued a thinly-veiled WARNING to Buckingham Palace: Back off the lawsuit, or else.


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This was a very dumb move by Kate to risk getting photographed topless. Even if it happened at a private estate, a plane could have flown over them and snapped the pictures. We live in a world where there are cameras everywhere and no one has the privacy to take their clothes off outside without the possiblity of someone taking a picture. The Queen has never had any pictures of herself topless floating in the press because she has the decency to keep herself clothed when outside.

736 days ago


Is there a reason I can't click on the like dislike buttons even though I have posted comments on this story TMZ?

736 days ago

Jennifer L    

I have no clue why celebrities or royalties even take pictures naked or lay on the beach naked. Then they get angry about it later. Honestly, i think almost every celebrity in the united states have had a nude picture taken of them on their cell phones or on their computers. Now the royals have the same issue. Kate should have kept her bathing suit on. Unless she was sunbathing topless in a completely closed up yard with a tall fence she should not have done it period. Shes one of the most famous faces in the world it just wasn't smart. That being said I do hope she wins it despite my rant because its disgusting what the magazine did.

736 days ago


I think TMZ is misreading the statement. She said they have "more intimate photos" meaning ADDITIONAL photos with the same level of intimacy they've already published, not photos which are MORE INTIMATE in nature. Kate might have been naive enough to sunbathe topless, but I HIGHLY doubt either of them could be so stupid as to have sex out of doors with the friends also present. They weren't alone at the house, after all.

736 days ago


Leave Kate and Wills alone!

736 days ago


now i hope they sue the **** out of her and the company.

736 days ago


Yes Yes Yes french lady publish. +1 for france today hahahaha

736 days ago

I Was About To Say    

THEY KNOW PAPARAZZI ARE ALWAYS LURKING, SO THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. Its their own fault, she should have kept her top on unless INSIDE THE CHATEAU. Now IF they were inside and someone got the pics then yes they can be upset.

736 days ago

I Was About To Say    

If it was a kardashian, spears, madonna or someone else NONE of you would be upset, you'd all say it was their fault. So....ITS KATE'S FAULT...KEEP UR TOP ON WHEN OUTSIDE. sheesh!

736 days ago


That's like saying you shouldn't be punished for assaulting someone, because at least you didn't kill them.

736 days ago


pretty sh!tty profession to be in, everyone deserves privacy especially when being intimate

736 days ago


OFC they are exclusive, dumbass .. because you are the only people who just happened to stalk enough to get them. Also, dumbass .. funny how all the cars drove by but nobody else decide to jump a fence & take those pics to sell them to the stalkerazzi. Furthermore, dumbass .. I bet you are like creepy and have all Kate's photos across your wall.

If I was William I'd be pissed off & proud .. his wife's body is sick but I wouldn't want a bunch of strange 40 year old still living at home men wanking to her topless photos while their mother's are asleep in the other room.

736 days ago


these monsters enjoy destroying people, sick. Try doing some real journalism for once and stop trying to harm.

736 days ago


They'll be all over the net in less than a month.

736 days ago


It's too bad that this has to happen, but it looks like Celeb types are not free to roam about like the rest. The fact is regular people are the ones that create the monster by viewing & buying these mags and such. If we stop looking and buying then the celebs could walk among the rest of us, but then they wouldn't like that. Can't win..

736 days ago
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