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Amanda Bynes

I'm Not Crazy

9/17/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0916-amanda-bynes-1Amanda Bynes is ADAMANT ... she's not crazy AND she definitely doesn't smoke weed in her car ... that's what the actress is telling close friends.

Amanda's friends have been reaching out lately because they want to help her ... but she's telling them to back off because "everything's fine."

The actress says ... the stories about her mental state "are being blown way out of proportion."

She is also telling friends ... the picture TMZ posted of her smoking from a drug pipe inside her car (below) is not what it seems. She says she was smoking tobacco ... despite the fact that her cup-holders had remnants of what appeared to be marijuana.

As we previously reported, we spoke with several people who have witnessed Amanda's behavior recently, who say she's chatting with inanimate objects ... talking to herself in the gym ... and they fear she may be suffering from serious mental issues.

In other Amanda news ... she's still facing TWO hit-and-run charges, one DUI charge and her license is still suspended. And her car got impounded yesterday.


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What you do behind closed doors is your business , if your smoking weed and driving it becomes the publics business , your endangering the safety of others and your self. This many mishaps driving, for gawd sake hire a driver. The amount of cash your dishing out in insurance premiums, and law could afford a driver dont you think? As for the crazy-- talking to her self story, hell for all we know she was connected to bluetooth like half the country. As for both her and Lindsay I enjoy the way they can tell a story in a movie. They both had such promise for young actresses , the world at their fingertips only for them to piss it all away, ......

732 days ago


convincing ppl your not delusional by claiming you were smoking "tobacco" even though your licensed was suspended anyways, BOLD MOVE BYNES

732 days ago


It's to sad to see another celebrity spiral down. They have all the resources to get better. Hopefully, she'll get the help she needs and bounce back from this.

732 days ago


I guess if Amanda says she doesn´t have a problem, then she doesn´t... right?? I mean, denial isn´t a typical reaction from an addict, is it? Surely????
Seriously... Amanda should get her lips of that pipe of jazz tobacco and listen to her friends... before she kills someone!!

732 days ago


If you actually have to try to convince people that you're not crazy, yeah, you're crazy.

732 days ago


If she thinks anyone with a brain is really going to believe she was smoking tobacco in that apparatus, she IS crazy!

732 days ago


You know.........If someone has to tell you there not Crazy then.........You Know

732 days ago


What's with her face? Looks like she was huffing a beehive.

732 days ago


who cares? why don't you people (paparazzi) just leave her alone? how would you feel if you found out that people were invading your privacy, stalking you, and taking pictures of the inside of your car (personal property)? I know I would be livid. Now as far as her driving on a suspended license and all the others, ok that's illegal, she should suffer repercussions obviously. But leave all the other bs out of it. And everyone on here judging her, are you perfect? don't think so, so step off.

732 days ago


1st thing I thought when I saw the pics of the cup holder is that it looked far more like Tobacco than Marijuana... Why let the truth get in the way of a sensationalistic story though.

732 days ago


okay give amanda a break, we arent her therapist we dont know whats really going on. shes a comedian, comedians do random socially misunderstood stuff.i talk to myself sometimes out loud or get a funny thought and burst out laughing and no one else knows whats funny. dosnt mean im talking back to anything or hearing things. im just socially strange and also a comedian. dosnt mean someone who does that is crazy. thats normal behavior too, dosnt mean shes hallucinating. shes also a skilled actress plus comedian she could be pulling stuns and very good at acting weird. maybe shes just under stress as a young adult going from child star to finding out what to do in life.
shes always been a bit of a funny weirdo, look at her when she was 12 on snick. thats fine thats how she was born wich is good.

732 days ago


My mama always said, "Crazy is as crazy does"! Yeah ok honey, we will all play along, "You're NOT crazy", which is why you locked yourself in a store dressing room for 2 hours. NO, you're not crazy at all! *shaking my head* and THIS is what comes from selling out your childs childhood to Hollywood at too young an age. Miley, Lindsey Lohan, Amanda Bynes. Who's next???

732 days ago


This sounds more like a crack addict than :just" a marijuana user. I lived with one, I see the signs.

731 days ago


Yes you are.

484 days ago


She has to be some kind of nuts! All the weird/strange behavior is crazy. Something had to of happened to her and I feel so sorry for her. I hope her family is fighting to get conservatorship. She needs help!

483 days ago
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