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Pulls Out

Of Home Deal

9/15/2012 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

is still hunting for a place to call home ... because TMZ has learned the mom of 14 will NOT be moving into that Palmdale home after all because she claims the realtors REFUSED to let her see inside before escrow closed.

As TMZ first reported, Octo put eight months worth of rent into an escrow account to rent a 5-bedroom, 3-bath pad. According to our sources, while the dough was clearing escrow, she asked to check out the inside of the house -- since she had only seen pics.

Our sources say the realtor REFUSED and told Octo she wasn't allowed see the house until the deal was closed ... but gave no explanation why. We're told Nadya was furious and told the realtor she needed to see the digs in person before letting THOUSANDS of dollars clear escrow, but the realtor wouldn't cooperate and even kept her from speaking to the landlord. 

According to our sources, Octo felt the deal was turning shady fast ... so she pulled the plug on the whole thing. Now she's looking at other available options and we're told two other houses have recently given the green light.


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Plus what insurance company would insure with 11 non-swimmers and a pool.

738 days ago


Hmm I am sure there is more to the story- - - a lot more. Maybe Harmony Enterprises rented it and when Nadya finally got around to looking at it or the realator found out who would be moving in- THEY(owner or realtor) pulled. You know Nadya would never take the time to find a place for her kids to live. She didn't for Madonna either- Papa did.

738 days ago

Cousin Vinny    

Please some hollywood bazillionare buy this poor women and her 14 children a house. She should not have to rent or sell her soul and body to live/survive. TMZ should do something totally out of their character and just do it. I dont mean a mansion just a nice modest home $250,000+/- a drop in the bucket. Imagine the headline, the world would pause if only for a moment. Spread the Lxxx.

738 days ago


I call total BS on this. First, if you are renting there is no ESCROW. Second, if she is buying the bank that is the mortgage holder would DEMAND an inspection of the property. By law, the seller must provide access for an inspection. Really TMZ you should know better. Last but not least, what bank in this economy would even loan her the money when she has defaulted on her rent in the last place she was in. And no one in their right mind would rent to someone with that renter history. Not paying her rent and destroying the property. This story is total BS. I would put money on the fact that she applied and was turned down and is trying to cover with this BS story.

738 days ago


White Trash at it's Finest!

738 days ago


I call baloney

738 days ago


Harvey & TMZ, you guys are so stupid to be always reporting on this wack job. STOP giving this NOBODY LOSER power.. Harvey your seriously gonna burn dude..

738 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

She creeps me out, but GOOD MOVE on her part.
But she still creeps me out.

738 days ago


saw that video through - she can get access to better houses.. for sure.

738 days ago


I'm with Octo on this one. Having sold real estate in NJ for 20 years, I always show the inside of the place, sometimes 3X before any money is shown. We do check finances before taking customers out but maybe Cal. has different rules?? Never heard of this one.

738 days ago


Here's how it probably went:

Nutsy: I want to go inside of the house right this minute.
Agent: We've got an all-hands meeting in 10 minutes, but someone can go with you in a couple hours.
N: Well then just give me the keys.
A: Your check to the escrow account still hasn't cleared. So someone will need to go with you in a couple hours.
N: You're refusing to let me see the inside!

738 days ago


You know why this is a 'TMZ Exclusive'?? Because no one else cares to report this 'non-news' junk.
("Next up, an exclusive story on how K-Stew heard a movie was bad, so she decided not to go see it!!")

738 days ago


who would rent a house to this wreck when the house will be a wreck and the walls will look like East LA with graffiti on it. THat is how the last house looked.

738 days ago

arale norimaki    

OCTOWHAT? is she kradashain?

t honey boo boo child time

738 days ago


who puts money in ESCROW without actually WALKING INSIDE THE HOUSE?? Is she brain-damaged? Hopefully the next house won't have a pool

738 days ago
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