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Amanda Bynes

Bizarre Driving BEFORE

Cops Impounded Car

9/17/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
told cops Sunday she was at Burbank Airport to catch a flight, but after "drawing attention to herself" and parking in a no-parking zone, she just drove off ... and this happened BEFORE her car was impounded.

The bizarre run-in occurred at around 8 AM. The Burbank Airport Police noticed Amanda because of her behavior, though cops were not specific. They then shooed her away from the no-parking zone where she was stopped.

A short time later, the officers noticed Amanda driving aimlessly near the valet area. She then left the airport without entering the terminal.

Within an hour ... police pulled Amanda over for a traffic violation near the airport, realized she was driving on a suspended license and impounded her car.

The incident appears to be yet another example of Amanda acting abnormally behind the wheel.



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Poor thing. Is that all she has to do? Driving around making bad decisions all day?

709 days ago


Maybe she was just trying to catch a flight to la-la land...

709 days ago


TMZ has turned road warror fake cop snichie same olt slime trash news as always.WTF was she smoking cis or dope DRUG TEST? WTF is she going her biz nots timmys at the Z z.They got her car stop playing moma with her for yourt slime trash payday candy bar maxs boze bill need to be payed

709 days ago


Bynes, don't worry about Lohan, she's a friggin moron with alot more problems than you. Like how she's going to tweet or not to tweet about her mother wasted off her ass on dr. phil. Let Lohan keep making a complete fool of herself.

Don't pull a Lohan. Clean up your act now. Listen to the judge and don't drive. May not do jail time but you will get hit with fines, probation loss of DL. Let that be all it is.

And no your nothing like Lohan don't get that bad.

709 days ago


I just saw her drive past the window as I was writting this she looked aimless again and she was smoking something WTF thats half of the union states that are`nt part of mexico maybe she is BULL FIGHTING IN HER Car talking on her headset to her agent again

709 days ago


BULL FIGHTING the timmy Zz slime trash news crack team from the adult daycare center at harvey`s zzzz zipper

709 days ago


I don't know why so many haters on here?

Obviously another one of those nasty seizure episodes that everyone has been coming down with lately.....who is this broad again? Whoever she is she does looks pretty F' en hot, I'd hit the crackhoe biatch....oh yesum!!

709 days ago


kiss that harvey tash timys z z`s suck dat tass or WALK around dah hell LA streets talking to yourt selfs again in your adult dippers

709 days ago


What the hell is up with this girl and cars?

709 days ago


Why hasn't been arrestted yet??? What are they waitng for her to harm someone first.

709 days ago


I don't normally read stories like this, but the headline caught my attention. Obviously Amanda Bynes was driving erratically "BEFORE" her car was impounded. It would be pretty hard to be driving erratically "AFTER" her car was impounded...given that she'd have no car. So the shocker is...what exactly?

709 days ago


All of this "bizarre" driving behavior sounds like a normal cat-and-mouse game at the airport when waiting to pick someone up. You drive slowly, pacing yourself to the terminal; you pause for as long as you can until you're shooed away. You make the circle and do it all again, all the while looking for your arriving party. Not defending her, but don't you think if you were doing something a bit more bizarre you'd be tested for dui and arrested? This time it's an overreaction (on the driving behavior, anyway) from TMZ.

709 days ago


she could`nt get into the TMZ adult daycare center it was FULL

709 days ago

Disappointed in TMZ    

Harvey, What's your problem? LIghten up on the hype about 200%. You're sensationalizing minor normal everyday things trying to make Amanda look bad. She's looking for a parking space at an airport and you're making her out to be a troubled mental person aimlessly driving around. We all don't have drivers like you do Harvey. We have to look for parking spaces. And the talking to her self ? I think it's called Blue Tooth, Harvey. I know you've seen people with those things in their ears and talking to nobody. So, Amanda does it, too. Harvey looks to me like you got an agenda. You exaggerate way too much dude.

709 days ago


So much for the Burbank Police Department.


The Burbank Airport Police see a car being driven erratically by the passenger terminals and DO NOT RUN THE LICENSE PLATE........... what a bunch of idiots. Hey terrorists pay attention here.


Then the regular Burbank Police pull AB over but do not arrest her for DUI-D. Unbelievable.


Then the BPD has her car impounded, which they must search before handing over to the tow truck driver, and what they find nothing in the car?


Burbank Police, cops that couldn't pass the LAPD tests.

709 days ago
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