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Pulls Out

Of Home Deal

9/15/2012 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

is still hunting for a place to call home ... because TMZ has learned the mom of 14 will NOT be moving into that Palmdale home after all because she claims the realtors REFUSED to let her see inside before escrow closed.

As TMZ first reported, Octo put eight months worth of rent into an escrow account to rent a 5-bedroom, 3-bath pad. According to our sources, while the dough was clearing escrow, she asked to check out the inside of the house -- since she had only seen pics.

Our sources say the realtor REFUSED and told Octo she wasn't allowed see the house until the deal was closed ... but gave no explanation why. We're told Nadya was furious and told the realtor she needed to see the digs in person before letting THOUSANDS of dollars clear escrow, but the realtor wouldn't cooperate and even kept her from speaking to the landlord. 

According to our sources, Octo felt the deal was turning shady fast ... so she pulled the plug on the whole thing. Now she's looking at other available options and we're told two other houses have recently given the green light.


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The realtor should be reported immediately!

737 days ago


The house was probably Octo carpet, just cement floors. No wood kitchen cabinets, just steel garage shelves. Walls lined with cement board. Doors removed. No backyard grass, just dirt.

737 days ago

Oh well    

Maybe the owner heard so much **** from the people around there that he wised up.

737 days ago


who cares about this giant **** anymore?

737 days ago


Really tired of her dog-and-pony show, and those revolting, blubbery, sex-doll lips!!!

737 days ago

Nathan K.    

Not a fan of Octo, but good thinking. I'm glad you didn't get taken like that. What a bunch of jerk faces to treat anyone like that.

737 days ago


What kind of fool would put money down on a place that she never saw in person in the first place?

737 days ago

Poor Leno    

TMZ you guys must be loaded with dollars why cant you guys give Octomom a home and i am sure she agree to do a reality thing as a payoff.! nuff said.

737 days ago


If she can't find a home, it may be the best thing that ever happened to the kids, especially the octuplets. Maybe CPS will finally take some action and place them with people who have time for them, who can love them and give them the kind of life a kid deserves.

737 days ago


Nasty. Nasty clown car. Just... uack! What's that smell?

737 days ago


This is the biggest BS story comming out from OctoSlut. There is no reason to put money in Escrow to rent a house. What would make this story true is if OctoSlut told the truth she did not have the 8 months of rent plus security deposit on this house. There is no reason for escrow all she needed to do was get a cashiers check and meet the landlord or the realstate agent at the house at the time to sign the lease. At that time OctoSlut can walk through the house before signing the lease and make notes if there is anything wrong with the property, and add it into the lease before signing and handing over the check. I am very disappointed that Harvey Levin working on the Peoples court for as long as he did does not know this simple landlord tenate agreement.

737 days ago


So TMZ leaves us with Octomom updates on a Saturday! So bumbed that I had to go comment about Prince Harry and the Two Marines that lost there lifes. Would much rather go back to when Paris Hilton was "hot"...Seems so long ago, does Paris have grey hair yet?

737 days ago


She was able to pay 8 months rent in advance. Eight months is not forever. When that's up, what if she doesn't have any more porn gigs because people have seen enough of her vajiggle jaggle? Then they have to move. She has absolutely no way to earn a living for the next 15 years. She obviously didn't think of the long term when she had more than the 6 she already had.

737 days ago

Jane Marsee    

I have bought and sold several homes over the past 30 years and I know this is just another bald face lie. It is more likely that the landowner found about about her history of squatting and destroying homes. But of course, Fraudya would never admit to that.

737 days ago


Isn't it time to let families who can take care of these kids financially and without all the drama and craziness adopt them?
I mean they were pooping outside and living in gross conditions.

737 days ago
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