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Amanda Bynes

Lindsay's Way Worse

Than Me!

9/17/2012 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0917_amanda_lindsay_tmz_2Amanda Bynes is pissed that Lindsay Lohan is trashing her ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda texted a friend this morning, "I HATE being compared to her." Amanda says she's never been arrested for drugs or chasing someone, like Lindsay. FYI ... Amanda is facing criminal charges of driving under the influence.

Nonetheless, Bynes says she and Lindsay were never friends in the first place, and LiLo needs to focus on herself and leave her (Amanda) alone.

As you know, Lindsay audaciously tweeted last night that it's unfair Amanda hasn't gone to jail and she has .... hey Lindsay, you're a convicted jewelry thief and probation violator. Hope that helps answer your question.


No Avatar

Oh well    

I would rather do amanda over lindsay.

745 days ago


Being compared to Lohan who wouldn't be pissed.

She's not a convicted thief, porbation violations, doesn't steal from her friends, doesn't throw anyone she can under the bus to save her own butt, not a pathological lier, didn't stiff on a 46k hotel bill and now banned, not blacklisted from every hollywood hot spot for being a complete nasty druken drugged out douche bag, didn't total an 80k rental porsche and blame her assistant and so on.

Bynes has been stupid 2 hit and runs, dui, driving on suspended DL that got her car impounded. Judge ordered not to drive. Hopefully she will listen and not pull a Lohan. None of this good but hopefully she will take what ever is giving to her and that will be the end of it.

Not pull a Lohan of 7-8 years of crap thats still going on.

745 days ago


I never thought I seen the day where I would agree with Lindsey Lohan. Amanda is getting special treatment. If any they weren't celebrities they would be sitting in jail. So sick of celebrities being above the law.

745 days ago


I thought she was smoking some crack in the car.....what was she holding, it sure didn´t look like liqour.........

745 days ago


Lindsey Lohan is a heartless, vicious dyke. A real woman would have offered to reach out to Amanda.

745 days ago


Lindsay should sue Amanda for saying those things. I hope she wins all of Amanda's money. The haters know Lindsay always wins! Ha ha ha!

745 days ago


Yeah, well, Lindsay's a career criminal, compulsive liar, kleptomanic, con artiste and possible sociopath...Amanda's just the typical spoiled rotten former child star. You've got a point I guess Amanda, but still, STFU.

745 days ago


I can't wait until 4pm for Dr. Phil. I hope he grills her ass. Enablers will say she did great, even got a standing ovation.

745 days ago


Lindsay is just jealous... she's no longer unique, someone is stealing her spotlight!

745 days ago


I hope Amanda beats Lindsay's smug a** while in the midst of a manic episode. If anyone deserves its her.

745 days ago


It wouldn't surprise me if she's next busted for a DWAV - Driving Without a Vehicle.

745 days ago


Battle to the death and winner is shot mercilessly in the temple...... the end......

745 days ago


OMG !! It's a must see and you will not be disappointed..She is a mess

745 days ago


Let's throw tara reid into the mix and really get things going!!

745 days ago


To me it seems that Lilo is on her way to possibly redeeming herself....I think that if a stink in the county clink along with a judge that doesn't take any crap can work for Lilo, it can work for Amanda......

To LA County: THROW HER ASS IN JAIL, SHE NEEDS TO BE THERE!!!! Any normal person (non-celeb) who has ever done the same thing would find themselves in a bright orange jumpsuit!!

745 days ago
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